TOP 13 Most Important lesson You've Learned In Life

TOP 13 Most Important lesson You've Learned In Life

           There are so many great lessons we all learn from life. I personally made a list with some of the most important ones so far, lessons that had a great impact on my life.

           These 13 powerful lessons have helped me become the person I am today. I know there are more to come and I am ready, opened and receptive to them all.

           13 Important Life Lessons You MUST Learn before You're 30 It’s exciting to be a teenager. 20-something too is fun. But guess what? Those are the most important periods of your life

           There are numerous mistakes you’re likely to make in the 20s that could affect you for the rest of your life. There are important lessons you must learn before you’re 30 if you want to have great years for the rest of your life after 30. 

           That’s why we make this blog for you, to show you 13 of the important lessons you have to learn before you’re 30.

1. Make Friends With Positive People Alone. 

           In your 20s, one of the most exciting things you do is hanging around peers and associating with others. If you don’t do this right, you can associate with people who will destroy you. 

           Jim Rohn once said, You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. People we spend the most time with, add up to who we become. 

           If you want to fly high, you need to join the eagles not chickens. Some people are less accomplished in their personal and professional life, and some people are more accomplished than us. 

           If you spend time with those who are behind you, your average will go down, and with it, your success

           But if you spend time with people who are more accomplished than you, no matter how challenging that might be, you will become more successful

           Be conscious of the people you spend time with because your association determines your acceleration.

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2. You can’t please everyone 

           Now that you’re an adult, you must know what you want for your life and go for it. Your siblings, friends, or even parents may not like this but it doesn’t matter. 

           Most adults live their lives trying to please everyone and that’s why they fail in life. Now in your 20s, you must start practicing decision-making and how to hurt people

           Yea, I mean it. You will have to learn how to hurt people sometimes in your life journey

Bill Cosby said; “I don’t know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone” –You don’t need everyone to agree with you or even like you. 

           It’s human nature to want to belong, to be liked, respected, and valued, but not at the expense of your integrity and happiness. 

           Other people cannot give you the validation you seek. That has to come from inside. In your 20s you must know what you want out of life and be willing to go for it, even if some of your friends and siblings don’t like your decisions.

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3. You need a library But why? Very simple. 

           To be successful in life, you have to know hundreds of things most people don’t know and the best place to get such knowledge inside books

           I know most young people hate reading but you must be different. You must be different because you are what you read

           If your body is a reflection of what you eat, then your mind is a reflection of what you read and study. Fill your body with good stuff--not candy, like social media

           Reading has several benefits like boosting your imagination, improving your communication skills, keeping your brain sharp and it'll also help you learn about new things and become a more knowledgeable person.

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4. Bad Habit

           won’t help At your 20s, you’re under a great temptation to try things. You may want to try smoking, drinking, sex, and partying but that’s like setting yourself up for a poor future.

           Whether it's a poor sleep cycle that you've acquired over the years or it's your excessive smoking tendency, lying and petty stealing, you need to get rid of bad habits now or they’ll destroy you in the nearest future. 

healthy habits change your life forever

5. Learn to get organized 

           Mess is always something we all need to deal with. It can be a mess at work or at home

           Most often than not this mess starts with small things cluttered all over until you get to a point where the mess becomes unorganized chaos and become too hard for you to handle. 

           While some people take this to a completely different level and get obsessed about it, I'm just asking you to free yourself from the mess that you are, and start organizing a bit

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6. Don’t take anything for granted 

           We often don’t appreciate what we have until it's gone: that includes your health, your family, opportunity, and friends, your job, the money you have or think you will have tomorrow. 

           When you’re young, it seems that your parents will always be there, but they won’t. You think you have plenty of time to get back in touch with your old friends or spend time with new ones, but you don’t. 

           You have the money to spend, or you think you'll have it next month, but you might not. 

           Nothing in your life is guaranteed to be there tomorrow, including those you love, the opportunity you have, and the help you are getting. 

           This is a hard life lesson to learn, but it may be the most important of all: Life can change in an instant

           So, try and appreciate what you have, while you still have it, and use it wisely so that your 30s will be free from regret.

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7. Make a budget It’s not news that most adults are poor. 

           One of the reasons for this is because they spend their money to acquire liabilities

           The first thing that you must learn to control adults is your finances. It probably won't be fun, but you need to learn how to budget in your 20s. 

           Budgeting doesn’t have to be complex or difficult. You can make it extremely simple by making a simple list of what you need, do not want, and control how you spend

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8. Form Saving & Investment

           Investment Habit 1/3 of Americans have no savings not because they don’t have income but because they don’t have savings habits. 

           More than 95% of the people in the world will go broke next month if they lose their jobs today because they have no investment. 

           We think your life should be different! Now that you’re in your 20s, try and form the habit of saving and learn about various investment portfolios

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9. Give Up Your Need To Be Liked 

           Think of yourself as a market niche. There will be a lot of people who like that niche, and there will be individuals who don’t. 

           It’s that simple. If you’re a lady, don’t follow all fashion trends to be liked. If you do, you’re destroying your self-esteem

           If you’re a man, don’t join the gang or buy the latest everything to be liked and respected by everyone.

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10. Ask questions

           there’s no shame in not knowing No one has it all figured out. Nobody has all the answers. There’s no shame in saying “I do know.” 

           Pretending to be perfect doesn’t make you perfect. Stop pretending as if you know it all or you have it all. 

           It just makes you neurotic to keep up the pretense of manufactured perfection. Ask questions, even stupid ones. 

           You may look stupid for some minutes but you'll increase your knowledge and become a better adult. 

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11. Determine to Solve a Problem 

           You don’t have to become the next GeorgiaO’Keefe or compose this generation’s Clair de Lune to nurture your imagination

           There are hundreds of problems in the society around us that need to be addressed, but people usually choose to stay away from getting involved in anything that needs a bit of hard work

           Find out that thing which bothers you the most - is the raising pollution or illiteracy, or is it child labor or animal welfare? You should make the world a better place and you can only do that by solving a problem. You can do it if you believe you can!

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12. Don’t rush into things 

           Often when we’re young, just beginning our adult journey we feel as though we have to do everything at once. 

           We need to decide everything, plan out our lives, experience everything, get to the top, find true love, figure out our life’s purpose, and do it all at the same time. 

           Slow down—don’t rush into things. Why you need to be serious and focused, you don't have to get everything figured out at the same time. 

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13. Life isn’t always fair 

           We’re very sorry but it’s the truthLife isn’t fair and you’ll have to make mistakes, fail and cry a couple of times during your life journey

           Be prepared for that. Life isn’t fair; get used to it. What we’ve learned so far in this blog:

Make Friends With Positive People. Stop trying to please everyone Read good books Stop trying to make everyone like you Determine to Solve a Problem in the world  Learn to get organized Make a budget  Form Saving & Investment Habit Bad Habit won’t help Don’t take anything for granted Don’t rush into things  Ask questions if you don’t know anything Life isn’t always fair. 

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