Nicki Minaj Course Offer From UC Berkeley Starting Spring Semester

The University Of California, Berkeley, Will Offering Nicki Minaj Course For Upcoming Spring Semesters.

This Course Nicki Minaj: Black barbie femmecee & Hip hop feminism, will encourage students to think about Minaj's impacts on the hip-hop music industry and connects to broader historical-social structures and hip-hop feminisms, in this course professor said on Twitter.

This Uni retweeted this Twitter thread announcing class on their official account. minat are also expressed on the internet in visiting their class.

More information about the class will be shared once they are finalized. UC Berkeley is not the only college that offers classes focused on celebrities.

San Diego state uni will also offer a course focused on rapper bad bunny and his impact on Latinx culture, now this news reported. texas state uni also announced they would offer classes focused on harry styles and the culture of celebrities, NPR reported.

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