How To Love Yourself And Be Confident With TOP 16 Self-Love Ways

How To Love Yourself And Be Confident With TOP 16 Self-Love Ways

 "I'm extremely confident that solar will be at least a plurality of power, and most likely a majority... in less than 20 years" 

        -Elon Musk

"you yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."


"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

        -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Is it So Important To Love Yourself?

Self-love is so important. Because when you're all alone and it's 3 in the morning & you're lying on the floor crying and shaking and wishing it all would end

who's going to be there for you? you.

you have to pick yourself up and find the strength to carry on. at the day, you're all you've got.

What does confidence mean?

respondents to this research rate self-worth, self-belief, self-assurance, and being assertive as the 4 main attributes associated with being confident.

when asked for a single attribute to define confidence, 49% of respondents said self-belief & 35% said being self-assured.

why is confidence important? 

having confidence has many benefits, but according to this research the main reasons are you stop fearing judgment from others, you value your own opinions and you fully show up as your true, authentic self.

what do you notice in confident people?

thinking about people they identify as being confident, respondents noticed these individuals had a good posture, positive energy or vibe about them, happy or relaxed facial expressions, and they take action.

How can you increase your confidence

the top 5 confidence tips 

1. Reduce the self-criticism

2. identify and appreciate your strengths

3. be assertive and learn to say 'no' 

4. spend your time with positive, uplifting people

5. sef yourself important goals and plans to achieve these

How To Love Yourself: TOP 16  Self-Love Tips

This is going to be all about self-love and self-care, learning to love ourselves and take care of ourselves better, from the inside and out

Today we're going to talk about self-love and why it's so important, how you can love yourself better? First of all, it's so important to love yourself because you have to love yourself first before you can love your life

Also: you have to give to yourself before you can even give back to others. Lucille Ball has this quote. 

the goal today is to get to a point where we can fully love ourselves, embrace all that we are, and just feel amazing about ourselves. 

And I want to read this quote from my Artist of Life Workbook on self-love: 

"Designing a beautiful life begins with self-love. Self-love breeds self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect, self-forgiveness. Do not underestimate its power." 

1. loving yourself better is to write a list of all the things you love about yourself

List out all your strengths and your personality quirks, all the things that you genuinely love and enjoy about yourself.

And I know this might be tough for some people because they never thought of it that way, but a little tip 

  • if you really don't know what to write, you can ask your closest friends or family what they love about you because it might surprise you what good traits they love about you, so do that. 
And just find the things that make you, you. Find the things that you really like about yourself.

2. Use daily affirmations

affirmation work to help boost your self-esteem, which in turn, contributes to that goal of fearless self-love.

3. stop your negative self-talk

adding fuel to the fire of unhealthy thinking patterns in the habit of negative self-talk.

4: write a list of your flaws 


I know this might seem counterintuitive, but the point of learning to love yourself is learning to embrace everything that you are: your good traits and your weaknesses and your flaws as well because we have to realize that we aren't perfect. 

We're all human and that's okay. I'm sure you love many people in your life, like your family members. 

They're not perfect people. They have flaws too but you still love them. The point is to get to that place where you can love yourself, flaws and all. 

Make a list of your flaws and, I know, when you're doing this you might have a tendency to judge yourself and have negative emotions come up. Just let it go. 

Let go of all that judgment, all negativity. And when you're done writing that list, at the bottom, declare to yourself:


 “It's okay that I have these flaws. I'm human, I'm imperfect, and that's beautiful. I still love myself, flaws and all.”

Really see what this exercise can do for you in helping you embrace everything that you are, your strengths and your weaknesses, and just learning to love yourself regardless. 

5. challenge social expectations

while working toward fearless self-love, we need to be mindful of these social influences.

6. build your strengths

if social influence plays a role in how we shape our motivation, we run the risk of focusing our attention on areas that may not be honoring our unique gifts.

