CeraCare Reviews - Does Cera Care Work? By Dr. Robin Smith

Ceracare is formulated as an advanced blood sugar support supplement with natural ingredients for glucose metabolism and blood flow circulation, but is it worth your money?

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If you Are Looking for Cera Care Customer Reviews? Great! You’re in the right place, This Review Based on 2021 Verified Ceracare Customer Official Report! By Dr. Robin Smith

Formulated to support and help diabetics, Ceracare claims to use vitamins, plant extracts, herbs, and minerals to target blood sugar. Many diabetics struggle to manage blood sugar, and Ceracare clams 100% uses natural ingredients to offer “powerful blood sugar support” while helping reverse type 2 diabetes quickly.

Ceracare Office site clams This Supplement 100% uses natural ingredients and its work for Type 2 Diabetes.

Ceracare Reviews – Quick Overview

60 Days – Money-back guarantee

Product NameCeracare
Main BenefitsHelps to detoxify your body as well as control sugar levels.
Administration RouteOral
CategoryDiabetes Cure
IngredientsBitter Melon, Cinnamon Bark, Licorice Root, Banaba Leaves, etc…
DosageConsume 2 capsules every day with your evening meals
ResultTake 3 months
Product Features100% Gluten, Non-GMO and Allergen-Free
Alcohol WarningNo Restrictions
Side EffectsNo Side Effects reported
Quantity30 Capsules per bottle
Money-back Guarantee60 days
Price$69 (Check Availability)
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Ceracare

Ceracare is a diabetes Dietary supplement marketed as a way to support blood sugar in diabetics. formulated with natural and high-quality antioxidants that help to detoxify your body as well as control sugar levels.

By taking one capsule of Ceracare every day, you can purportedly support your body’s ability to control its blood sugar – an ability that many diabetics don’t have. If you’re diabetic, your body does not produce enough insulin or has become resistant to its own insulin supply, making it difficult to regulate glucose in your blood. Ceracare claims to work as an “advanced blood sugar support formula,” promoting various benefits.

The supplement is formulated by mixing few natural and herbal extracts as well as minerals and nutrients that help boost energy. 

As per Cera Care reviews, the ingredients as stated are fresh and of high quality that acts as natural antioxidants. They are extremely effective to flush out the toxins and let your blood be clear of any unwanted sugar.

Cera Care ingredients are well filtered and the Cera Care supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved factory registered under the GMP certified facility.

How Made Ceracare?

Ceracare is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. Beyond that, we know little about who created Ceracare so far, where the ingredients are sourced, or what type of medical experience the team has – but do make it very clear they go through strict standards of making sure the product is made with the utmost integrity and quality metrics in place.

You can contact the makers of Ceracare using the following methods:

Mailing Address: 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, CO

Email: support@ceracare.us

Email Form: https://ceracare.us/pages/contact/

How Does CeraCare Work?

The working principles of Cera Care directly correlate to the root causes of diabetes. Diabetes occurs when a high insulin level in the body causes body cells to develop resistance to this hormone. This leads to high blood sugar levels despite having sufficient or more insulin in the body than needed. 

Cera Care helps you prevent and remove diabetes-causing lipids called ceramides. They affect your metabolism at a cellular level and alter how you process caloric intake. They release toxic and harmful fat molecules into the bloodstream. 

Ceramides also contribute to obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Hence, removing these molecules from the body will be highly beneficial to your health.

The Cera Care ingredients are proven to fight off the root causes of diabetes, regaining you a worry-free, happy life. It helps you maintain healthy insulin levels as well as blood sugar content. These ingredients are rich in helpful minerals, antioxidants, and elements that promote overall health for your body. 

The antioxidants prevent free radicals from oxidizing and damaging the body cells. They repair damaged cells and improve the immune system. These improve blood circulation, strengthening the walls of the cardiovascular system. The elements detoxify your body to remove contaminants and harmful chemicals. In addition, you will have more energy and less fatigue

some studies show vanadium could help manage blood sugar. In this study, researchers gave 100mg of vanadium to rats with diabetes. After one year, researchers observed better blood sugar control in rats compared to a placebo, suggesting vanadium could help diabetic rats manage blood sugar. However, Ceracare contains only a fraction of the dose used in this study, and it’s unlikely that the 200mcg dose of vanadium in Ceracare will help.

