TOP NEWS: Dani Coco Has Quit Ex On The Beach!!! Fans Blame David Barta!!

 Dani Coco’s brief visit on ‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 5 was a rollercoaster of an experience. David Barta’s ex-girlfriend Dani washes up on the show in the hopes of rekindling their feelings for each other. Dani, on the other hand, had to fight for her allegiance and attention right from the start.

Dani’s reappearance in David’s life ended their relationship, which began with David being pulled to Mike Mulderrig and even sharing a passionate kiss with him. Kyra Green, a star of the reality show “Love Island,” shattered Dani’s confidence in David and her relationship this time around.

Why Did Dani Leave Ex On The Beach? Ex On The Beach Fans Blame David Barta For Dani Coco’s Departure

David was smitten with Kyra and decided to give up Dani in order to pursue her. As a result, Dani was hurt and upset. Despite David’s best efforts, he was unable to resist the allure of Kyra. Dani put her faith in him and hoped that David would come back to her for them to be together again.


After seeing David kiss Kyra on their date, Dani was infuriated by his declaration of love for her. For the sake of her own happiness and well-being, she announced that she was resigning from the MTV show.

When Dani left, she didn’t say goodbye to David or anybody else from her family. David and Kyra were heartbroken when they realized that Dani had withdrawn from the program, but David acted unfazed. Fans pounced on David after seeing his reaction to Dani’s departure, pointing out that Dani deserved more. Dani “is a powerful queen who doesn’t need someone who doesn’t need her,” one fan on Twitter wrote. You tweet, “#ExOnTheBeach.” She kept her cool, gathered all the information she needed, and realized she deserved better. I’m proud of her. “It’s alright, Dani, you deserve better; you don’t need this garbage in your life #ExOnTheBeach,” another admirer commented.

“It seems like Karam since he told Dani he wanted to be with her but still follows other people #exonthebeach,” a fan commented. MTV is presenting the fifth season of “Ex on the Beach” beginning at 8/7c.

During tonight’s party, Kyra and David swayed together. Kyra was worried about seeing another ex on the show, and she questioned their newly formed connection as a result. Kyra’s ex-girlfriend Emily will make an appearance in the upcoming episode.

Ranin and Elias had a wonderful day together. When he spoke, Elias claimed he had longed to be with her for a long time. Even if things go sour between them, Ranin told the crowd she will always consider him a member of her family. A lot of time was spent with Bryce flirting with Nicole. 

Nicole acknowledged that she was a hopeless romantic looking for a long-term relationship. Bryce also brought up the subject:

Instead, she became enraged when he had her do a lap dance. Her response was simple: “It’s too much for me,” she said. Seeing his best friend Nicole and Bryce go paragliding on their first date made Ray happy.

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