The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook Reviews: Is It Worth A Buying?


Have you been dreaming of how to enjoy your best meals while building up your health and achieving your fitness goals within a short time? The Plant-Based Recipe Cookbook will get you there. Get started with this fantastic recipe and change your life forever.

The plant-based cookbook is a one-of-a-kind guide that everyone will love, with over 100 recipes and protein alternatives that will leave you scampering for more. As a vegan, you might be struggling with no idea of how to cook your favorite vegan meal but have no idea where to start. The Plant-Based Recipe gives you a step-by-step guide on how to cook vegan meals from scratch. 

Get the simplest methods to cook, even the busiest vegans that find themselves with barely any time to prepare meals will love this simple method that allows you to prepare sumptuous meals in just a matter of minutes.

What will you benefit from this book?

It is no surprise that with its outstanding results, everyone is turning to benefit from it. This recipe will enable you to burn off your body fat and get a new body with leaner muscles. It allows you to become healthier and more energetic. Fitness enthusiasts have a reason to smile because, with this book, you will achieve your fitness goals and build up a perfect athletic body. You will get better-defined six-pack abs as you have always wanted, and in a general sense, this book will help you perform better n all ways.

The author

The author of this fantastic life-saving book has spent so many years experimenting with healthy food varieties, all adding up to bring this perfection.

Being new to the vegan way of life, it took her a while to get accustomed to the practice of entirely depending on plant-based diets and all the tasty recipes that you will interact with within this book. As the art of cooking keeps improving, people get to learn so much more and experiment more with the cooking tricks, brands like Gardein, Tofutti, beyond meat, Tofurkey, and so much more have come up, bringing with them new and better ways that make cooking so much more fun, easy, quick and tasty.

What the book contains

In this book, you will get enlightened about the estimated macronutrients in total that the body needs. Macronutrients are the nutrients that the body needs in large amounts, for example, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Macronutrients are essential in the body as it helps the body in so many areas like weight loss and muscle building.

The benefits of this book

Judging from the results of people who have used this book, it is evident that the results are undeniable. You can reap so many benefits from eating whole food from a plant-based vegan diet without consuming any dairy or meat products.

Vegan foods like grain, legumes, vegetables, seeds, and nuts contain low saturated fat. Plant foods that contain high amounts of fat like avocado, seeds, and nuts contain no cholesterol, meaning that this book gets you straight into the cholesterol-free diets that will usher you to the best possible diet you have always wanted.

Vegan diets contain fibers and antioxidants that can improve your diet and muscle recovery. This book is a straightforward eye-opener and a straight path to realizing your best health and reducing cholesterol in your body.

Choosing a vegan lifestyle will guarantee you many health benefits and help you regain your health, vitality, energy, and power. Some of the health benefits you are guaranteed to gain are:

Weight loss

Research suggests that vegans generally tend to consume fewer calories. This alone makes them have lower body max indexes and have less weight as compared to non-vegetarians. As the cooking experience continues to grow and people continue to discover new things, today, we have so many plant-based recipes which make you feel fuller with just a few calories; you hence don’t need to worry about gaining weight. However, take note that this will only work if you stay clear of vegan processed food.

Heart health

According to research done by researchers at Harvard, studying the health habits of several people over 14 years. The research found that the more one takes vegetables and fruits, the less likely they are to contract heart-related complications.

The research revealed that the people who consumed an average of 8 and above servings of vegetables and fruits in one day have a 30% reduced chance of contracting heart complications like a stroke or a heart attack, as compared to individuals that consume less than one and a half servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Smooth skin

Eating fewer animal products has the added advantage of consuming less saturated animal fats. These saturated fats are responsible for clogging the pores on your skin. On the other hand, many vitamin pigments and phytochemicals contained in vegetables and fruits go a long way in helping you develop much healthier skin. For example, tomatoes contain lycopene which helps protect your skin against the damage caused by the sun. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin C that smoothens wrinkles by activating the production of collagen.

