TOP 7 WAYS Unplug from Social Media and Connect REAL LIFE

TOP 7 WAYS Unplug from Social Media and Connect REAL LIFE

"A waste of time. And that scrolling is such a waste of precious time because I wasn’t being productive then. Neither was I learning something from all the things I’ve seen on my social media feed."

"Not good for mental health. People on social media only pick and choose what they share, and most of what makes it to your news feed are the perfect, beautiful stories. This curated content gives off the erroneous impression that all others are having such perfect lives. This is not good for my self-esteem or my general mental health."


8 Reasons why it's important to switch off from technology

How does social media addiction work?

⦾ Posts to a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat

⦾ The user receives positive social feedback in the form of likes or comments regarding the post or activity

⦾ This corresponds to heightened activity within the brain's reward center, the nucleus accumbens.

⦾ The heightened brain activity due to social media use resembles the effects of drugs and alcohol

⦾ Researchers do not yet know if social media use has all the characteristics of addiction, such as compelling users to come back to the platform, and long-term effects on the user.

Benefits of social media unplug 

 Get more productive

 Become more mindful

 Reduce stress

 Reconnect with family and friends

 Relax your brain 

 Improve sleep

 How to unplug from social media

Are you spending every spare moment you have starring at your phone, computer, tablet, or TV screen? Are you feeling more and more lonely despite the increasingly interconnected society we live in? 

In this BLOG, I’m going to share five effective strategies for how you can unplug from technology so you can free up your time and authentically connect with people again. 

This has lead to the creation of the most interconnected society we have ever had in human history. Amazingly, we can now communicatewith and see people living across the ocean

Yet, more and more people today are starved for real and authentic connection and feeling lonely as a result. This has a lot to do with our overuse and dependency on technology.

Wherever I personally go, I see people glued to their devices. People waiting for the subway or bus, all of them starring down at their mobiles. 

Mothers sitting on park benches, texting on their phones, while their child plays off somewhere in the distance. Families, couples, and friends, whether in public or private, sitting together but glued to the Internet or television screen. 

We have become a society addicted to technology and in the process, we’re losing our humanity and our ability to authentically connect with people. 

Now before we go on any further, let me be really clear. I’m not saying that technology is a bad thing nor am I saying we should just get rid of all technology out there. 

What I am saying, is that technology is merely a neutral tool, and as a tool, it’s up to us to learn how to unplug from it so we can free up our time and learn to authentically connect with others again. 

So here are five effective ways of unplugging from technology: 

1. Conduct a Digital audit 

Before you can change your habits and unplug from technology, you must first notice what they are. 

So what I’d love for you to do over this next week is to conduct a digital audit where you track how much time you’re spending on technology

For example: How often do you check your email and social media? How many hours do you spend browsing the internet, watching TV, or playing video games? 

For a more accurate audit, and I know this may seem completely counterintuitive, especially for a blog about unplugging from technology, but there actually some apps that I’d recommend for you to download because they can actuallyhelp you in tracking your time better. 

For example, there are apps like Moment for iPhone where you can track how many minutes you’re actually spending on your phone.

Or for Android and iPhone, you can use Checky which actually tells you how many times a day you check your phone. 

There’s also time management tools like rescue time for both computer and mobile that are really great because it allows you to track the time you spend on apps as well as on websites daily. 

2. Turn off notifications

Have you ever noticed when you receive a notification on your phone or computer, you just have to check it? 

Whether it’s the ding on your mobile, the pop-up that you’ve received a new email, or even the numbers badges on the apps that you’reusing, all of these are intended to be distractions to keep you using technology longer. 

The reason we can’t help ourselves and check our notifications is because of a biochemical process that occurs in our brain.

It’s all thanks to dopamine which is all part of our reward circuitry. 

And whenever dopamine gets released, it’sessentially a reminder to us to pay attention because something good is about to happenand because it’s good, we’ve got to remember exactly what we did, so we can do it again, and feel good over and over and over

The science aside, the best way to take back control and unplug from technology is to turn off your notifications

Software developers and app developers, all of them, on purpose, turn on all of your notifications as a default. 

This means, that you always have to go in and turn them off if you don’t want them happening. 

If you don’t know how to do this, simply all you have to do is go into Google and type, “how do I turn off notifications for” this device, and voila! - you’ll have your answer. 

3. Take Back Your Morning and Night 

A great way of unplugging from technology is to take back your morning and night. What this means is that in the first hour of the day and the last hour of the day, consider this your sacred time

An opportunity for you to focus exclusively on yourself- of course, if you’re able to, I understand some of you may have kids – but if you areable to, focus that attention exclusively on yourself

This will give you that time to connect with yourself so that you can then better and authentically connect with others. 

One of the best ways to do this is to putyour phone on flight mode and keep all technology out of your bedroom. And yes, that does include your television. 

4. Go on a 24 to 48 hour technology detox

Once a week for at least 24 to 48 hours, goon a technology detox. This means no Internet, no TV, no video games, and no phone ideally. 

And if you must use your phone, then use it only for its original purpose, to make phone calls to connect with people

To guarantee your success, make sure you plan a day or two in your calendar and fill it up with lots of activities. 

I know this may be difficult and you may experience phantom vibration, or this compulsive desire to keep checking your notifications. Stay strong during this time

Take this opportunity to step back into your humanity and connect with other people.

5. Keep your phone in a drawer while you’re working.

Sometimes, merely seeing your phone can distract you whether or not your notifications have been turned off. 

So, why not take the extra mile and completely hide it away from your sight given you can still hear urgent phone calls?

Again, it’s all about building momentum.

6.Live a Real Life

Most importantly, live a real-life, interact with real people, and be awesome in the real world! Don’t stress yourself making your profile wonderful

Live an awesome life and it will automatically follow! Do exciting stuff. Write a book. Plan a trip. Whatever. Just be awesome!

7. Purge Your Technology 

Yes, you did hear me right. I do want you to purge some of your technology  not all of your technology, just some of it.

And here are some simple and bold examples of what I mean by this: When it comes to your TV, are you actually watching all those channels? If not, then consider reducing your cable package or just cutting it completely. 

I know it might sound like a scary step, but trust me, it’s actually OK. I myself have personally never owned a TVby my own choice and it has been amazing because it’s freed up so much of my time to spend time with others. 

And even when I’m in the presence of a TV, I rarely watch it. What about the apps on your phone? Are you really using all of them? If not, then just delete them and keep the essentials.

And if you want to be even bolder, then try reducing your phone plan to just a calling plan. The key to purging your technology is simply just to make it harder for you to use it. 

It’s not about getting rid of all of it. Once you gain back that control and you're starting to more authentically connect with people, then you may want to slowly start introducing some technology back into your life, but honestly, with the freedom you now experience, you likely won't want to. 

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