Resurge Reviews - Does It Work? (Legit or Not)


Welcome to my Resurge review. Resurge is a dietary supplement that is designed to burn calories and reduce weight over some time. Resurge review indicates that it is a perfect antidote for those who are struggling to reduce their weight and want to enjoy a fit and healthy life. It is also ideal for those who want to stay slim, with an excellent metabolic rate, and optimum energy levels.

This is a breakthrough formula that invokes the regenerative capabilities of the body. These capabilities are the true fat reducing processes in the body that lies dormant. When activated, they increase the metabolic activity – and this process continues throughout the day, even while resting. Based on findings that the body does have fat burning and physiological healing functions, Resurge only activates these functions.

Resurge Review: No Exercise, No Diet, No Lifestyle Change!

It has to be said that many of the contemporary fat loss and fat burning diets don’t factor this aspect. They defeat the whole purpose by decreasing the ‘feel-good’ factor of a person. When a person is made to starve, when the person is made to crave for their favorite food, or overly exercise their bodies – they produce more harmful hormones. These are stress hormones – which produce counterproductive results.

With Resurge, there is no need for an austere fat loss diet, hours and hours at the gym, and uncomfortable lifestyle changes as per Resurge review. Resurge is a proprietary formula that works by profoundly connecting the physiological functions responsible for weight loss and metabolic rate. Over a while, the person feels a resurge of energy. They give up naturally on their bad lifestyle habits because their energy levels and moods are elevated – reducing the need for relying on alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine. In a matter of time, their body is transformed into a fat-burning one, and even without their knowledge, they transform every day to become fitter, stronger, and mentally alert.

resurge review
Product NameResurge Deep Sleep And HGH Support Formula
Resurge IngredientsNatural & Proven Ingredients
Administration RouteOral
Alcohol WarningNo Restriction
Resurge Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects
Price of Resurge$49 (Click here to Check the Discounted Price)
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

About Resurge Weight Loss Supplement

Resurge is an all-natural product, completely vegan, has no side effects, therefore it is completely safe to use. It is non-GMO (genetically modified organism) – which is an important aspect to consider. Because in genetically modified foods, genes are removed from organisms and recombined into genes of another organism. While this is done so that the recombination of genes helps organisms to portray certain traits, it can also lead to the production of novel proteins. When these novel proteins are part of the food supply and also ingested by the body, it could give rise to toxins and produce allergens.

Being a non-GMO product, this dietary supplement is as safe as safe can be as indicated by the Resurge review as well. One can use it as many times without worrying about any complications or unwanted side effects. It has been proven that using Resurge for 90 days or 120 days at a stretch produced amazing results. And these results were long-lasting and life-changing.

Resurge has multiple beneficial properties to it.

  • Anti-Aging Compounds:

The added anti-aging compounds ensure that the aging process is reversed. Aging is caused due to a multitude of factors. It is not only environmental, but can be caused due to poor diet, nutrition, lifestyle habits, stress, lack of exercise, accumulated aging, hormonal aging, cellular aging, and metabolic aging. Resurge has the requisite compounds that help a person to not only sleep well but is fortified with the requisite nutritional benefits, and compounds that produce hormones that reduce stress levels.

  • Stop Unexplained Weight Gain:

There are many people who undergo metabolic disorders due to a variety of factors. Some of it could be inherited, and a large part of it is due to environmental triggers and poor lifestyle habits. Some of the common reasons for unexplained weight gain is overeating, menstrual cycles, menopause, perimenopause, metabolism slow-down, being less physically active, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, lack of sleep.

Resurge review make it clear that using this supplement over an extended period of time not only reverses these underlying conditions but provides amazing energy levels to people who use this dietary supplement. By promoting physiological repair, healthy hormones are produced in abundance, which leads to multiple positive effects. It is almost akin to a domino effect, where one repaired the physiological function of the body sets of a chain of transformations. Resurge has transformed the lives of thousands of people. It is a revolutionary safe, and convenient supplement that can be easily consumed without any fear of side effects.

Best Features Of Resurge Supplement

  • All-Natural Supplement

There are many ways to include multivitamins, amino acids, minerals, and herbs in supplements. Either they can be included by synthetic means – that is – they are produced as chemicals and included. Or they can be derived from plant sources. Resurge does the latter – the natural substances and compounds found in the dietary supplement are indeed natural. There is absolutely no trace of any chemical.

Now the question arises as to what the benefits of all-natural supplements are. Surprisingly, this information is not known by many as per the Resurge review. The first and foremost reason why one has to take all-natural supplements is that the body can absorb these supplements faster and more effectively. This means that the ingredients in the supplement are in perfect harmony with the body. This is unlike chemicals that, when absorbed by the body, put undue stress on the body to filter it, absorb it, and integrate it into the body.

The second most crucial aspect of all-natural supplements is that they are safe to use. There are no side effects. Chemically manufactured supplements or supplements with synthetic derivatives of naturally occurring compounds are not easily absorbed by the body. Depending on the body type, the chemicals may or may not trigger an adverse reaction.

