Anime News: Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 115, What Is Behind The Gate? Release Date

After more than a month of anticipation, the latest volume of Second Life Ranker has finally been made available.

In the final chapter, the authors made it clear that the manhwa would be taking a prolonged hiatus from publication. This week, though, witnessed the publication of an entirely new chapter.

In Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 115, What lies behind the gate?

As of this point in the story, the party has successfully passed through the Golden Gudgel Gate and reached safety. The journey, on the other hand, is far from over. 

When they go on their next expedition, Yeon will disclose what is behind the closed door he managed to open. It’s possible, however, that the squad will come up empty-handed as a result of their efforts.

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time Chapter 115, What Is Behind The Gate Release Date

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time What Happens Next in Chapter 115

After the previous chapter, Yeon recognized that getting through the door was impossible. Despite the efforts of all three of his comrades, the gate remained closed despite their combined efforts.

Because of this, it was evident that Kindred had accessed it in a manner other than that which had been anticipated. 

He was, however, able to open the gate with a gentle nudge, and they were all able to stroll in together. Again, we have Ranker who lives forever to contend with. Chapter 115 will unlock the door and allow you to view what’s on the other side.

It is unlikely that Kindred will be found in an instant, despite the crew’s best efforts. On the other hand, a formidable force could be lurking beyond the closed door.

Previous Chapter Recap!

Ranker Chapter 114 introduced Cernunnos, the God of Hunting, who made his first appearance in Second Life Ranker. Yeon Woo was engaged in combat with Kahn on the battlefield. According to the latter, he was a high-ranking official who had also served as an apostle of God. 

Yeon was apprehensive that utilizing even a fraction of her unique energy would be challenging, given the powers she was displaying at the time.

He reasoned that she would be mighty if she managed to conquer all five sections of the mountain. You were about to be rescued when the crew explained how they planned to get you out of your current position.

Yeon made a mention of it in his speech. Each of Victoria and Rebecca’s attention is wholly focused on the task at hand.

Is this why Yeon stated that he would try to get things forward a little more quickly? After coming face to face with the Iron Gate of Golden Gudgel, they’ve realized that their plans have been foiled.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 115 via Reading Platforms

It is only natural that a range of platforms is being developed and supplied to aid in the general adoption of reading as a recreational activity. These sites are one of the most popular places to read manga, and they have a large following. 

Manga has lately been made available on many of the most popular reading platforms, including Kindle and Nook. Increased manga consumption has occurred due to many media outlets, all of which require little effort to use.

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Ranker Who Lives a Second Time Chapter 115: Publication Date

Second Life is a virtual world where people can interact with one another. With the entrance of Cernunnos, the course of Ranker’s story will take a dramatic turn.

Since the manga has returned from its hiatus, all-new chapters will be issued every week due to the weekly release schedule.

As a result, the 115th chapter of Ranker Who Lives In A Second Life will be released on April 14, 2022, which will be the 115th chapter overall.

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