Reduced inflammation

Meat and highly processed food are known to bring about inflammation in your body. To respond to the animal fat, arteries get paralyzed, their ability to open is reduced to half, and the lungs get inflamed.

Long-term continued eating of meat and food that is highly processed causes heart diseases, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases that are obviously life-threatening. However, diets based on plants contain plant-based compounds, also referred to as phytochemicals, including flavonoids, antioxidants, and carotenoids, which help the body reduce inflammation. It also ensures the body tissues are protected from oxidation which causes them to be ruined.

Improved digestion

Foods containing high amounts of proteins and animal proteins take so much time to be digested and broken down completely. However, proteins from plants do not have as many calories as animal protein does. Plant-based proteins are rich in healthy fats and fiber.

Diets that are rich in fiber help to prevent the signs of constipation and help to prevent diarrhea. Consuming meals that are plant-based cuts the effect of processed foods on your body. Food that has been prepared from home is less likely to cause digestion problems.

A longer, healthier life

Making good life decisions will go a long way to help you have a longer life and live a much healthier way, starting with choosing the proper meal for yourself. Research has proven many times that people who consume whole plant-based meals live up to four to seven years longer than non-vegans. This is so, especially for those that have limited their alcohol and tobacco intake.

Myths on vegan proteins

Many people believe that the choice of being a vegan is something that has just come to life recently. However, because of the modern scientific research that is being done in recent years, so many people are slowly converting to the lifestyle of being vegan. This surge in the number of vegans has also come with many myths.

Plant-based meals don’t provide enough protein

The idea of being vegan always comes with so many questions from people, the main one being where one gets their source of proteins. Most people are under the perception that plant-based diets do not provide enough proteins. However, looking at it much closer, about 20 to 40% of the calories contained in beans, broccoli, and spinach is from proteins, which, compared to the calorie level in most animal-based proteins, is a huge rivalry.

Eating dairy will deprive you of calcium

You might have been under the impression that the only source of calcium is dairy. This is, however, not the case.  Other quality sources of calcium include fortified soya milk or juice, broccoli, soy nuts, okra, and calcium-set tofu.

Animal protein is the only one that helps to build muscle

When you consume proteins, it is broken down into amino acids. Amino acids and proteins are an essential part of any metabolic reaction in the body. When our bodies receive the right amount of amino acids and proteins, the source of that protein is usually not a matter of concern. It doesn’t matter which field you are in, be it bodybuilding, athletics, or anywhere else, you can be able to build muscles even with plant-based proteins.


Does it work?

Time and again, it has been proven that to thrive, we do not necessarily need to depend on animal products. Some time back, it was believed that we could not do without animal products. But as of now, we have the fact that this is no longer a necessity.

This step-by-step guide is a proven and workable product that will change your life completely. It has been tried and proven to work with many people. Some of the famous people we know that are actually in fantastic body shape because of this product include the following.  

Erin Fergus

The organization of women bodybuilders named Erin the women pro physique. From a Facebook post on her account, she could not contain her excitement, going on to comment that she is a vegan pro. She went on ahead to say that she made history once again for the animals.

Jehan Malik 

From the time she was a child growing up, Jehina Malik has been in the life of bodybuilding. She also rants as the longest-running pro-vegan athlete in IFBB. She decided to move back to the community to help people achieve the bodies they have often wanted to have. She is one of the best examples and proof that the vegan way is the way to go and actually works.

Patrick Boboumian

Patrick is a German who decided to shift into being a vegan from being a vegetarian back in 2011. Although even as a vegetarian, he won several awards; Strongman Patrick Booboumian beat his own set record in 2015 when he completed the yoke walk in Kitchen, Germany, with 560 KG.

Patrick explains that as a vegetarian, he becomes more substantial and heavier, won the European championship title in powerlifting, and went on ahead to break three world records. Everything is perfect for him, he says. His record time was much faster, and his blood pressure was reduced, allowing him to do more training.

