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How To Start Decluttering Your Home Without Getting Overwhelmed


 "Decluttering is infinitely easier when you think of it as deciding what to keep, rather than deciding what to throw away."

         -Francine Jay

"Decluttering can be overwhelming, so start with that one small thing. clean out your junk drawers. it can lead to so many more beautiful things. start there, and you'll find yourself cleaning the whole rest of the house."

         -Bobby Berk

Are you overwhelmed with clutter? Is there chaos in your home? In this blog, I'm going to share my top tips to get started with decluttering and minimalism.

hello welcome to my channel so for today's blog I'm going to do something a little bit different typically 

So in this blog, I'm just going to discuss things that I've learned over the last few years about decluttering. Let's get started. 

1: start decluttering in the room that you use most often 

it can be tempting to declutter a room that you don't really use a smaller room but when you declutter that room you're not going to feel the sense of accomplishment

you're not going to want to go and declutter the rest of your home, so I always recommend starting off by decluttering the room that you use the most often 

which for me is my kitchen and I live in my kitchen and once that's done I feel excellent I feel a sense of accomplishment like yes I did something let's tackle the rest of the house now 

2: ask yourself three questions 

while you declutter 

1.does this item give you joy?

so this is a concept that I picked up for Marie Kondo's book and it's all about having stuff around you that gives you joy so if an item doesn't make you happy you shouldn't even bother keeping it in your home 

2. is this item functional?

does it work does it serve the purpose 

3. have you used this item in the last year? 

now if you can answer yes to any of these questions keep the item if you can't answer yes to any of them may be that item deserves discarding.

3: deal with paper clutter weekly 

so all those Flyers and magazines and newspapers and God knows how many letters you get in the mail deal with them weekly otherwise they pile up and then you have a lot of things to deal with the end here.

4: if you're buying something new think it through 

now whenever I'm looking to buying something new I put it on a wish list first it stays on that wish list for at least a week or several weeks, and if I come back a week later and I still want the item that means I really love it otherwise I just cross it off.

5: do a closet cleanse 

so this sounds really daunting and to be honest, it does take some time, but it will change your life trust me I've had a friend who did a closet cleanse but I recommended 

it to her and she is loving her new closet because it takes her much less time to get ready and it's not as cluttered 

so what do I mean by a closet cleanse what I mean is figure out a closet that works for your lifestyle think about it we all spend a lot of time in our closets first thing in the morning trying to figure out 

what to wear and if you can streamline that process by only having items that you truly love and only having items that really easily mix and match you're gonna make your life a lot easier.

6: tackle those junk drawer 

so we all have Junkers these are drawers for things that don't have home junk drawers aren't the problem it's when we never clean them and then it's been a year and this is all sorts of stuff 

I have one junk drawer in my house it's in the entrance area and I put all sorts of stuff in there that doesn't have a home but every month I look into it and see if there's the stuff that can be discarded or stuff that can be moved to a new home 

7: don't eat the gifts that you don't use 

so we all get gifts and some are sentimental so obviously, keep those gifts don't really attach to them and you don't know what to do they're not really for you but someone else could use them sitter be gifting or consider donating the item so at least someone else can use it

8: keep the visual clutter to a minimum 

so what do I mean by visual clutter it's the stuff that's all-around your home on your furniture and the decorative items and everyone's tolerance to visual clutter is different what's clutter to you may not be cluttered to mean vice versa?

9: get your family support 

so if you live in a household that is more than just you are going to deal with other people's clutter and if your family's not on board or the decluttering you can declutter but it's going to make enough of a difference. 

10: review every year or every six months

whatever works for you I like to do a spring-clean where I do a full decluttering every year because you know what no matter how much you declutter the clutter happens again it comes from somewhere so there you have it ten tips to declutter your home and embrace minimalism in the process.

5 Minute Amazing Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms!

1. Bathroom

  • wipe down sink
  • clean bathroom mirror
  • use a wipe or wet sponge to wipe down the toilet seat and rim
  • give the toilet a quick clean with toilet cleaner and a brunch

2. Kitchen

  • clear clutter from countertops
  • wipe down sink 
  • wipe down stovetop, microwave, and the outside of the refrigerator and dishwasher to remove any streaks
  • sweep floor and spot clean any drips

3. Living Room

  • clean up toys
  • straighten up surfaces like your coffee table or tv stand
  • straighten couch pillows and fold blankets 
  • sweep or vacuum the floor

4. Bedroom

  • make bed
  • put away clean clothes 
  • straighten up dresser and nightstand 
  • sweep or vacuum the floor

checklist for cleaning the house without overwhelmed

This is the  10 TIPS TO DECLUTTER YOUR HOME 🏠 : change your life! hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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