ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Golden Kamuy Chapter 314 The Finale! Release Date, And Its Plot!!

Golden Kamuy by Satoru Noda is a seinen manga series that he wrote and illustrated. Japanese soldier Saichi “Immortal” Sugimoto, who survived the Russo-Japanese War and is now providing for the widow Asirpa, an Ainu girl searching for the killers of her father, is the focus of this story set in Hokkaido, Japan. The Imperial Japanese Army’s 7th Division is also hunting a criminal group that stole Ainu gold from a hidden cache.

Everything About Golden Kamuy Chapter 314 The Finale! – Release Date, Expectations, And Plot!!

It was first serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine in 2014. It has also been published in tankbon volumes by Shueisha in Japan since 2015 and Viz Media in North America since 2017; a total of 29 volumes have been released in Japanese and a total of 25 volumes have been published in English.

Golden Kamuy Chapter 314 The Finale! Release Date, And Its Plot

A mix of emotions erupts amongst Golden Kamuy fans upon the publication of the manga’s last chapter. Recently, it was made public that the manga’s plot would be wrapped up in just a few more chapters. Sugimoto, Asirpa, and the rest of the cast will make one more appearance in Golden Kamuy Chapter 314 for the benefit of fans. His fight with Tsurumi brings the story to a close. Safely out of the train is Asirpa. Sugimoto, on the other hand, is the most vulnerable at this time.

Expectations About Golden Kamuy Chapter 314

Golden Kamuy‘s next chapter is titled “The Finale.” Based on the present pace and direction of events, Sugimoto’s supporters can expect him to be killed off in the next episode. Sugimoto was quick to see Asirpa and push her down the train in the previous episode, allowing her to go about her day. The lack of concern for his own well-being shows that he does not pay much care to his own situation.

Consider jumping from the train in the event of him doing so. The Golden Kamuy curse has already taken hold of everyone in Sugimoto’s sphere of influence. As a result, it is absurd to think that he can escape the wrath of a dead tiger.

Recap Of Golden Kamuy

The 313th chapter of the manga opened with Sugimoto striking out at Tsurumi for the final time. Tsurumi, on the other hand, counter-attacked and snipped the thread keeping Sugimoto’s quiver together. Due to the fallout, Fina and Olga’s fingers were ripped from his coat. After spotting the fingers, Asirpa ran to get his hands on them. Fingers were crushed beneath the rails, however, as they slid down the rails The items had been dusted with gold. 002E

 Meanwhile, Asirpa slipped out of the train’s door after losing her grip on the handle. When she was in danger, Sugimoto ran to her help. In the meantime, Tsurumi leaped in and grabbed the Katana from her. His gaze fell on hers as he warned her that the Golden Kamuy curse will one day take the lives of those close to her. He breaks free and knocks Asirpa off the train in order to allow her to live out her days in peace.

When Is The Release Date Of Golden Kamuy Chapter 314?

The manga’s last chapter is the year’s most anticipated release. After Sugimoto’s altruistic deed for Asirpa, what’s left for the plot? The manga’s final chapter, Golden Kamuy Chapter 314, will be published very soon. On April 28, 2022, the chapter’s release date has been set. Young Jumo magazine will print the chapter. Only two days later, the chapter will be available on digital displays.

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