TOP 7 EASY Things You Can Do To Stop Feeling So Bored With Life

TOP 7 EASY Things You Can Do To Stop Feeling So Bored With Life

            Life is so boring? No, it's not boring it's your feeling. if you can feel boring, it's not a major problem. world 30 % of people feel everyday boring ( research by psychology ).

         bored is a part of everyone's life but some people beat them & that lives a happy life. Today I can share 7 tips & tricks on how to move on to bored & live a happy life forever. lest say too goodbye forever your boringness.

         so today I can share 7 tips & happy people's tricks ( hacks ) so hopefully just reading the list makes your life less boring and sparks your creativity, & You can feel happy.

1: Some time break from social media 

         With the rise of Instagram,& all social media it seems like you have to be a multi-millionaire to have some kind of an interesting life. 

         I mean people are posting pics of how they are traveling around the world in a private. Doing crazy stuff, trying new food, and vacationing on a yacht. 


         that’s like a punch on your self-esteem because you look at yourself, you got nothing, you have your boring job and on weekends you just go to the bar with the same old friends and do the exact same thing. 

         to be fair, at some point in my life, That was me, I mean I was lazy, I wasn’t much into life, in fact, I didn’t even believe that there is a way to make my life interesting but thank god after getting into self-improvement.

         this was the impact of your brain nerve system, they can add to your subconscious mind, & that can impact your daily life so make sure sometimes you can break on social media.

2: sightseeing

         I like discovering and learning about new places, but you don't have to travel to another country or city to do some sightseeing. 

         Sometimes we live in one place for years and decades and we are so drawn to our everyday routine that we forget to appreciate all the amazing things our home town has to offer. 

         It's our third day in Barcelona and now we are in the Placa Espanya and I'm going to show you some sights here. So be a tourist for a day in your own city. 

         Explore the parts, that you don't to every day or visit the local museum to learn about the roots of your town. It's funny how we all want to visit the cool popular places around the world when sometimes the biggest treasures are right in front of us.  

3: Do Sports

         When you're bored and feeling low in energy try to do some sports. Activity is not just super healthy for your body and mind, but it will also make you feel fantastic.

4: meditation 

watch this video and try to meditatiom=n for just 5 min I can 100% sure they can change your feeling right now so make sure my friend you can try it.

5: talk with friend & family 

         Facebook, insta and all the social media stalking don't a real social interaction. call up a friend you haven't seen in a while, & bring a coffee over to your parent's place and catch up.

         that can help you to reduce your stress & anxiety and also, you can learn about other people things. 

6: watching some motivational videos 

7: declutter

         A cluttered home wreaks havoc on the mind, overwhelming our already overloaded brains with too much sensory information. This can cause irritableness, increase stress levels, and even make you feel ashamed or embarrassed about your home when guests come round.

         When your home is cluttered, your mind can become cluttered too. Not to mention the stress caused by being unable to locate something amongst the piles and piles of things you own. Start small by decluttering just one room – say, the living room, for example – and see just how much calmer you feel when you spend time there in your newly decluttered space.

This is the Why your life is so boring hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.


How do I stop living a boring life?

1. focus on your goals 
2. every day walk for min 100 steps
3. learn something new 
4. listening podcast 
5. read books
6. write down your thoughts
7. build something new (everyday small step they can show result big )
8. talk with your family friends  

Is life boring after 30?

Differently No, Age Are just a number. you can find your goal & every day small steps to work &take a world some amazing products, business, etc...

How can I just enjoy life?

1. Focus on Your life & yourself
2. Make Time to Relax 
3. Avoid the Negative News
4. Nurture Your Positive Relationships
5. Meet New People
6. Explore New Places
7. Try New Things
8. Celebrate Small Wins
9. Allow Yourself to Feel Happy
10. Take time with family

What are the 7 keys to happiness?

1. Stop looking for SOMEONE and start living it
2. Live in the “PRESENT” to be happy.
3. Learn to be grateful to be happy. 
4. Exercise to be happy, Min 100 Steps. 
5. Help others and be generous to be happy. 
6. Always Smile to be happy.
7. Surround yourself with positive people, cut down the negative people.

What are 5 things that make you happy?

1. Stop looking for SOMEONE and start living it
2. Live in the “PRESENT” to be happy.
3. Learn to be grateful to be happy. 
4. Exercise to be happy, Min 100 Steps. 
5. Help others and be generous to be happy. 


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