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Arman Tsarukyan, who is of Russian and Armenian descent, is a mixed martial artist who competes in the lightweight division. At the moment, he is bound by a deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

As of May 16, 2022, Arman has the eleventh spot in the lightweight standings for the UFC.

In his first-ever mixed martial arts match, which took place on September 25, 2015, Tsarukyan competed against Shamil Olokhanov and emerged victorious via a first-round technical knockout.

The subsequent fight between the mixed martial artist and Alexander Belikh resulted in the former getting knocked out in the first round.

Arman continued his career as a mixed martial artist by competing for organisations around Russia and Asia. He won each of his subsequent 12 matches by submission, including a victory against Belikh in the first round to avenge his earlier loss.

He had a record of 13-1 going into his negotiations with the UFC for a deal that would see him participate in four fights.

Tsarukyan faced off against Joel Lvarez on the night of February 26, 2022, in the event known as UFC Fight Night 202. He won by technical knockout in the second round by defeating his opponent with ground and pound. As a result of the triumph, Tsarukyan was rewarded with a bonus for having the best performance of the night for the second time in a row.

The fight between Tsarukyan and Mateusz Gamrot is scheduled to take place at UFC versus ESPN 38 on June 25, 2022.

Boxer’s Home Country and Religious Background

Arman Tsarukyan is a Muslim, however he has not made his religious affiliation known to the general world.

The world-famous boxer was born in the city of Akhalkalaki, Georgia, on October 11th, 1996. Due to the fact that he was born in Russia to Armenian parents, he is a citizen of both countries.

Arman looks like a typical Muslim male. He also has a beard and his hair is dark and thick. In addition to that, he possesses jet-black eyes and a ripped, buff physique. The formidable combatant has a height of around 6 feet 9 inches and weighs about 15 stone.

However, due to the fact that he is from a nation where Christianity is the prevalent religion, such as Armenia or Georgia, we are unable to say for certain if he is a Muslim or not.

In addition, there are a few Muslim competitors in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), with Khabib Nurmagomedov being the most well-known. In the history of the Muslim-Russian fighter in the sport, he has left behind an extensive legacy.

The well-known boxer made his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) against one of Khabib’s students. In contrast to Khabib and his comrades in the sport, Arman is careful and avoids insults. Khabib and his teammates in the sport are vocal about their faith.

Arman Tsarukyan Net Worth

According to the information provided by a few different sources, Arman Tsarukyan has a net worth that is slightly greater than one million dollars in the year 2022. It was discovered that his earnings from his most recent battle were $150,000.

SEPTEMBER 17 – LAS VEGAS, Nevada UFC promotional material features Arman Tsarukyan of Armenia striking a pose while standing on the scale during the UFC Fight Night weigh-in on September 17, 2021, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the UFC APEX.

Given that the Armenian-Russian mixed martial artist has only lost twice in a total of twenty contests, the vast majority of this figure is likely attributable to the MMA career he has pursued. During the course of his career in the UFC, he was also eligible for and received a number of sizeable bonuses.

However, Tsarukyan’s pay-per-fight page does not make a great deal of information available to the public.

On the other hand, the 25-year-old received a total of $200,000 for his most recent performance (half of his base wage and half of his victory bonus), in addition to an additional $50,000 for having the best performance of the night.

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