Growing Maternal Mortality Had Caused A Lot Of Concern

 The 20% growth in maternal mortality had raised a lot of concern in the United States of America. Different organizations describe maternal mortality in different ways. The CDC defines maternal mortality as one of the types of death caused during any complications of a pregnancy case.

Growing Maternal Mortality Had Caused A Lot Of Concern

Positive signs were around the world as there was a 44% decline in the maternal mortality reports of the year 2017. There were a lot of people who had maternal mortality but still found 880 people died due to this surge of maternal mortality.

There can be a lot of reasons for the growth of maternal mortality numbers. Some of the reasons are as follows:-

  • Anaemia- The patients having anaemia often face with the problem of low red blood cells in the body or the failure of the red blood cells to store oxygen in them. Song this may cause oxygen crisis in various organs of the body.
  • Aids – It is a sexually transmitted diseases. It Does not allow the Body To fight back against other infections which makes the virus itself fatal.
  • Infection such as sepsis- Any serious infections like sepsis might cause maternal mortality .Sepsis mainly takes place when different types of chemicals are present in the bloodstream. Diseases like sepsis can cause harm to the organ system and even cause death.
  • Brain haemorrhage  – Haemorrhage occur when the blood carrying arteries in the human body gets injured and blood starts falling outside of them.
  •  Complications of an abortion – Abortion is obviously not a normal process and hence it has some added risk for the pregnancy.
  • The other ways to cause the death is due to disorders in the brain, kidney, etc .

The sudden surge in maternity mortality causes us to be employed. The blood in the body as per the last exam in the year 2019, 44% of people are called the above-given reasons some viewers.

The patient who is affected the most or we can say have the highest mortality rate are women till the age of 40. In the year 2018, 108 people died out of maternal mortality patients.

Maternal mortality just like any other problem can be solved with better planning and understanding the situations which would require proper ways to handle things in a better way.

  • Proper analysis of the disease and treating the disease is required for the patient’s well being.
  • Should be aware of the insecurity related to false and  sometimes unsafe Abortion technique. Even after a successful abortion operation the project requires some attention and treatment again.
  •  To stay knowledgeable about every medical disease in the market you should study it as it can have the capability to trouble your pregnancy . Treatments and symptoms are some of the things which might have helped us in post abortion care.
  • Stay away from Covid -19 as it can caused many unwanted problems. Covid-19 itself is deadly and dies not need anyone to cause harm or even higher.

Covid-19 itself has caused so many problems in the past 2 years and it has actively been inclosing towards you.  So better be safe and take you to take your family. The double-dosed vaccine system actually helps pregnant women to recover from the disease and also reduces the chances of facing another maternal mortality.

Maternal Mortality should be taken more seriously because not only one but two lives are on the line. Pregnant women should try to recover from the situation and then return to their normal lifestyle. Maternal Mortality does not come alone it brings a lot of sorrow along. We can conclude by saying that maternal mortality should be controlled to avoid further problems.

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