GLUCONITE REVIEW: (Legit or Fake?) Is It Worth the Money or Not?

Gluconite Reviews (Updated 2022) – Gluconite is a sleep aid and metabolism support supplement designed to help regulate and maintain healthy blood sugar levels overnight

This formula comes in a supplement powder form which is easy to prepare and consume. The Gluconite supplement is a combination of 100% natural ingredients that will help you regulate blood sugar, accelerate weight loss, as well as treat sleeping problems.

This way, the supplement replaces the harmful and independent medicines that you often have to take for each of these conditions. The ingredients of this formula will help regulate and maintain your blood sugar content at a healthy level. And your sleep pattern will change for the better with its use.

What’s more? It will even help you shed excess fat and body weight without taking up a workout program or fasting.

Gluconite Reviews – Is It An Impressive Balanced Blood Sugar Support Formula?

There are many dietary supplements available in the market that caters to each of the specific problems I mentioned above. Most such supplements are worthless and provide no results at all whereas the few that do, cannot give you any lasting results. This is why you must read up on the Gluconite supplement to learn more before buying a bottle.

So, the Gluconite Reviews will help you do that. Here you can learn about the ingredients, benefits, and side-effects of the supplement formula. You will be making a better-informed choice by the end of this review.

Gluconite reviews
Product NameGluconite
Health benefitsHelp to improve sleep, and control blood sugar levels
Gluconite IngredientsChamomile Flower PowderPassionflower Flower Extract, and much more.
CategoryDiabetes / Weight Loss
Administration RouteOral
Dosage InstructionA single scoop of Gluconite in 6 ounces of water for 30-60 minutes, and drink it before sleep. 
ResultTake 3 months
Gluconite Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects reported
Quantity30 Serving per container
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Gluconite?

Gluconite is a 100% all-natural sleep and blood sugar support formula that aims to help individuals achieve healthy blood sugar levels by pushing individuals into a deep sleep. As shared on the sales page, the team behind this supplement initially researched ways to support healthy blood sugar. In doing so, they were caught off guard seeing that one’s metabolism and sleep are critical for wellness.

Given the apparent significance of the duo, Gluconite was formulated to:

  • Support healthy blood sugar, insulin, and metabolism as consumers sleep
  • Deliver nutrients that instantly pushes individuals into the deep sleep stage
  • Reduce food cravings and random hunger cries, all while increasing the odds of losing weight.
  • Boost energy levels upon waking up

Let’s now turn our attention to the ingredients that supposedly make it possible to achieve the changes above.

What Does Gluconite Do?

Gluconite uses herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals to support your metabolism and sleep overnight.

The goal of Gluconite is to give you a more restful sleep, which means you wake up feeling more refreshed. When your body is more refreshed, it’s better able to do its job. You can more easily balance blood sugar, for example, and control your metabolism.

Gluconite uses ingredients like melatonin, willow bark extract, chamomile, hibiscus, and other ingredients that could support a deep sleep to achieve these benefits.

The Gluconite sales page isn’t overly clear about what Gluconite does. We know the supplement supports a healthy sleep, metabolism, and blood sugar. However, the manufacturer doesn’t explain what each ingredient does once it enters your body.

Here are some of the mechanisms mentioned on the official Gluconite product page:

Reclaim Your Energy & Boost Your Metabolism: Gluconite claims to reclaim your energy and boost your metabolism. Certain ingredients can boost your metabolism. Caffeine, for example, can boost your metabolism, encouraging your body to burn more fat. The best way to boost your metabolism is with exercise. Your body needs to burn more calories when you exercise more frequently. However, the makers of Gluconite claim that the ingredients in Gluconite can naturally boost your metabolism, giving you more energy without requiring stimulants or exercise.

➡️ Balance: Gluconite vaguely claims to “balance” your body by supporting healthy blood sugar, insulin, and metabolism. If you have diabetes, then your body may have imbalanced levels of blood sugar and insulin. Your body doesn’t produce enough insulin, which means your body cannot manage blood sugar. Gluconite claims to balance blood sugar by supporting a night of restful sleep.

➡️ Revitalize: Gluconite also vaguely claims to “revitalize” your body by giving you a deeper sleep. Your body needs to sleep because it needs to revitalize itself overnight. Your body needs to rest. Gluconite claims to help you fall asleep and enter a deeper sleep more easily, which means you wake up feeling rejuvenated.

