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 Ellen Rucker, Bakari Sellers’ wife, has a fascinating life story of her own, which you can read about here. The mother of three beautiful children, Ellen Rucker, balances her work as co-owner of a haircare firm with her professional practice as a chiropractor.

Top Things To Know About Ellen Rucker’s Net Worth, Age

She is a stickler for details whenever it comes to establishing the correct work-life balance for all of her obligations. She’s pretty good at keeping up with her online identity and informing her fans and followers about the exciting events in her life that she’s involved.

Ellen Rucker:

Ellen Rucker, a well-known South Carolina wife, was born in 1977. She’s a chiropractor who runs her own business, but she became well-known after marrying NBA star Vince Carter.

They were high school sweethearts and married soon after, but their relationship lasted only two years until they chose to break up.

Quick Facts:

  • Ellen Rucker’s full name is Ellen Rucker.
  • Lancaster, South Carolina, United States of America, is where she was born.
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Bakari Sellers (current) and Vince Carter are both married (Former)
  • African-American is the ethnicity of the author.
  • She is an entrepreneur and is leading a successful business.
  • Her eyes are brown in color and possess black hair.

Ellen Rucker’s Net Worth and Career:

According to her financial statements, Ellen Rucker’s net worth of $800,000 was primarily derived from her employment as a chiropractor.

In addition, Rucker Roots, a hair care product founded by a 44-year-old, contributes to her financial success. In addition, the Lancaster native is the owner and operator of a Chiropractic Clinic in her home city.

Darius Rucker was the ex-wife of NBA legend Vince Carter, who is reported to be worth $100 million and is the mother of his two children.

When it comes to her current husband, Bakari Sellers, he is worth an estimated 5 million dollars. As an attorney and member of the House of Representatives, Bakari has diverse experience. As a result, it should be no surprise that he has a lot of money.

She is currently married to Bakari Sellers, with whom she shares a two-year-old son and two daughters. They were married a year after their wedding and have been together ever since.

The death of twins Stokely and Sadie Sellers and the dissolution of the Sellers’ marriage served as the deciding factor.

Height5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight50 Kg
ProfessionChiropractor, Entrepreneur,
Net Worth$800,000

Ellen Rucker’s Early life:

Ellen Rucker was born in 1977 in the tiny town of Lancaster, South Carolina, to a mother and father who were both farmers. Her parents’ names are Douglas and Ruby Rucker, and she was born to them. As it turns out, Ruby is a stay-at-home mom, whereas Douglas works as a physician.

The upshot is that we have a better grasp of Ellen’s path to becoming a medical doctor. In addition, the 47-year-old was one of eight children whose parents nurtured them while they were still alive.

Lone Rucker is the only one who has achieved celebrity status; the others are Ruby, and Lone Margaret are both unknown.

How She Became Famous 

Following her relationship and marriage with the NBA star Vince Carter, Ellen Rucker first gained the attention of the media. However, her recognition grew fast as she starred in their reality TV show. And it reached its peak after Ellen tied the knot with her current husband, Bakari Seller. 

The duo has been fan-favorite till then and has made countless public appearances, especially during the holiday greetings. However, she has a media presence of her own and attends various events with her sisters.

Career Highlights 

Ellen Rucker’s professional career began as a Chiropractor, the profession she continued for 11 years. In 2015, the year of her marriage to her current husband, Rucker launched a haircare line with her two sisters. The brand, known as, ‘Rucker Roots,’ was featured in a TV series as well. The talented trio has attended the Premier Hair Show in Orlando and Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta. Till today, the brand continues to grow and produce exclusive high-end and budget-friendly products for the hair.

Apart from numerous TV appearances, the brand has further expanded and launched at Sally Beauty in 2020 and Target in 2019. They have also been chosen as an exclusive hair treatment range in the Chicago based blow-dry salon bar, &BLOWDRY. Ellen and her sisters maintain their business from the brand’s official website, where they offer different types of shampoo, conditioner, hair protectant, hair serum, hair cream, etc. Currently, fans can also avail of their products at Macy’s. One of their popular items is the 4-step natural smoothing system that suits all hair types.

In order to help the brand grow, Ellen plays an essential part in dealing with the chemists, lawyers, distributors, etc. During an interview, she stated, “My business is my everything” and added that “My sisters are a little more social, and I like to be in control of the business, partly because I know it’s done right.” 

Ellen Rucker being in the haircare industry, seems quite evident considering that she has been passionate about haircare since her childhood. She has also invented some hair treatments for her loved ones while growing up. Her vision of her current endeavor is to become an innovator in the haircare market and produce hair treatments using natural ingredients. 

Interesting Facts:

  • As a result of her relationship with and subsequent marriage to NBA player Vince Carter, Ellen Rucker first gained widespread attention in the media. 
  • However, her involvement in their reality television show catapulted her to national prominence.
  • Her life is highly stressful when you combine owning a business with caring for twins and an 18-year-old teenager, along with everything else that comes with maintaining a household. 
  • On the other hand, she accepts it as a treat and continues with her daily activities.
  • Ellen Rucker Sellers also has a personal website called ‘Ellen Rucker Sellers,’ where she writes about her personal and professional experiences and interests.

Ellen Rucker’s Age:

Ellen was born in 1977, making her 44 years old in 2022. Because the Lancaster baby hasn’t revealed her precise date of birth, we can only speculate about what zodiac sign she belongs to.

Ellen Rucker’s Husband and Kids:

Ellen and Vince were married in 2005, after a lengthy romance and courtship. After that, the couple welcomed their first child, Kai Michelle Carter, in the following year.

For reasons that remain a mystery to this day, the pair divorced in 2006 for unspecified reasons.

Kai has lived with her mother and stepfather in the intervening years, who treat her as if she were his biological daughter. When the Sellers’ twin daughters, Stokely and Sadie, were born, their marriage had already been solidified.

The twins were born on the 8th of January in the year 2019. Unfortunately, it has been revealed that Sadie has a significant health problem.

As a result, that child required a liver transplant at a young age due to his situation.

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