These are the words of a person who has realized so much positivity in his life just from the decision of switching to become a vegan. He gives the testimony you would need as proof enough that being vegan comes with all the positive effects and puts away all the doubts you might have heard from the misconceptions people planted in your mind.

Torre Washington

Washington has been a vegan for a period exceeding two decades now. When asked in an interview whether there is a disadvantage between vegans and people who eat meat, he said that there is no difference because muscle is built based on the training regimen someone uses. He goes on ahead to explain that he is, in fact, at an advantage, it being that he is a vegan because plants speed up muscle recovery and healing.

Julia Hubbard

Julia is a renowned international competitor in several sports, competing in sprinting, fitness, bodybuilding, and bobsleigh. She is known to have moved from being a vegetarian for many years into being a complete vegan at 39 back in July 2015 2015lia says that at the age of 15, she went to the Green Show as part of a school debate where she was first exposed to the cruelty animals were undergoing, and that was when she decided to become a vegetarian, she said back in 2017, explaining to other great athletes who have taken the vegan way.

What is the plant-based recipe cookbook meant for?

You might be asking yourself several questions as to whether this book is good for you or what it is meant for. Whether it is just athletes and a selected few individuals. The truth will shock you.

This cookbook contains recipes that are loved universally. It shouldn’t concern you whether you are a pro athlete or a stay-at-home mom; there is something in the cookbook you will love and want to prepare every day.

You should know that when you start to consume plant-based meals and do away with animal products, your whole body gets rejuvenated and will be visible around your mid-section, hair, skin tone, muscles, face, and so much more.

This is among the significant reasons everyone who has been enlightened about this life-saving diet is turning to it worldwide. Plant-based diets cut out the unhealthy items in your body like refined grains and sugar.

One significant advantage of plant-based diets is that you can consume as much as you want and not worry about calorie consumption or weight gain. This is true primarily when you lay your focus on whole foods.

Plant-based diets give you the ability to make a variety of tasty meals that are good for you. With this plan, you can never get bored with meals; you always make what you love and have fun eating it.

Here is why you should consider buying this book

Cookbooks are always lovely for many reasons. But here is one from a highly respected chef in conjunction with hundreds of other active, living, healthy plant-based experts.

The plant-based cookbook contains simple recipes that can be prepared and cooked in just under 30 minutes. If you find yourself busy most of the time and may lack the enthusiasm of getting in the kitchen, here is what will get you psyched up for it again. You will have fun preparing the recipes and cooking and have so much more fun enjoying your own meals.

These recipes are brought to you in a colorful, beautiful, full-colored cookbook which you can view from your computer, tablet, or phone at any time from anywhere.

This is your ultimate guide to preparing and making your vegan diets appetizing and fun with a lot of varieties to choose from, which will not only leave you healthier but also ensures your tastes and cravings are all satisfied.

This is everything you have ever wanted to see in a guide, something that will help you eat properly, the vegan style, without inconveniencing your health or upsetting your taste buds. This cookbook contains common foods that you meet every day in your local supermarket. Included are various tofu, soy products, tempeh, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. Using the right ingredients, this cookbook enables you to prepare the tasty meals of your choice and liking.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-eater and you still want to give this a shot for some time. This cookbook is everything you have been looking for, and it will work magic for you.

What is impressive about this cookbook s that it gives you so many choices to pick from for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and even recipes for desserts are included. Several vegan options are included in these categories that will get you excited to try each one of them every other day.

A particular category includes introducing you to soups, tofu omelets, sandwiches, and so many more, all of which are 100% plant-based. The author has gone to great lengths to ensure you get everyday vegan recipes to make each meal delicious and varied each day.

You do not need to have any prior cooking experience. That is how simple this cookbook makes it look. You will be able to come up with a delicious meal even if you’ve never before been in a kitchen or are lazy to get in the kitchen. The simplicity in this cookbook will awe you; you will be a pro in a brief period. It's about time you start enjoying the best of meals, building up your health, getting to achieve your fitness goals much more quickly, and living a healthy life that you have always wanted. 

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