➡️ Metabolism: The manufacturer of Gluconite mentions metabolism multiple times on the sales page. The company claims their formula “support your metabolism,” which can help reduce food cravings. By reducing food cravings, Gluconite could help you lose weight. Imbalanced blood sugar can cause food cravings to spike. Gluconite could help you lose weight by helping you eat less food.

Because of all of these effects, Gluconite markets itself as an effective solution to diabetics with imbalanced blood sugar, improper insulin levels, and slow metabolism, among other issues.

Ingredients Of Gluconite

As I have stated earlier, Gluconite ingredients contain only top-quality natural products that accelerate better metabolism at night. This helps the body burn up all of your caloric intake into useful energy instead of storing it as fat. Another benefit of this supplement is the prevention of diabetes and pre-diabetic situations. 

These ingredients provide vital nutrients to your body enabling better sleep and regulating blood sugar levels. They are-

🍀Chamomile Flower Powder

Commonly known as a sleep inducer, chamomile flower powder contains unique properties that increase the quality of your sleep. It helps your brain take a break and go to sleep. This way you will find the deep rest that you need.

It consists of an antioxidant named apigenin, that binds to certain receptors in the brain and promotes sleepiness. 

Chamomile flower powder helps reduce blood sugar levels and is also referred to as a powerful cure for insomnia and anxiety. 

Chamomile flower powder

🍀Passionflower Flower Extract

It consists of natural sedative properties and is commonly used for treating sleep deprivation and anxiety. 

Passionflower also promotes balanced blood sugar levels, lowers brain activity to help you feel relaxed, and increases sleep time and quality.

Passionflower Flower Extract


Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that helps regulate blood sugar-blood pressure levels. It is also found to decrease the time taken to fall asleep and ensures better brain health.  This is due to the melatonin-inducing nature of this compound. And as we know, melatonin promotes restful sleep. 


🍀Hibiscus Powder

Hibiscus tea is commonly used as a natural treatment for diabetes and blood-pressure problems. It contains various essential compounds that improve metabolism, facilitate weight loss, and improve digestion. It is also one of the best sleep stimulators. Hibiscus has been commonly used in traditional medicine to treat sleep disorders such as insomnia and apnea. 

Hibiscus Powder

🍀White Willow Bark Extract

Popularly used in weight loss supplements and blood sugar control, willow extract also has a long history as a pain reliever. It helps relieve the stress and fatigue, physically as well as mentally, inducing relaxation of your muscles and brain.

White Willow Bark Extract

🍀Hops Flower Powder

Hops have been proven to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and promote weight reduction. It is also known for treating sleep disorders and anxiety.  Hops contain powerful compounds that sedate the brain and the nervous system. This helps you fall asleep fast, and stay asleep for longer.

Gluconite also contains various other ingredients such as melatonin and key vitamins that help you gain better control of your blood glucose levels and makes your body feel relaxed and sleepy. 

Hops Flower Powder
Overall, the ingredients in Gluconite claim to support sleep from multiple angles, giving you a deeper and more restful sleep. When your body gets enough sleep, it’s better able to manage its metabolism, blood sugar, and insulin production. That’s how Gluconite claims to work.

How Does Gluconite Work? 

Just by the ingredients themselves, you may now have a brief idea of the impact Gluconite can have on your body. The potent and powerful combination of these found in the Gluconite supplement makes them even more powerful. The ratios have been selected after very careful tests and trials. Now to understand them better, here are the various benefits you can expect from this product-

  • Improves your sleep cycle and quality. 
  • Increases metabolism helping you burn the unwanted fat providing better weight loss. 
  • Boosts energy levels when you wake up for the next day after a good and relaxed sleep. 
  • Controls your blood sugar levels and nourishes your body with various nutrients ensuring overall health. 

Surely any individual who consumes Gluconite supplement can achieve these benefits but do remember that the time in which you get these results solely depends upon your body type, eating habits, and lifestyle!

Benefits of Gluconite: What Does Science Say?

Gluconite’s manufacturer has not invested into clinical trials, although this is very typical of the norm for natural ingredient based health supplements. The company has not published its research in any peer-reviewed journal, nor have they tested the formula on animals, humans, or cells much like the other competing supplements in the space.

The lack of published evidence is unusual because the company describes their formula as a “life-changing” supplement. They also seem to market the formula mostly to diabetics. Typically, if someone makes a “life-changing” supplement that could meaningfully improve the lives of diabetics, they would want to advertise that supplement to the world.

There’s no specific evidence supporting Gluconite’s claims. However, some studies show the ingredients in Gluconite could support a night of healthy sleep. But Gluconite is just no ordinary metabolic and sleep support formula either.