Given this premise, Resurge is an all-natural supplement. It is suitable for all body types, people of all ages, and ethnicities. Not only does this supplement provide dietary resources, but it provides the required nutrients and vitamins inadequate measure, which is so critical to stop diseases from occurring according to the Resurge review.

  • The Myth That Eating Well Is Eating Healthy

Eating well and high quantities of food are not eating well. Filling the stomach with food and not being hungry may feel like a good healthy lifestyle. Human bodies need a minimum quantity of essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids on a daily basis. Without these building blocks, the body slowly degenerates. Although the person might be eating well, they would be eating a nutritional, well-balanced diet. This is where Resurge comes in as a savior for those who need a quick solution to provide them all of the essential nutrients and vitamins on a daily basis, as expressed by Resurge reviews. Simply taking Resurge capsules every day is more than sufficient to not trigger the body into undergoing a degenerative process.

  • Vegetarian Supplement

Studies and the Resurge review have shown that vegetarian diets reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by a large percentage. It is a well-known fact that a vegetarian diet can provide various types of nutrition, some of which are not available in non-vegetarian diets. When it comes to vegetarianism, there are many types, namely, Lacto-Ovo, Lacto-vegetarians, and ovo-vegetarians. A pure vegan diet is one that has no animal-based foods. Resurge falls under the category of a pure vegan dietary supplement. Using a vegetarian supplement has lots of health benefits in the short and long term. Some of them are namely losing weight, increasing heart health, reducing the chances of cancer, reducing bad cholesterol, reducing the susceptibility of diabetes.

Resurge Manufacturer

The manufacturer produces the dietary supplement in its state of the art FDA approved manufacturing facility. The facility is also GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified. This means that the manufacturing facility is sterile, follows rigorous and strict cleanliness protocols, and has the requisite infrastructure to produce dietary supplements such as Resurge.

The manufacturer assures consumers that they will start to realize the benefits of the supplement in a matter of 90 days to 120 days. Resurge review has also suggested this time frame. This is in itself is a valid statement considering that many other manufacturers of so-called vegan and all-natural dietary supplements promise benefits and transformations in the body from the first week itself.

Resurge, being a revolutionary dietary supplement, based on a proprietary formulaic mix, promises results that happen due to a slow transformation of the body. It is understood that transformations in the body happen over a period of a few months, and after the onset of the transformations, the benefits continue to accumulate. Resurge helps people transform themselves in a slow and organic way – this ensures that transformations are long-standing and almost permanent.

Does Resurge Work For All Body Types?

The manufacturer guarantees that Resurge will work for all body types. Resurge review has also established this fact. It is common knowledge that there are three body types, namely, endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph. Having a body type is not a life sentence – somebody types have certain attributes that other body types don’t and vice versa. Body composition can be improved by eating a regular nutritious body-type specific diet. But this is not easy because there is a lack of understanding of the types of foods to eat and how to combine them at what frequency.

Therefore it is desirable to have a dietary supplement as mentioned in hormonal harmony hb5 reviews that attends to the needs of all body types. Resurge is one such supplement that can provide the required nutrition and dietary vitamins to support the body composition of all body types. This helps people of all body types to get the required nutrition, which helps them maintain their weight, improve their life courtesy the increased energy levels.

  • Improvement In Sleep

The manufacturer states that improving sleep is one of the critical aspects of overall body transformation. Resurge reviews by customers has numerous positive comments on the same. Resurge apparently helps people improve their sleep quality. There is a difference between sleeping more hours and sleeping deeply in a few hours. The deep sleep formula of Resurge produces a range of positive physiological effects on the body. This often-overlooked everyday activity is what the manufacturer has found to be the most productive tool to increase the transformation of the body. By simply making a person get into more deep-sleep cycles over some time, Resurge produces amazing results.

How Resurge Pills Works?

Many people complain about not feeling full after eating. This is because they are eating less all of a sudden. The best way to reduce the quantity of food is to reduce it in small portions gradually over a period of time. But research shows that even decreasing the amount of food does not guarantee weight loss. This is because when the body does not have the required vitamins and minerals and essential amino acids, even eating a high quantity of food is similar to eating a poorly balanced low quantity food.

Resurge review also says that it is a vegan dietary supplement that brings the feeling of fullness to people. So that they need not resort to diets and experience food cravings throughout the day. Users of Resurge do not need to control their impulse to eat. They do not need to worry about cheat meals and cheat days. When used regularly, Resurge simply increases metabolic levels so much that the quantity of food eaten will never be a cause of guilt or remorse in a person.

This dietary supplement has a combination of herbs – around 22 of them. Apart from helping the body detox, the body is able to control its appetite. This is done by bringing the feeling of fullness in a person. A person feels full if they have adequate nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in their body. Their feelings of fullness are also because of optimum sleep levels, decreased stress levels, increase in energy. Over some time, this phenomenon produces active weight loss. The person loses weight as much in their resting state as in their active state.