Is Cera Care Legit?

Cera Care is not a scam product. Fake sellers are trying to duplicate the Cera Care supplement and sell it online. It is best to stay clear from such scam sellers.

Cera Care supplements are manufactured in FDA-approved factories and go through several quality checks before coming into the market. They are dietary supplements that help diabetics support their sugar levels.

Ingredients Included In Cera Care

The Cera Care formula contains many minerals, vitamins, as well as plants, and herbs. The herbs play a major role in this supplement as they work on the diabetes-causing factors. These are supported in turn by the vitamins and minerals to repair and alleviate any damage caused by diabetes.

The ingredients for manufacturing Cera Care supplements are tested and studied prior. They have been freshly chosen and are of effective quality. The ingredients are all-natural and free from any allergens.

Given below is a list of the key ingredients that can be found in the Cera Care supplement.

  • • Bitter Melon
  • • Cinnamon Bark
  • • Licorice Root
  • • Banaba Leaves
  • • Yarrow Flower
  • • Juniper Berry
  • • Guggul
  • • White Mulberry Leaf
Cera Care ingredients

  • Bitter Melon

A fruit that helps in lowering sugar levels, this is one of the most important ingredients in making Cera Care. It has the ability to act like insulin and is a natural substitute hence. They also help to retain nutrients in your body. It is packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

  • Cinnamon Bark

It may not contain many vitamins or minerals, but this natural ingredient is packed with antioxidants that help to get rid of toxins. Cinnamon Bark lowers down the oxidative stress in your body.

This functions to protect one against diabetes or reduce sugar levels in the blood. It is also effective to increase insulin sensitivity and can imitate insulin when in need. 

  • Licorice Root

With the help of licorice root, a diabetic patient can be relieved from any inflammation. It has high anti-inflammatory properties along with anti-bacterial properties. It also decreases sugar cravings thus reducing the intake of sugar.

  • Banana Leaves

They contain over 40 bioactive compounds and offer multiple health benefits. With a high amount of corosolic acid and ellagic acid, they work well to reduce sugar levels in your blood. The corosolic acid functions to boost insulin sensitivity thus increasing the movement of glucose in cells.

  • Yarrow Flower

With inulin being present, the yarrow flower becomes a great relief for people with diabetes. As it produces fructose instead of glucose it helps in regulating the blood sugar level.

It also works well for digestion and bowel movement. It will not cause an increase in sugar level after being consumed with its unique properties.

  • Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry is known as natural insulin. They are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. They provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects after being consumed.

They potentially reduce blood sugar levels while increasing good cholesterol in the system. It also functions to protect you from any chronic heart diseases.

  • Guggul

Guggul is a gum resin obtained from many plants native to India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It has been used in ayurvedic treatments for centuries especially for obesity and inflammation.

It is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as for weight loss properties. Guggul is highly effective for people with type 2 diabetes to reduce their blood sugar levels. It is also used to treat high cholesterol as well as acne.

  • White Mulberry Leaf

This leaf has been used for years in traditional medicine and contains different medicinal properties. It is packed with different nutrients including Vitamins, polyphenol antioxidants, and so on.

It prevents the high amount of absorption of carbs in the gut as well as reduces sugar levels. If consumed it shows a reduction in the sugar levels post-meal consumption.

Apart from these key ingredients. Cera Care ingredients also include Cayenne, Gymnema, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and L- Taurine

What Does Science Say

The Ceracare sales page makes many bold claims about the formula and its effectiveness. Are any of these claims proven by science? Or is Ceracare yet another overhyped diabetes supplement backed by limited evidence?

Here’s how the makers of Ceracare describe the formula:

“This breakthrough formula helps naturally awaken the feedback loop responsible for the blood sugar and healing and regenerative potential that’s lying dormant within you.”

That sounds good. However, it is important information to know that Ceracare has not completed any clinical trials, nor has the company published any studies on the formula. To date, there’s no evidence anyone has taken Ceracare to successfully support blood sugar or avoid certain diabetes symptoms as the supplement was just recently released and any testimonials outside of the ones on the official website are not able to be located yet.

What Benefits Can You Expect From Ceracare?