First, many diabetics complain about sleep disturbances. As the Sleep Foundation explains, sleep and diabetes are intricately connected, and many people with type 2 diabetes experience poor sleep quality or even insomnia. In fact, nearly 50% of diabetics have issues with sleep quality due to unstable blood sugar levels and other symptoms of diabetes that occur overnight.

Getting bad-quality sleep is bad for your health. If you don’t enter deep-wave sleep every night, then you’re more likely to develop serious diseases. Your body is more stressed. Your body becomes inflamed. You may have greater difficulty managing your blood sugar.

Other studies have shown that poor-quality sleep can increase the risk of developing diabetes. If you don’t get enough good-quality sleep regularly, then your body may struggle to balance its blood sugar, increasing the risk of developing diabetes.

Sleep deprivation also makes you more likely to overeat. When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, your body produces more ghrelin while reducing production of leptin. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone, while leptin is the fullness hormone. This combination can cause you to eat much more than you need to eat, causing you to gain weight.

Fortunately, studies also show that balancing your diet and blood sugar levels can improve sleep quality, which can improve your overall health. Science tells us that the following habits can help diabetics or pre-diabetics improve sleep quality:
  • Following a healthy, balanced diet while controlling blood sugar
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Keeping a regular sleep schedule
  • Avoiding stimulants like caffeine, especially in the evening
  • Keeping your bedroom quiet, dark, and comfortable
  • Avoiding screen time within one hour of falling asleep
Try practicing these strategies for a week to see if they solve your sleep problems. If not, then a supplement like Gluconite could help by forcing your body to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Gluconite contains a substantial dose of chamomile (500mg per serving). Multiple studies have shown that chamomile can improve sleep quality. For example, in this 2017 study, for example, researchers gave elderly people 400mg of chamomile twice per day and then observed significant improvements in sleep quality after four weeks of supplementation.

Gluconite also contains another popular sleep aid: tryptophan. Yes, this is the same amino acid found in high concentrations in turkey meat (and other types of meat). In this study, researchers found that taking 1,000mg of tryptophan or more leads to an increase in sleep quality while also reducing the time it takes to fall asleep. Gluconite contains a smaller tryptophan (150mg) dose, although it could still help you fall asleep more easily.

One of the most noticeable ingredients in Gluconite is melatonin, a popular sleep aid ingredient found in virtually every sleep supplement. Studies show that taking a dose of just 0.5mg to 3mg of melatonin could help you fall asleep. Most supplements contain 1mg to 10mg of melatonin per serving (Gluconite contains 3mg of melatonin). Your body produces melatonin on its own when ready to fall asleep, making melatonin a natural sleep aid that many people regularly use to help with shift work, insomnia, and jet lag.

The other ingredients in Gluconite are backed by some evidence too, but they could still support a healthy sleep in multiple ways. Overall, Gluconite should help you fall asleep and enjoy a more restful sleep, which could help support overall health and wellness. However, let it be made completely clear that there’s no evidence proving you should replace diabetes medication with Gluconite or stop following your doctor’s advice. A better night’s sleep will not fix your diabetes overnight.

What to Expect From Gluconite Supplement?

As soon as a person starts taking Gluconite, its natural ingredients working on fixing the underlying issues. But for noticeable changes, it is necessary to use it for a few weeks or months, depending upon the initial sugar profile, dietary habits and activity level of the user. It may take more or less time for every user, based on his health status and lifestyle habits. But it is mandatory to use it regularly, every day without skipping it, to expect its benefits.

Though individual results may vary, consumers may expect the following changes in their bodies after using Gluconite supplement powder for a few weeks.
  • Improved sugar and high energy levels
  • Complete metabolic boost and weight loss
  • Regulated blood pressure
  • No risk of heart diseases
  • Improved functions of liver and kidneys
  • Lowest risk of toxin damage
  • No frequent pains and unexplained sickness
  • Delayed ageing and better immunity
Although Gluconite is an independent product and it doesn’t require any special diet to show its effects. But to get faster results, follow these tips.
  • Cut your daily sugar levels and quit sugary drinks
  • Take small meals throughout the day
  • Prefer eating plant-based or fresh foods
  • Say no to highly-processed foods
  • Drink plenty of water every day
  • Fix time to sleep and get into bed on time
  • Follow any light to moderate activity daily
Pros and Cons of Gluconite Formula

Here is a quick evaluation of this dietary formula to help to make a decision.