  • Improving The Endocrine System

Resurge also neutralizes the effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). These substances are found in the environment. When a person is exposed to them via air, water supply, food sources, personal care products, they get inside the body and disrupt the normal functioning of the endocrine system. EDCs disrupt the production of hormones, and that is why they are found to cause adverse human health such as lower nervous system function, obesity, diabetes, respiratory problems, learning disabilities, etc.

Resurge dietary supplement increases the endocrine gland’s function. It also revitalizes growth hormone-related processes to start certain physiological processes that were lying dormant. When working in peak condition, the endocrine gland regulates human health. Hormonal secretion and function are restored. The nervous system function improves. People who had learning problems slowly start to develop better cognitive skills. Resurge is, therefore, a transformation based dietary supplement that works from the cellular level.

Is The Resurge Weight Loss Pill Safe For Everyone?

Resurge dietary supplement pills are evaluated clinically and are certified as a safe food source. There is no recommended dosage for this supplement, but two pills a day is a normal dosage that is suggested. Having already the FDA-approved tag, Resurge is also manufactured in a completely sterile manufacturing facility. The manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and have no interference or inclusion of chemicals, as verified by the Resurge review.

Resurge can be used by people of all ages. There is no pre-requisite to start using this dietary supplement. It can be used at any stage in a person’s life. Even if a person has existing medical conditions, they can use this dietary supplement. If used consistently and regularly, Resurge produces benefits and transformations. These transformations are subtle, but over a while, the person feels the changes as per Resurge results.

  • What Are The Quick Changes?

The first change a person feels is that their energy levels prop up. They don’t experience fatigue and mood swings throughout the day. The mood remains stable and calm. It helps them focus on the future and be mentally present concerning their immediate surroundings. With a mix of psychological and physiological benefits, the body and mind slowly change. The person’s underlying ailments start reversing. It all happens naturally, with minimal effort and maximum result. Resurge review has established these results.

There could be a tendency to think that increasing the dosage may hasten results. But this is largely unverified and untrue. Putting undue stress on the digestive system can produce more lethargy. Using only the recommended dosage is ideal. Although there are no side effects by increasing the dosage, yet there are no benefits as well. Because the body may not absorb the extra dosages, therefore it is ideal for supplying the body with only what it can digest.

Resurge Ingredients

Resurge is a healthy combination of herbs and minerals. Working in combination, these ingredients, boost the metabolism levels of the body, burn fat, reduce anxiety, and increase sleep quality.

  • Magnesium

Improves the body’s ability to sleep. There are no sleep disruptions. The body is eased into sleep in an easy and effortless way. Magnesium is known to promote sleep in people with issues such as restless leg syndrome and several other sleep disorders. It also reduces stress and stabilizes the mood. The neurotransmitter GABA also increases – which decreases anxiety and activates areas of the brain that are responsible for de-stressing. Resurge reviews are full of positive comments regarding this.

  • Zinc

The presence of zinc improves neurological function. It creates clarity in thought. When the mind is clear, and thoughts are focused, the person feels an increase in energy levels. Not only does the person wake up fresh and alert, but stays that way throughout the day. Zinc is understood to have anti-inflammatory properties. In general, it has neuroprotective functions by promoting a phenomenon named hippocampal neurogenesis.

  • Melatonin

Increases deep sleep cycles. Over a period of time, deep sleep quality is improved as well. With low sleep deprivation, the person feels a surge of energy. Their body is revitalized with abundant energetic resources that not only de-stresses them but also give them the feel-good factor. When the mind is happy, it increases the production of happiness-inducing hormones.

  • Ashwagandha

Helps clear the mind of anxiety. It reduces depressive state disorder. Ashwagandha is a naturally occurring herb that is frequently prescribed for those with chronic depression. An ancient medicinal herb, it has numerous benefits. Some of the important ones are that it reduces blood sugar levels, reduces depressive disorders, post-traumatic disorder syndrome, increases muscle mass and strength, reduces cortisol levels, and boosts testosterone.

  • Hydroxytryptophan

This is an essential amino acid produced naturally in the body. It is needed to produce serotonin, which is a chemical messenger that reduces anxiety. Lack of this amino acid increases anxiety. Therefore the presence of Hydroxytryptophan is important to remove depression, enhance sleep quality, maintain weight, and retain overall health.

Sometimes this naturally occurring amino acid stops occurring. To induce it, doctors of patients suffering from depression prescribe anti-depression medications. But medications are counterproductive in the long run. With Resurge, this naturally occurring amino acid starts getting produced in abundance once again. Resurge review suggests a marked decrease in the usage of medications.

  • L-Theanine

This is an amino acid found in tea leaves, especially green tea. When ingested into the body, it produces a range of calming effects. It boosts GABA levels, produces calming brain chemicals. L-theanine reduces the occurrence of excitatory chemicals in the brain that produces anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness.

Therefore, in the long run, this amino acid protects brain cells against any kind of age-related or environment-related degenerative triggers. One of the main benefits of this amino acid is that it improves deep sleep levels. It also produces a state called ‘wakeful relaxation.’ In this state, the person is not worried about becoming tired or sleepy during the day due to fatigue.