Clearly, the makers of Ceracare are confident their formula can provide significant support to diabetics and pre-diabetics dealing with the condition. Here are some of the advertised features and benefits of Ceracare, according to the official website:

Improves Blood Health

Ceracare claims to offer “improved blood health” because of its powerful antioxidant formula. These antioxidants make it easier for your heart to do its job, circulating blood efficiently throughout your body.

Supports Blood Sugar

Most diabetics struggle to manage blood sugar without the use of insulin or prescription medication. Ceracare, however, claims to support blood sugar in diabetics and pre-diabetics.

Supports Vitality & Energy

Many diabetics feel lethargic. Diabetes can sap your energy. Ceracare claims to reverse this problem, improving your energetic wellbeing and combating your fatigue.

100% Safe, Natural, and Effective

Ceracare claims to be 100% effective for any diabetics and pre-diabetics to take. Because the supplement uses natural ingredients, it’s completely safe for anyone, according to Christine and the Ceracare team.

Made in the United States

The makers of Ceracare claim to manufacture the supplement United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. The company does not claim to source all ingredients from the United States, however.

Easy to Take

Doctors tell diabetics to prick their fingertips, stab themselves with needles, and take costly medication. Ceracare claims you don’t have to do any of this: just take one capsule per day to reverse diabetes and all diabetes symptoms permanently.

Guaranteed to Reverse Diabetes 

Ceracare claims to support the reversal of some of the most severe cases of diabetes, eliminating the disease from your body permanently and ending your reliance on diabetes drugs. In fact, if Ceracare does not completely cure your diabetes, you can request a 100% refund. A 60-day money-back guarantee backs the supplement.

Again, you should be skeptical any time a supplement claims to eliminate or reverse diabetes. If a sales page is telling you to stop taking diabetes medication or that you can cure diabetes using a supplement, you’re being scammed 100% of the time. Ceracare obviously is highlighting the ingredients and their benefits, but if Ceracare blood sugar support supplement is not right for you, it would be good to know what to compare it with based on finding a similar or better lineup of extracts.

Pros And Cons Of Using Ceracare

✅ Pros 

✔ CeraCare is an advanced dietary formula made of the best ingredients to naturally balance the healthy blood level.

✔ This formula included the well-tested and approved ingredients to manage the blood sugar level wisely.

✔ Each bottle contains a 30 day supply that you can consume in your regular diet to stay healthy.

✔ If you like to eat healthily and do exercises, you can use the right one to control the blood sugar level effectively.

✔ You can ask for a money refund if you are not happy with the result.

✔ Enjoy each ingredient’s benefits to quickly restore your body’s natural ability to recover from the problems effortlessly.

✔ Men and women of any age can use this formula to keep the blood sugar level under control.

❎ Cons

✘ If you don’t have an internet connection, you are not able to purchase this formula.

✘ Check the ingredients list before using this formula so that you can avoid the risk of allergen and other side effects.

✘ Please be patient to experience the amazing result and do not make urgency to get the immediate result.

✘ Do not expect an overnight miracle.

✘ It is not prescribed for children, lactating moms, and pregnant women.

Click Here To Check Availability of Ceracare From the Official Website

Is Ceracare FDA Approved?

As per the official FDA website, natural dietary supplements do not need approval from FDA before they are marketed. Except in the case of a new dietary ingredient, where pre-market review for safety data and other information is required by law, a firm does not have to provide FDA with the evidence it relies on to substantiate safety or effectiveness before or after it markets its products.

However, Ceracare is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility following Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety.

Ceracare Side Effects

As all the ingredients used are natural, there are no side effects for Cera Care supplements. Cera Care supplements are produced in an FDA-approved facility that is GMP certified.

Hence there is no harm in using Cera Care as a dietary supplement.

The Story Behind Ceracare

The official Ceracare product page features the story of a woman named Christine Brown who claims to have effectively cured her diabetes using Ceracare.

We learn Christine’s story in a dramatic video presentation. At the end of the presentation, you have the opportunity to buy Ceracare to reverse your own diabetes – just like Christine reversed her diabetes with Ceracare.

Christine claims she fell into a diabetic coma one year ago. Her diabetes was so bad that doctors believed she wouldn’t survive. Christine was nearing death, and she was struggling with every symptom of the disease.

