How To Lose 7 Kgs In 7 Days WITHOUT Exercise 😲 Really?

How To Lose 7 Kgs In 7 Days WITHOUT Exercise 😲 Really?

DO u want to lose 7kgs in 7 days? So Yes! Today I will share a diet chart that will help u to lose 5-7 kg in 7 days. 

This Diet I can share has some mazer Side Effects. I Don't recommend you but, Yes those people can do it who are having any upcoming occasion. 

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So let's start the 7 days "GM Diet" plan 

To lose 7kgs in 7days the diet chart I m going to share is very famous & u have definitely heard about it before the name of this chart is "GM Diet" which means General Motor Diet. 

We will not waste our time talking about its history as none of u r concerned about it So firstly let me tell u what u have to do in these 7days.

DAY 1: Eat any fruit u want to eat except Banana. If u want to remain full try to eat citrus fruits, like Melon or Cantaloupe. 

DAY 2: Eat any Vegetable. U can eat vegetables in any form whether in grill form, boiled form, or soup form it's totally up to u. Eat any vegetable except Potato. 

DAY 3: U can eat any Fruit/ Vegetable except banana and potato. 

DAY 4: U can eat Bananas. Eat 8 bananas in a day. drink 2 glasses of milk. U can drink full-fat milk but it is recommended to drink skimmed milk. 

Day 5: If u r non-veg, take fish/Chicken/Meat as much as u want. eat 6 Tomatoes in a day. If u r vegetarian, eat 6 tomatoes & instead of meat eat Cottage Cheese or Brown Rice. 

DAY 6: If u r Non-Veg, eat Fish/Chicken/Meat as much as u want with any vegetable. But do not take tomatoes & potatoes. If u r vegetarian, u will eat cottage cheese with any vegetable except potato and tomato. 

DAY 7: So on the last day u can eat Brown Rice not (white rice), with any vegetables & any fruit. 

Side Effects of the GM diet

So u have seen that how easy it is to lose 7kgs in 7days  both veg & non-veg can do this diet. Wait !!! U will lose 7kgs in 7days but 1st talk about the Side Effects of the GM diet. 

After that, if u want to carry on this diet u can do it. 

1) So in 1st 3 days of this diet u r only taking fruits & vegetables which means that u r only taking carbs no proteins and fats so ur nutrients are automatically reduced. 

2)Protein & fats give u strength. 

if u r not taking protein & fats, from where will u get the strength? So it means u will lack energy, freshness & u will feel lethargic

3)Now let's talk about calorie intake. 

As u r eating fruits & vegetables all day so ur calorie intake will be super low, making ur metabolism slow. So when our metabolism slows down, remember weight loss in no time will come back time. 

4)This diet claims that u lose ur fats, but honestly, fat loses when u eat protein and healthy fats, and if u r cutting off both these (protein & fats) for 7days then how u will lose fats? So it means whatever u r losing is ur "muscle weight" and "water weight" 

5)This diet is so boring that u cannot continue it for 7days.

Trust me I have tried this diet 2 times and I stop doing it after 3 days. It makes u so lethargic that u cannot continue it for 7days although it looks so easy. It makes ur face look so cheerless, making ur skin dull & dry bcz u r not getting enough nutrients. 

6)Good diet is suitable for everyone without any side effects but this diet cannot be done by people having Heart issues, feeding mothers & pregnant females. 

7)The last side effect is that all the weight u have to lose in these 7days will come back when u will stop doing this diet after 7days. U cannot continue this diet after 7days because if u will continue it u will gradually take yourself towards death. 


So for weight loss, I will suggest u not do this diet, lose half kg in 7days. try it doesn't come back. But yes those people can do it who are having any upcoming occasion. 

I will not recommend it at all but at the end of the day, it's up to u. I have told u the side effects of this diet. I will request u not to do this diet. Hope so u found this Blog useful u came to know how effective/useful this diet is. 

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Thanks For Support Me 😊

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