  • Arginine

Resurge aids the body in utilizing Arginine to remove ammonia from the body, increase immune function, and release stress alleviation hormones. Obtained mainly from the diet, lack of Arginine can cause a lack of insulin regulation and heightened blood sugar levels. Research also finds substantial evidence that Arginine reduces the chances of contracting schizophrenia as in carbofix

  • Lysine

A building block of protein, Lysine is an essential amino acid that the body cannot make, and therefore it has to be obtained from food sources. L-lysine is a type of lysine that the body utilizes to produce a range of positive transformations. One among them is calcium absorption, which helps protect bones and prevents conditions such as osteoporosis.

Not only is calcium absorbed but retained as well. Lysine also increases the wound healing properties of the body. This is done by creating more collagen. Lysine can itself work as a binding agent, increasing the production of new cells that bind to the wound and increase healing. Resurge review suggests how this product has helped those suffering from calcium absorption issues.

The Pros And Cons Of Resurge Weight Loss Pills

Main Advantages

  • It is as easy to use dietary weight loss supplement. Just pop in a capsule whenever. There are no before and after food criteria.
  • The supplement is approved by the FDA and is a non-GMO dietary product.
  • The product has undergone rigorous clinical trials to determine its safety. Being an all-natural product, it is 100% safe to use.
  • As per Resurge review using this supplement regularly helped them not only lose weight but maintain their weight. Their unexplained weight gain stopped occurring. They had better hunger cycles. For those who had an issue with overeating were able to control their appetite.
  • The stress hormone cortisol produces adverse effects. Resurge reviews have numerous comments on how Resurge helped them reduce anxiety and stress. Keeping it in control is the key to living a healthy life. Resurge helps the body control is the production of this hormone. When kept at a minimum, Cortisol cannot produce adverse effects.
  • Deep sleep rejuvenates brain cells, which in turn increases cognition, awareness, consciousness, and elevated moods. Alterations to the active psychological tendencies of a person increase their happiness quotient, which in turn makes them adopt correct lifestyle habits. As can be noted here, one effect leads to another. These are a chain of interconnected benefits that come along which is an important advantage as in Biofit probiotic reviews.
  • The presence of only natural ingredients in the supplement implies that the body is able to ingest these capsules efficiently. This is unlike chemical-laded supplements that put the digestive system of the body under stress to filter the chemicals, absorb it, and ingest it. Not only does it drain the resources of the digestive system, but over a period of time weakens the digestive system. Instead of putting undue stress on internal systems to absorb non-natural ingredients, if the body is supplied with natural ingredients, they are absorbed faster and without much stress on the body’s digestive faculties.

Other Advantages

  • One of the issues with permanent weight loss is that for most people, it is not permanent. Resurge review is also of the same opinion. Many people, after using Resurge, experienced permanent weight loss. Those who didn’t lose their weight either didn’t use Resurge continuously, or they lost their weight unnaturally and in a hurry. When such a thing happens, weight gain also happens fast. The body is a complex system and has to be gradually transformed into a weight loss system. It is done through a slow and gradual process. Using Resurge daily helps kick-start the body’s dormant metabolic activity. With time, the person is able to retain their metabolic rate advancements, which helps in permanent weight loss.
  • Using Resurge lowers depression, alleviates symptoms of depression, and increases good mood levels by enabling the brain to produce hormones such as serotonin and endorphin. There are various ways to treat anxiety and depression. Currently, only medications are prescribed. These over-the-counter drugs, although helps alleviate symptoms in the short term, in the long term, produce side effects. Not only that, but the person can also become addicted to these mood-heightening drugs. Instead of this, using Resurge can deliver all of these effects naturally, and transform a depressive brain into a happy one


There are absolutely no cons of using this product and as also indicated by the Resurge review. Resurge reviews across the world and from thousands of Resurge users spread across the globe have indicated that this one among the rare dietary supplements that do not have a single con or disadvantage.

Where Is Resurge Made?

Resurge is made in the USA. It is made in an FDA approved facility. This means that the facility is sterile and follows all quality protocols and controls of a drug manufacturing plant. The quality checks required of an FDA approved facility are also important. Without this, no facility will be approved to produce any sort of dietary food product – chemical or non-chemical on a mass scale.

Resurge is one of those rare dietary supplements that has won the trust of millions of users. From within the country and around the world, there is a continuous stream of requests for the product. This means that the production of Resurge is an ongoing process. This also means that Resurge has all the capabilities of any large scale production unit.

Resurge Is Manufactured In An FDA Approved LAB

Being FDA approved means that not only is this fat burning supplement safe to use, the quality of it being vegan doubles its safety. World around, people are changing their perceptions about traditional chemical-based medicinal products. Their over-reliance on over-the-counter medications has become counterproductive in the long run. All they have is short term relief, results, and temporary gratification. Resurge review says that how people who had used spurious all-natural supplements when they turned to Resurge experienced amazing transformational benefits.

