Joni Mitchell: Is All Is Well After Mistaken Report Of Her Death

Hello Everyone, Joni Mitchell is alive. On Friday morning an erroneous report from People magazine they are claimed that the 78 years old Canadian music icon Joni Mitchell died, but her record label is cleared up they are confused. 

I can confirm all as well as this was done in error a representative for rhino told Variety. The label is currently working with Mitchell on the re-issue of her catalog recordings. 

People's article which was quickly pulled from their site appeared in the pre-written obituary, including passages missing information, including headline, which is read, joint Mitchell dies at TK AGE. 

Mitchell has faced significant health issues in recent years. including suffering from a brain aneurysm rupture in 2015. 

Over this summer, though, she performed a full set led by Brandi Carlile at the Newport folk festival.

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