7. focus on your successes

each person has an ingrained tendency to remember the negative events in their life before they remember the positive.

8. level up your self-care

and by that I mean: do whatever it takes to feel amazing every day, feel your best every day

For example: for me, part of that is waking up to really good music. That makes me feel great and gets my day off to a good start. 

And another part is: I want to put more effort into dressing better because I notice when I dress lazily, I don't feel too confident about myself. I feel lazy as well. 

So take that extra ten minutes to pick out that really nice outfit that you really love and feel confident in. 

If makeup makes you feel confident, then take that extra time to do makeup for yourself. Or maybe you feel more confident and amazing when you have a bare face

Sometimes I feel great just having no makeup on because it feels fresh. 

So do whatever it is that makes you feel amazing, just take that little extra time to take better care of yourself

The point of this is to enhance your confidence in your everyday life, starting from the outside-in, which does work.

You can also build confidence from the inside-out. I have another blog that I've made in the past called 

"How to gain Self Confidence" from the inside out. 

You know you look great on the outside, it will make you feel great on the inside as well. 

9. practice self-compassion


arguably one of the most vital ways to grow in self-love is through the act of self-compassion.

10. live gratefully

a grateful heart brings a joyful spirit. gratitude is more than affirmation or positive self-talk.

11.ask for help 

allow others to help lighten your load so you can focus on the most needed tasks and complete those in a near-perfect manner.

12. surround your self with goodness

seeking fearless self-love is a full-time job. all aspects of our life need to stay focused on our ultimate goals: self-love and happiness.

13. stop comparing yourself to others. 

Do not fall into the comparison trap. Girls, I know this one-even I am very, very guilty of this sometimes. Sometimes I could be looking at someone else blog like, 

"Wow. This girl has got it. She's gorgeous. She's growing fast," 

and I just compare myself when I really shouldn't, because we're all on our own paths. 

And it's because we're living in the social media era where everyone's Instagram is perfect, everyone's life looks gorgeous online, and you know that's not real

You know behind the scenes, everyone's going through their own struggle, everyone is a human being. You know no one's perfect, no one's better than you

And you’re not better than anyone else. We're all just on different paths. We're all unique. 

And it took me many years to realize that it's not a competition because I remember in college, I used to be comparing myself with other girls and it would make me feel really insecure about myself. 

But now I've gotten to a place where I realize that it's not a competition; it's a community. 

We're all here to bring our own unique value to the world, and there's room for everybody. You know, it's not a competition. It's a community

14. don't forget to smile

seeking fearless self-love should include smiling! loving yourself is striving to reach your fullest potential.

15. utilize a positive affirmation or power mantra to enhance your daily life. 

This is some sort of phrase that declares how amazing and beautiful and powerful you are. 

I will read one from my workbook that I wrote: “I am radiant. I am powerful. I am passionate. I am worthy. I am in love. I am light. I am magical. I am incredible. And I am wildly beautiful.“ 

You can write whatever you want. Just write something that makes you feel powerful and amazing like you're on top of the world, and read that to yourself every day. 

I have a girl named Madeleine in our Workbookgroup and what she does is she recorded herself reading all these positive affirmations and then she plays that recording back to herself while she's like doing dishes or chores, and it just brings her to another level. 

I think that's such a great idea. So either keep it on your phone so you can read it every day, keep it on your wall, keep it at your desk. And try recording yourself saying these things, so you're like your own motivational speaker every day. 

16. remember that you are loved

affirmation, boundaries, and positivity can all help to increase our self-love. everything mentioned has the potential to improve your happiness, but only if we know that we are loved.

if you have interested I can share this  8 Things You Need to Know About Self-Love Video you can watch.


Self-love is not being selfish: it is just putting yourself first and not being too tough on yourself. ... All we need to do is love ourselves and let the negative things pass through: eventually things will change and bad times will pass. Self-love has many benefits: the first benefit is greater life satisfaction.

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