Christine claims she had been “a slave” to her diabetes for more than five years. She was paying too much for diabetes medication, and she has no money because of the endless doctors’ visits.

Ultimately, Christine’s diabetes led her to become “3 minutes away from death” due to her insulin resistance. Doctors were skeptical if she would survive. Doctors told Christine she could relapse into a diabetic coma at any time and suffer extreme organ failure.

Fortunately, Christine claims to have “eliminated” her diabetes using Ceracare:

“Thank god, I was able to save myself before it was too late…and diabetes was eliminated from my body. And I’m grateful every day of my life for this miracle.”

Christine claims she no longer experiences any symptoms of diabetes after taking Ceracare. Despite nearly dying from diabetes one year ago, Christine claims she effectively cured herself of diabetes by taking Ceracare.

Obviously, there’s no known cure for diabetes, and diabetics should never discontinue or change their diabetic medications or management plan without talking to their doctor. Studies show that a strict diet and exercise routine can effectively reverse diabetes by kickstarting your body’s insulin production. Still, there’s no evidence that any supplement can replace diabetes medication, cure diabetes, or affect diabetes symptoms in any significant way.

Ceracare Supplement Dosage And How To Consume?

As mentioned in Cera Care reviews, it is best to Consume 2 capsules every day with your evening meals. You can have it with half a glass of water.

It is best advised to have Cera Care capsules half an hour before your meal. Do not consume more than what is recommended.

This is not a medicated pill for any particular illness, but only a dietary supplement that enhances your prevailing health in a good way.

If you are below 18 years of age, it is strongly recommended to not consume the Cera Care supplement. If you have a prior disease or illness, it is advised to consult your doctor before starting the dietary supplement.

How Long Will Cera Care Take To See The Result?

By reading Cera Care reviews, It is recommended that it is best if you take Cera Care supplements for about 90 days. Cera Care supplement has to cleanse, restore, and renew your system and it takes time.

Hence for a long-lasting effect, it is best to take 3 months. It also varies according to individuals depending on age, size, other illnesses, etc. 

How Long Will The Results Last?

If you have taken this Cera Care supplement for a good period, then you can enjoy the results for a longer period of time.

You must follow a good diet as well as your body isn’t idle. Hence a good workout, as well as a nutritious diet, is a must while consuming the Cera Care supplement.

How Much Does Cera Care Cost?

It is best advised to purchase three bottles or more as one bottle will only last for a month. You already know that you need to take the Cera Care capsule at least for three months and so it is best if you buy more than one bottle.

cer care supplement pricing

A bottle of Cera Care supplement costs $69 and it consists of a 30 day supply of capsules. This is excluding the shipping fee.

The cost for a 90 day supply of three bottles of Cera Care supplement is $59/ bottle which is a total of $177 along with the shipping fee.

Finally, you can also purchase 6 bottles that will give you 180 days of supply for $49 per bottle which will be a total of $294 including the shipping fee.

If you are not satisfied with Cera Care, or if you feel it didn’t work for you, they also provide you a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days.

Ceracare Refunds

You can request a refund on Ceracare within 60 days with no questions asked.

If Ceracare does not eliminate your diabetes within 60 days, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

This refund sounds generous, although there appear to be hidden fees. The makers of Ceracare withhold original shipping costs from your refund (around $7 per order), and you could also be charged a 30% restocking fee ($23 to $88 per order).

What if Ceracare doesn’t work for me?

I demand you are enthusiastic with your purchase, not just satisfied. So I’m not only going to promise life-changing results, I’m going to guarantee them. You can try Ceracare today for 60 days, with a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee.

CeraCare Customer Reviews And Complaints?

There have been no complaints and their official website mentions how all the customers who have used it are happy with the Cera Care supplement.

As the ingredients used are natural and organic, there are no side effects and it works well for any diabetic above 18. 

How Do You Get The Best Results?

Now, if you are wondering why there are at least a few contrasting customer reviews about the Ceracare supplements, the answer is simple and obvious. No supplement will work unless you let it.

Ceracare is no magic pill that can bring instantaneous results despite a poor lifestyle and habits. Like any other working natural diabetes control supplement in the market today, Ceracare should be supplemented with a healthy diet and exercise for best results.

Of course, you will see some changes even if you don’t do any of these. But if you want to see real results, at the very least, you should make the effort to stay away from detrimental diets and lifestyles. You cannot expect your blood sugar levels to go back to normal if you keep eating unhealthy food.

