About Healthy Lifestyel

hello, everyone I am Anish Shaikh, I am living in India, I am a clg dropout student, so for 3 years I can stay at home without any study, social gathering I can stay 3 years with only 10 people

but this year 2020 has come and also covid-19 has come covid 80% people lost there job & business, etc. but they can change my life forever.

so 2020 April has every country has most probably lockdown. my father, my mother, sister stay with me I can spend time with family. 

so my father is an auto driver so and my sister is a teacher. so suddenly lockdown is every ware so my father not goes out and earn some money.

so they are not told me but I can understand. on the lock at his face so. 

one night I can see some earn money online platform but I can see some video of bloggers they earning so I am anxious percent so I can very social anxious about YT video so I cant make a video so I can decide I can start a blog channel.

so June 25 I can buy a domain for 650INR and with that money, I can request my sister and they gave me 35 days after this money.

so can buy a domain that name is HEALTHY LIFESTYEL but this my life's most big problem I chose the wrong spelling of the original Spelling is HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, but I can't reject and buy some new domain so I can start this blogging journey.

hopefully, you can like this also this my real story of blogging, not a jock. keep support this site.

How This Site Works?

A healthy lifestyle blog is all about how to live a healthy life in these 21s and work on self-development. also, this site works on MENTAL HEALTH because I have a mental illness. I can work on my mental health for 2 years so I can resolve my mental health. so I can share some tips & tricks.

also, on this site, I can share some skin, and quotes, and self-love. all about human health and lifestyle.