Kyle Richards Are "TOGETHER AGAIN" With Special Person

Kyle Richards is back with one of her on-screen besties on their times favorite holiday: Halloween.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills cast of the member look to Instagram on October 7 to share several photos of her and Jamie lee critics, the latest of which was taken at the recent opening of Hollywood Halloween horror night at universal studios. the pair was there to promote the upcoming 3 films in rebooted Halloween trilogy. 

The latest installment can come nearly 45 years after the audience was introduced to Jamie lee's Laurie strode- and the little girl she was babysitting, Lindsey Wallace, played by kyle.

In the paying tribute franchise, kyle shared two other photos of her and Jamie lee. one from 2021 Halloween kills and another one from a set of the original 1978 horror flick. kyle captioned the post, adding hashtags "Halloween Ends" and fil's premiere date is October 14, 2022. 

Jamie lee can share a similar Instagram post captioning the same trio of photos, together again for the last time!

Halloween ends and hits theaters and peacocks this Friday, October 14. 

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