Thanks to the revolutionary formula of Resurge, the product is serving the interests of millions of people worldwide who are looking for a safe and organic product. Resurge testimonials have indicated that there is a paradigm shift in the way people are going about their lives. The presence of Resurge in people’s lives will only inspire others to take the path of going on a vegan diet whenever there is a chance to attain a balance in their diets. Going on a vegan diet should be balanced with balanced meat food for non-vegetarians to allow their digestive systems to recover.

Being a vegan supplement, it is amongst the pioneer trendsetting and path-breaking supplements that will change the way people eat, sleep, live, and conduct their lives.

The Science Behind Resurge Capsules

Resurge is positioned as a weight loss supplement. But the Resurge review proves that this dietary supplement does more than that. It is a holistic health supplement that attends to all aspects of human physiology. The transformative effect is as a whole and not isolated to only weight loss or reduction in hypertension or promoting good cardiovascular health.

Resurge is an ideal supplement for those wanting to lose their stubborn belly fat and lose it permanently. Made from 100% natural herbs and ingredients, Resurge improves metabolic activity as much as in the resting state as in the active state. This is the most critical benefit of Resurge. Metabolic slow down during resting state is one of the reasons for the fat build-up and increase in bad cholesterol.

Using this dietary supplement is super-effective when combined with diet and lifestyle changes. Any doctor would say the same too. Having an active lifestyle, cutting down on sugar, eating more fruits and vegetables, sleeping on time, exercising, meditation – all of these are lifestyle habits that promote good health. When done in tandem with taking Resurge as a dietary supplement, the transformations start to happen, and the person knows that these transformations are permanent because the experience is long-lasting.

Safer Than Vitamin Pills

Reviews of Resurge and usage reports over some time have indicated that using Resurge is safer than taking any of the commercial multivitamin supplements available in the market. In a world where magical weight loss programs that promise amazing results in less time are proliferating, Resurge comes across as a guaranteed way to lose weight in a safe way. No more over-exercising, over-exerting the body into submission, austere diets, and bad moods due to cravings.

As mentioned earlier in Resurge review the science behind the supplement is that it triggers the fat-burning state of the body by activating the fat-burning hormones in the body. Due to poor lifestyle habits, this fat-burning hormone lies dormant. But when activated, it starts to perform, which enables the body to keep the fat burning mechanism even when the person is resting.

The natural ingredients in Resurge provide the body with the required resources to regulate the body’s internal processes. As the body is a system of internal complex processes, a lack of certain protein blocks leads to poor processing. But with adequate amounts of protein blocks provided daily via a vegan dietary supplement, the body is able to use these resources to harmonize the internal workings of the body.

What’s The Shallow Sleep Syndrome And Effect On Weight Loss?

Shallow sleep syndrome is like slow poison. Its immediate effects are not known until a later stage. Resurge review makes it clear how people with shallow sleep syndrome were able to come out of their sleep disorders permanently. Shallow sleep produces accumulated toxic effects that one day manifest as diseases or disorders. Therefore it is critical to fix one’s sleep to reduce the chances of protracting medical conditions. Shallow sleep is a sleep disorder. In extreme cases, there could be night terrors, and teeth grinding by the person whose sleep is disrupted by a variety of issues.

There are many types of sleep disorders. Some of them are, namely parasomnias, dyssomnias, circadian rhythm sleep disorders. There are sleep disorders caused by psychological conditions and medical issues, as well.

Several neurodegenerative disorders have been linked to sleeping disorders. For example, it was found that in those who had Parkinson’s Disease, had different types of sleep disorders that they experienced during their lifetime.

Sleep is like providing nutrition for the brain. Although there are some modern theories professing sleep of 4 – 5 hours a day, doctors have always maintained that the human brain needs 7 – 8 hours of sleep a day. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation or oversleeping has adverse effects on weight. When people sleep less, they tend to overeat. When people sleep more, they tend to become more lethargic. In either of these cases, the sleeping disorder causes weight gain. Resurge reviews of people who used this product for more than 100 days have positive comments on how this product helped enhance their lives via sleep.

Sleep & Metabolism

Sleeping less also affects the metabolic rate of a person; they tend to have slower metabolic rates. The same can be said of those who sleep more, who tend to put on fat due to lack of activity and exercise. When a person sleeps inadequately, their cortisol levels spike. It sends a signal to the body that the body is in distress mode and that it needs to conserve energy. So instead of burning fat, the body becomes a fat store.

So now that it is established that poor sleep increases a person’s food cravings and also makes them put on more weight, it has to be said that optimum sleep can help a person to lose weight. When the body is adequately rested, the cells stop becoming insulin resistant. Insulin is needed by the body to transport sugar from the bloodstream to the cells of the body, which is then utilized as energy. When cells become resistant to insulin, there is excess insulin in the bloodstream, which increases hunger levels.

When hunger levels increase, the person naturally tends to eat more. Resurge helps stop people from becoming insulin resistant and instead enables their bodies to utilize insulin to supply energy for the body.

Is Resurge FDA Approved?

FDA approval is a long process. Generics, biologics, and medicines have to go through an arduous and rigorous process to obtain FDA approval. FDA determines if the medicine or dietary supplement is effective and if its benefits outweigh its costs of production. There is also a check on the side-effects produced by the drug versus its benefits. If the benefits outweigh the risks, then the drug may be approved.