  • 100% herbal formula
  • Risk-free product
  • Weight loss and maintenance
  • Saves from diabetes type 2
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Discounted price
  • International delivery
  • Not available at stores and pharmacies
  • Not suitable for children
  • Not a replacement of a fat burner
Gluconite Side Effects, Dosage, And Usage

It’s been 5 months since I have been actively using Gluconite and I was able to get the results within 3 months exactly the way they claimed.

I haven’t endured any side effects so far and my sleep patterns have improved significantly than ever before! My blood sugar has been in better control and I have also lost 34lbs! 

But like I have said earlier, not every person would get the same results in the same duration. Gluconite official website itself states that the results vary upon body type, sex, age, and health.

So you may need to follow a consistent routine of Gluconite and improve your diet habits to achieve faster results! 

There haven’t been any reports of side effects or complaints from any other customers so far so you can fully trust the product’s safety.

But Gluconite’s official website says that in case of any unexpected reactions, you may need to stop using Gluconite to see for any difference. 

Gluconite also states restrictions for its usage during pregnancy and children under the age of 18. Also, if you are taking any other medications or having any underlying health conditions, it would be better to first have the consultation of your doctor. 

Regarding dosage and usage procedure, you can follow the instructions provided on the website ie; mix a single scoop of Gluconite in 6 ounces of water for 30-60 minutes, and drink it before you sleep. 

The company also recommends not consuming Gluconite before driving or working as Gluconite can cause drowsiness. 

You can refer to their official website’s FAQ section to check out these details for yourself or clarify any doubts!

Is Gluconite A Magic Powder? 

No, it is not a magic powder. But various customers from different parts of the world have reported Gluconite as effective and worth the price including me. 

Many have confirmed significant weight loss, improved sleep, and controlled blood sugar levels after using Gluconite and are quite happy and satisfied with the results.

Does Gluconite Really Work?

It is advised to initially consume Gluconite regularly for 3 months as most of the time you will be able to see the results in that duration.

You are likely to experience improved sleep within the first few days resulting in improved energy and focus. Gluconite also claims that your cravings, as well as your weight, will start reducing. 

Most customers including me have opted to continue using Gluconite for 6 months and more due to the positive changes achieved.

You can try Gluconite for 3 months and then depending upon your results, further decide to purchase more quantities of Gluconite supplement.  

Are The Results Long-Lasting? 

Research shows that if you were able to achieve improved sleep, reduced blood sugar, and better weight loss within the first 3 months of consuming Gluconite, these results are likely to last for 1-2 years. 

But like I have said repeatedly in Gluconite reviews, you need to ensure a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle to achieve the benefits as well as maintain them. This is not only applicable to Gluconite but every health supplement you ever intake! 

Who Made Gluconite?

Gluconite is made in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in the United States. Beyond that, we know nothing about who created Gluconite, what type of medical expertise they have, or how much experience they have treating people with diabetes – if any.

There are a number of ways to contact the makers of Gluconite, although it is not entirely clear about the manufacturing location, medical advisory team, or other information you may want to know before putting a supplement in your body. The website provides has a little transparency when it comes to these details, but is advised to comb through their FAQ section for more details if there are still questions answered.

You can contact the makers of Gluconite through email:


How Much Does Gluconite Cost?

Gluconite is priced at $69 per bottle, with discounts available when ordering multiple bottles. You can exclusively buy the supplement through the official website. Each bottle is priced at $49, $59, or $69, depending on the number of bottles you order.

Each bottle contains a one-month supply of Gluconite (30 servings, or 30 x 2.75g scoops). You take one scoop nightly to help you fall asleep and support blood sugar.

Gluconite Refunds

Gluconite is backed by a 180-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund on Gluconite within 180 days of your purchase.

If you did not experience a better night’s sleep after using Gluconite, or if you did not balance blood sugar, then you are entitled to a complete refund on Gluconite within 6 months (180-days) of your original purchase date.

Gluconite Conclusion

Gluconite is a nutritional supplement that helps diabetics get a better night’s sleep. Many people with type 2 diabetes struggle to get a good night of sleep. Imbalanced blood sugar levels and other diabetes symptoms can wreak havoc on a sleep schedule.

By taking one scoop of Gluconite nightly, you can help your body support blood sugar overnight by getting a better night’s sleep. Each scoop contains chamomile, hibiscus, melatonin, and other ingredients linked to sleep and blood sugar.

To learn more about Gluconite or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website, where each purchase is backed by a 180-day refund policy.

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Check the Availability of Gluconite From The Official Website

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