Time Management - Powerful TOP 11 Tips Time Manage

Time Management - Powerful TOP 11 Tips Time Manage 

 "Time isn't the main thing. it's the only thing"

            - Miles Davis

"your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. don't be trapped by dogma which is living with the results of other people's thinking. don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. and most important. have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."

          - Steve Jobs

What Is Time Management?

time management is an art. it is arranging, organizing, and budget time to accomplish something within a time.

time management is having control over the amount of time spent on a particular activity.

hence, time management helps an individual to be more organized and more productive.

Why Is Time Management Is Important? 

time management is important to different individuals for different reasons.

  • make sure you have time for all your important activities
  • give structure to your days and weeks
  • assist in setting goals
  • assist in determining priorities
  • time is a special resource that you cannot store or save for later us.
  • wise time management can help you find the time for what you desire to do or need to do.
  • time management will help you set up your priorities.
  • to avoid damage to our personal life
  • it keeps you healthy and stresses free.

Benefits Of Time Management.

  1. reduce your stress
  2. improve your self-esteem
  3. reach your goals
  4. feel more confident in your ability to get things done
  5. avoid meltdowns/sickness
  6. achieve balance in your life
  7. more productive
  8. save your time 
  9. you can function effectively
  10. increase your work output
  11. you have a balance between work & personal life
  12. take control of your life and feel in charge


How to manage your time most constructively. So what I want to talk about in this blog today are ten ways that you can rescue an unproductive day. 

1: Schedule Everything


If it's not on your calendar don't do it. So that means time blocking

Put everything on your calendar. Put everything from waking up and drinking coffee and taking a shower and walking your dog to client calls to design time to marketing time to business development. 

Block out every moment of your day and treat every time block as a deadline that you have to meet. 

2: Kill The Squirrels

Turn off desktop notifications. Turn off Twitter notifications on your phone, news notifications. 

I for one am incredibly distractible and so it keeps me ping-ponging from one thing to another and I may be deep in thought and deep in a process of doing one particular thing and a desktop notification pops up and it attracts my attention

I think, "oh I got to answer that email or I just got to read that article. And before you know it I am completely distracted. So, kill the squirrels! 

3: Do That One Thing 

Do that thing that if you made just a little bit of progress on it and did nothing else during the day that you would feel like you made some progress that day. 

I suffer from productivity paralysis. I have a tendency to do low priority things first because they're small and I think I can get a bunch of them out of the way. 

But what ends up happening is that I de-prioritize that most important thing and it ends up happening at the end of the day when I'm really tired or not at all. 

So, prioritize that one thing and it's generally the thing that you don't want to do the most, you mostly want to procrastinate about, and I do that thing first—before I look at email before I do anything else. Do that one thing. 

4: Set Up A Reward

Set up a reward for getting something done or a series of things done. 

It could be as little as a cookie or a walk around the block or listening to some music or it could be as big as a, you, know dinner out or a trip to Vegas. 

Give yourself a reward and set up on a reward, something to look forward to for staying focused

5: Remember The 80/20 Rule

the value of this for a project manager is that it reminds you to focus on the 20% of activities that matter. 

of the activities you do during your project, only 20% are important. those 20% produce 80% of your results. identify and focus on those activities.

6: An Easy One

Make plans. Make plans at the end of the day to go do something. 

Because then you have to make sure that you're going to be ready and you're going to be done with what you're doing so you can go do that thing that you planned

It sounds effortless and it is. Just make a plan to do something and it forces you to stay more focused

7: Take Breaks 

And you have to schedule those breaks on your calendar. It's proven that the top 10% of performers take 15-minute breaks after every hour

Just taking a break clears your mind and when you come back to the work, it makes you more focused. It seems counter-intuitive but it actually works. 

And it's better for your body because you get up from your desk and you get some circulation going. 

8: Do Something Unrelated To Your To-Do List


If you're doing a lot of designing you may want to do a crossword puzzle or do some reading

If you're working with a lot of numbers or words you may want to do some image research or look at a photography book

By giving your brain a break and working on something unrelated to your to-do list and unrelated to what it is that you have been working on, it refreshes your brain for when you get back to it. 

9: No Delete Key: Plow Right Through


If you're writing, don't edit while you're writing that first draft. If you're designing, don't get all noodles and perfectionistic on that first design that you're doing. 

Go for volume. Kick a bunch of things out. it's incredibly helpful and can make you more productive than getting perfectionistic about things too early on. 

10: No Multi-Tasking

People think that they're great multi-taskers but it's been scientifically proven that we're really not built for that mentally

So trying to focus on one thing is going to make you much more productive and you have to get rid of distractions. So if you're writing turn off your phone. If you're on a Skype call, close that browser window. 

If you're designing, go full screen so you don't have a bunch of windows distracting you. You want to make sure that you're focusing on the task at hand and time blocking with your calendar. 

If you're focused on that deadline for that time block you have to do that thing that's going to be helpful. 

11: Document Your Processes 

Now, this is a bit of an investment and it's a little bit of slowing down before you speed up. But it's a really valuable one. 

You want to write down the steps and processes in every major thing that you do. For instance, I have a checklist of about 15 things that I go through when I create a Blog, from reading to editing to thumbnail art, etc. 

And by documenting your processes, one of the added benefits of this is if you have people on your staff, or you eventually get a virtual assistant or something like that, you can use this documentation to train them to do what it is that you do, to be able to delegate more easily what it is that you do. 

And by, you know, having those steps codified, it makes it easier for you to be efficient with your time and to get things done very systematically

So we want to write down and codify the steps for things like, you know, project development or designing or content development or publishing or new business outreach or marketing activity. 

You want to write down specific steps for everything that you do and then follow those steps. It will make you more efficient. 

*So that's it! I hope you enjoyed this blog and 11 productivity tips that can help you with your time management.


time management is an essential skill for project managers. ask each day what you did to move the project forward. plan your next day. what will you do to ensure your project continues along the straight and narrow path. 

plan your time. manage your resources with a light touch and communicate effectively. with a little time management, project success should come easier.

This is the  15 Tips To Manage Your Time Better hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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