The average time for the medicine to be approved is about a year. Millions of dollars are spent on research, tests, and trials of the medicine before it is approved. FDA does not involve in the testing process; it only oversees it. The tests are carried out by the manufacturer.

Resurge is FDA approved. It’s also a vegan product fortified with the goodness of herbs. Manufactured in sterile facilities, and also being a non-GMO product, this dietary supplement can be used by one and all. A premium quality product, backed by scientific research, Resurge produces the following benefits:

  • Digestion

As per Resurge review no more digestive issues because any person can use resurge vegetarian supplements without putting undue stress on the digestive tract. It can be used by those who have sensitive digestive tracts that can flare up with inflammatory responses when introduced to chemical-laden foods. Going easy on the digestive system is one of the ways to lose weight and promote good digestive tract health.

  • Energy Boost

High energy levels are often an understated aspect when it comes to improving one’s quality of life. When the metabolism levels of a person increase gradually and naturally, their fat stores start depleting regularly and ensures that the body is not storing fat unnecessarily. The fat-storing mechanism of the body is substituted with fat burning and fat loss.

  • Regulated Sleep Cycle

When sleep is regulated, the chain of physiological reactions that produce a range of holistic health benefits is evident. The person starts to experience these health benefits after about two months. The effects are long-lasting –they last for a person’s lifetime. Resurge is positioned as a life-changing, life-transforming supplement.

  • Weight Loss

Almost permanent weight loss can be experienced with Resurge. According to the Resurge review, users of this vegan dietary supplement experienced an increase in metabolic activity during their resting phases. Often, to compensate for the lack of resting-state metabolism, people over-exert themselves with exercise to shed those extra calories. But when on Resurge supplements, a person needs to do only adequate to moderate exercise and still lose more calories.

What Is The Guarantee Offered By Resurge?

As per Resurge review, unlike other products that make tall claims and assure guarantees, Resurge only makes valid, reasonable statements. The product manufacturers clearly state that the efficacy of the product is known from 90 to 120 days. This means that unlike other ‘magic’ tablets or oral supplements, this is a practical, organic, reasonable, and real one.

The product is backed by a money return policy. If someone is not happy with using this product, they can return it and get their full refund after providing valid reasons. Sixty days is a pretty long time to test the product. The manufacturer allows this period of time to prove the product’s efficacy fully. Almost cent percent of the time, the product is never returned. Because those who use it, continue to use it. The amazing results that the supplements deliver are hard reasons why users want to continue to use it.

There are thousands of people who have made taking Resurge supplements a part of their daily routine for years together. They vouch for the efficacy of the product and how it has transformed their lives. Their anecdotes on the product by way of the Resurge review indicate that the first transformation they witnessed in their lives was improved sleep patterns.

It is said that when the body is able to sleep properly, it is indicative of good health. Generally, with age, people tend to sleep less. But in essence, it is important to sleep more. As people age, their sleep cycles are reduced, giving rise to unwanted health risks. In effect, they should be sleeping at least 7 – 8 hours a day and not 4 – 6 hours a day.

The Study

By singly improving sleep, Resurge starts to repair the body from the inside out. The benefits of sleep have been studied extensively over the past several centuries. There is conclusive evidence that sleep does promote good health. In fact, good quality deep undisturbed sleep alone can transform a person’s health from deteriorating to improving. While it has been known that sleep serves cellular repair, growth, restoration of signaling, motor neuron impulse activity, alertness, and mood, new evidence suggests that sleep can completely reverse degenerative conditions. This means that sleep is not only good for the brain but also good for the immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, and cardiovascular system.

All of these systems are interconnected, and there is a reliance on one over the other. Even when there is a disruption in one system, the entire collection of systems gets affected. Therefore good health is always holistic health.

Precautions When Taking Resurge Pills

There are absolutely no precautions necessary when taking Resurge as also established by the Resurge review. It is completely safe to use the product. Generally, doctors ask patients to check if natural supplements that they are taking contain ephedrine. There are many natural supplements that secretly use this stimulant in their supplements. Gullible consumers take these supplements. They feel a surge of energy immediately. This leads them to believe that this natural supplement is working.

Resurge is an all-natural product with absolutely no traces of any chemicals. To feel the effects of Resurge, it is recommended that the person wait it out. Initially, the person starts to get good sleep cycles. Their deep sleep starts to improve. Slowly their digestive system improves. They start to eat adequately and stop overeating because good sleep cycles reduce the chances of overeating.

Accumulated benefits over a period of time tend to affect the psychology of a person in a positive way. The person starts to feel more in control of their life. They start to adopt healthy food and lifestyle habits because they are flushed with feel-good hormones. Therefore, most people who use Resurge experience transformations that they can sustain lifelong. Resurge review is also replete with these facts.

Another common misconception that people have is that taking natural supplements can interfere with their daily medications. This could be true for other natural supplements. But in the case of Resurge, the vitamins and minerals derived are from plants and herbs. Organic ingredients don’t harm the body in any manner. In fact, they only increase the body’s ability to absorb medications.