So here is what you can do to make sure you get the best results with the Ceracare supplement:

  • Fix Your Diet

Now don’t get worried. I’m not talking about strict and highly restrictive diets. I know you must already be fed up with those. But the fact is that your diabetes has a lot to do with your food habits. Ceracare can only help you halfway through. The remaining 50% effort will have to be done by you.

You can always tweak your diet plan to add healthier and equally delicious alternative food items compared to some you might be having. This will go a long way in helping your diabetes condition. But sticking to a diet plan is even more important. If you are struggling with sticking with a diet you can also seek the help of a dietician or nutritionist.

  • Exercise Everyday

Again, don’t be afraid just because you hear the word exercise. You do not have to do extreme exercises or hit the gym hard for an hour every day. Instead, you could make it a habit to do some stretching or light exercises from the comfort of your home. There are so many home workout routines that you can follow which will take less than 10 or 15 minutes every day. You could also do activities like yoga, cycling, running, or even walking, which will definitely help bring the best results with Ceracare.

  • Keep A Daily Health Journal

This is quite crucial and much easier than it sounds, especially with specialized apps available on mobile phones these days. But you can always go old-school and keep a handwritten journal. You could also use smart health devices like Fitbit to keep track of your regular health and activity. Keeping a daily health journal will help you trace your improvement and also let you know negative changes allowing you to tweak your diet and exercise schedules if necessary.

Cera Care Reviews- Final Verdict

Ceracare is a Type 2 diabetes supplement that is formulated to eliminate and reverse the deadly disease naturally and safely.

By taking one capsule of Ceracare per day, you purportedly give your body the ingredients it needs to fight diabetes and remove the disease from your body.

Obviously, there’s no known cure for diabetes. Studies show that extremely low-calorie diets can effectively reverse diabetes, but there’s no evidence that Ceracare impacts blood sugar or diabetes in any significant way.

In closing, Ceracare is a popular new blood sugar supplement meant for users of all ages and both sexes. The site explains that people anywhere in age from 30 to 70 have seen success with the formula, which is supposedly both “very gentle” and “very powerful” at the same time. The supplement is also completely safe, boasting FDA-approved GMP, or good manufacturing practices, at their USA manufacturing plants.

Overall, we were impressed with the amount of verifiable scientific information available online about this supplement, as well as the names and science behind it. Plenty of peer-reviewed scientific studies have backed the efficiency of several key Ceracare ingredients in boosting the efficiency of the blood sugar regulation process, which could work wonders for consumers who desperately need to lower their blood sugar sustainably.

As always, this supplement should only be taken at the advice and permission of your physician. Another great thing about Ceracare is that a 60-day refund policy backs the supplement where anyone can try out a bottle or three in a two-month time frame and see how well it works specifically for you or your money back. However, just note the refund policy may have fees and fine print worthy of reading if it is a red flag area for you, as it doesn't seem easy to ever get a complete cash refund on Ceracare if you do not meet the specific criteria (which some may argue is on par for the course).

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Audience

1. Am I too old for this to work? Is age a contributing factor to CeraCare’s effectiveness?

Of course not. This supplement has shown lasting results for people in their 70s and 80s. This formula has a specific proportion of ingredients that works with all ages.

2. What is the best way to take Ceracare?

Consistency is key for Cera Care results. You should take two capsules of Cera Care with water, either in the morning or evening. Remember to take your dose every day, and do continue for at least the prescribed period of 3 months.

3. Is Ceracare safe?

Unlike most such supplements available in the market, Cera Care contains no synthesized elements or compounds. Its formula is comprised entirely of natural and safe ingredients. What’s more? These ingredients go through rigorous testing to ensure your safety.

4. How many bottles should I order?

This formula is currently in high demand as its number of beneficiaries is growing. Moreover, Cera Care is sold only on their official website. So, we advise you to stock up for three months at the least. You can make use of the discounted price on the 3 or 6 bottle packs.

5. How quickly will I get it?

You should get your order delivered to you in a couple of working days by a premium shipping carrier. However, with constant problems due to the pandemic, there might be a slight delay in shipping. Just be patient as the Cera Care team is working hard to get your order to you, ASAP.

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