Hanako GreenSmith Honored Hawkins With Most Emotinal Instagram Post

Hello Everyone Today USA Entertainment News Chicago fire supplied us with some gut-wrenching moments this season. Exhibit A: In the third episode of season eleven, brave Evan Hawkins (jummy Nicholas) Was tragically killed when a building collapsed on him, leaving behind her girlfriend violet Mikami.

The violet was clearly devastated to say goodbye to Hawkins, and it looks like hanakon green smith, who plays Mikami, will miss him equally as much. in sweet series of photos posted to green smith's Instagram account I can mention below, shoe paid homage the time the two had on series together.

First photo showed a tense moment from the show of Hawkins on their job, then green smith posted stills of a couple eyeing each from across the room at a dinner party. we got the exclusive backstage look of her and Nicholas confidently posing and smiling together in front of a Chicago fire truck. 

To make things even cuter and more intimate, she posted an amazing mirror selfie of them slathered in shaving cream inside the trailer. she also included a bittersweet snapshot of Nicholas pointing at the camera playfully, and one of him smiling inside the truck. and to finish things off, we then see the photo of Nicholas peacefully standing in front of the tree on a sunny day. 

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