It has to be said that taking medications for illnesses or pre-existing medical conditions is never a good thing in the long term. Resurge review says that using a vegan supplement such as Resurge can allow a person to get off medications in a matter of months or probably a year. The secret to good health has always been holistic health. And here is where Resurge wins. It promotes holistic health – something that medications can’t produce. Holistic health is a combination of good mental and physical health.

A Lot Of Lab Tests

Natural supplements such as Resurge identify the appropriate quantities of minerals to include in capsules. Iron, for example, has to be included only in the right measure. An excess of iron can increase toxicity in the body. Iron is needed in the body to transport oxygen to tissues. But if there is an excess of iron in the body, toxic levels can build up and cause issues to cardiovascular health. Excess of iron can also cause sexual dysfunction and depression.

Another case to consider is the excess presence of Vitamin A, D, E. These vitamins are soluble in fat, which means that any surplus of these vitamins is storable. The body stores surplus vitamins in the liver and also fat tissue. In due course, surpluses of these vitamins can build toxicity in the body.

Therefore, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients have to be included in natural supplements only in the right measure. Many natural supplement products don’t factor these considerations. This is because they are unscientifically manufactured. But, Resurge is a scientifically manufactured product. It is an outcome of decades of research. It is not just another supplement that is simply packed with traces or a mixture of herbs, vitamins, and minerals. All of these ingredients are scientifically formulated, combined, and used to create capsules.

What Makes Resurge Preferable To Other Weight Loss Supplements?

One of the main advantages that Resurge has over supplements is that a person’s resting state metabolism becomes high. Resting-state metabolism is when the body burns fat even while the body is resting. Also named as Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), the body uses calories even when a person is sleeping or inactive. RMR is a combination of energy required for breathing, neurological functions, organ functions, breathing, blood circulation, and inner cellular repair and restoration activities. That is why there have been no Resurge reviews complaints to date.

When it comes to calculating total daily energy expenditure, there are three components to it.

  • Resting metabolic rate – The energy consumed by the body when at rest
  • Food’s thermic effect – The energy required to chew, digest and absorb food
  • Physical activity’s thermic effect – The energy expenditure from physical activities

Some of the factors of RMR that a person has less control are:

  • Age

The metabolic rate decreases with age at approximately 2% per decade. It is highest during the teenage years. However, using Resurge, such age-related degenerations can be reversed.

  • Genetics

Scientists have identified many genes that contribute to a person’s tendency to become obese. One such gene is called the fat mass gene or FTO. Having this gene can cause people to have low satiety levels and overeat in the process. In such cases, Resurge can help such people control their cravings. No matter the genetic composition of a person, given that Resurge promotes psychological health as well, they can be mindful of their eating habits.

Some of the factors of RMR that are controllable by a person are:

  • Stimulants

Caffeine is known to have properties that stimulate the nervous system providing immediate alertness. However, these are thermogenic boosting mechanisms that are temporary in nature. It can also lead to over-reliance and addiction. Resurge can provide the necessary mental alertness and energy boost. Using these dietary supplements for breakfast and dinner regularly can help a person stop using stimulants.

  • Lack Of Sleep

Poor sleep affects RMR by decreasing it. Sleep formula reviews have established this fact. The lesser a person sleeps, the lesser is their RMR. Poor sleep can also lead to accumulated toxicities that will eventually lead to fatal outcomes. Deep sleep is the savior. By increasing Resurge’s deep sleep, which is not always measured by the number of hours slept, but by the number of hours a person is in a deep sleep, a person experiences long-lasting transformations. Resurge helps people get deep sleep in a matter of months. They are able to improve their sleep cycles permanently.

  • Low Caloric Intake

Years of research have established that taking a low-calorie intake can actually suppress RMR. Generally, people tend to think that taking lower calories allows them to lose weight. But it is actually the reverse. RMR drops, and instead of losing weight, the person starts storing calories. Confused, the person starts to take even more calories. This process continues until the person becomes completely weak.

Lower calorie intake is not the solution for weight loss. Eating a balanced meal that is full of essential amino acids, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is the solution. Often, a meal may not have all of these. This is where Resurge comes in as a dietary supplement to provide all of these required ingredients. Not only is the person satiated, but their body has the required calories.

Are There Any Side Effects For Resurge Supplement?

Resurge has absolutely no side effects. It is a clinically tested product having undergone rigorous trails to gain FDA approvals. It is safe to use and can be used by people of all ages. Although there are no dosage requirements, the recommended dosage is about 2 capsules per day. Having more capsules per day does not increase the efficacy of this dietary supplement.

Resurge review has indicated that using this supplement has helped people to strike a balance between hunger and appetite. There is a difference between hunger and appetite. Both may have commonalities, but there is a lot of difference between these two.

  • Hunger

Arises as a result of the body’s need to replenish its resources. When the body’s energy reserves are depleted, the brain receives a signal that it is time to eat or drink. This signal is called the hunger signal. There are many benefits of hunger; some of them are namely:

  • It prevents the body from a breakdown due to a lack of energy supply. Prevents a person from starving
  • Can be triggered by low blood sugar levels, empty stomach, hormonal fluctuations, hypothermia


  • Arises as a result of interest or desire towards food. Is not always caused by hunger
  • Is based on thoughts, moods, and emotions. Can be triggered by the environment of a person, their social circles, and their way of living
  • Appetite is independent of hunger and can persist even after the person is satiated. So it is not time-dependent
  • Appetite is based on specific foods that a person likes. The food could be salty, sugary, spicy, or a combination of everything. After eating the food, the person may feel emotions such as pleasure, satisfaction. Resurge reviews from customers indicate that they have been able to retain a peaceful state of mind without unnecessary food cravings.

So now, the question arises as to how Resurge helps a person achieve a balance between hunger and appetite. If a person is hungry and also has an appetite for specific foods, they generally may tend to overeat. They may override their feeling of fullness by continuing to overeat. But when on Resurge, the person has better control over their emotions. Their overreliance on food to evoke them the emotions they require is neutralized. The person is able to invoke positive emotions without relying on food. This is because Resurge changes the brain’s chemistry by providing the required feel-good hormones daily. So when a person is already feeling good, they need not rely on an external agent to help them trigger these brain chemicals.

Resurge Pricing

Resurge is priced at $49 per bottle, although discounts are available when ordering multiple bottles at once. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Each bottle contains 120 capsules or 30 servings. You take four capsules of Resurge with water every night to support weight loss, sleep, and other advertised benefits.

It’s unclear why some Resurge sales pages advertise “120 servings / 120 capsules.” As far as we can tell, the manufacturer recommends taking four capsules per day – not one. However, the ingredients (particularly melatonin) are powerful enough to work even if you’re taking just one capsule per day (each capsule contains 2.5mg of melatonin).

Resurge Refund Policy

You can request a complete refund (minus the $9.95 shipping fee) on Resurge within 60 days of your purchase.

To request a refund, email the company within 60 days of your original purchase date. Ship the supplement bottle (even if it’s empty or half empty) back to the original manufacturer to complete the refund process.

Who Created Resurge?

Resurge was created by John Barban and Lisa Etwell, siblings from Canada. John used his background in nutraceuticals to formulate the supplement, while Lisa tested the formula herself and lost a significant amount of weight.

Resurge is manufactured in the United States in an FDA approved, GMP-certified facility. It’s unclear where the facility is located or where the ingredients are sourced. However, the company claims to make each capsule under sterile, strict, and precise standards.

You can contact the makers of Resurge through the following:


Is It Really Worth Buying Resurge Pills?

Many first time buyers often wonder why they should consider purchasing Resurge. For one, it is an inexpensive product. At this price, people are getting a sea of benefits. When other natural supplement manufacturers are pegging their supplement products at sky-high prices, Resurge is offering an FDA approved product for a few dollars.

Testimonials of existing Resurge diet pill users have it that this dietary supplement is not just yet another natural supplement. It is a life-changing one, to say the least. Many are of the opinion that Resurge is set to trigger a revolution. Being a proprietary, non-chemical based, all-natural, scientifically formulated product, Resurge is predicted to change the way humans live, work, eat, play, and stay together.

Money making franchises promise immediate benefits. The pricing of their products is higher than usual. They don’t have transparency when it comes to disclosing their ingredient list. They claim to be FDA approved, but in effect, they are not, or their FDA approval process is only underway. The most vicious part is that some unscrupulous manufacturers include stimulating chemicals in their all-natural supplements. This is so that people can feel immediate effects and continue to use the product instead of abandoning using it.

Slow, But Lasting Results

When it comes to Resurge, all of this is put to rest. For one, Resurge does not promise immediate transformations. The manufacturer informs that the supplement helps achieve slow but long-lasting transformations by way of all-natural Resurge ingredients. Given that the transformations are designed to be holistic, it is natural that it will take time. Holistic transformations involve the mind and body. It is connecting physiology with psychology and vice-versa. When both are in harmony, the person feels peaceful, more in control, is more focused, has regular eating and sleeping habits, and starts to transform for the better.

Resurge Customer Reviews

Real Resurge review has largely been positive. Consumers of these dietary supplements have vouched for the efficacy of the product. The manufacturer also states that there has been no product returns to date. No money back has been initiated and this indicates that almost every customer using the product is happy and contented. No Resurge complaints have been registered so far.

The main concerns of customers have been addressed in one single product. FDA approved, vegan, all-natural, and enriched with the right quantities of minerals and vitamins. Together, all of these are too good to be true – but the fact is that it is true. This aspect is a huge draw amongst consumers. They feel that Resurge is unlike any other product that they have used.


Resurge reviews by users indicate that resurge is a revolutionary product that comes in the form of capsules. It is an all-natural supplement designed to be used as a dietary supplement. Supporting transformations of health, using Resurge over a prolonged period, produces amazing holistic health as per Resurge review. Transformations are slow but sure and permanent.

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