Consistency is a great characteristic to build & implement in your life. The key to consistency is setting and achieving specific goals, habits, money what you can achieve.

Start by how you want to be more consistent in your life, and aim for these small goals. 

Over time, as you become more consistent, keep yourself motivated and accountable

This may require some change in thinking so that you stay optimistic and productive throughout the process.

Consistency, on your face, takes time. To be consistent, you have to replicate positive behavior or performance day after day, until it defines you.

If you are ready to be more consistent? Here are a few best practices:

    How to stay consistent in life

              How to be consistent? Hey how's it going Dave accountancy here do you have a problem staying consistent now this could be consistent in your business this could be saying consisting of personal life 

              whatever it may be you just have issues thing consistent well in this blog I'm going to give you 4 tips that you can use to start being more consistent and this will do wonders for your productivity and make sure you're taking active steps towards reaching your goal so let's get started


     Have A Clear Vision 

              now I know what you're going to say that sounds so cliche like have a clear vision you know but this is so important if it wasn't important I wouldn't be speaking about it first you need to have a clear goal and you need to have a clear picture of what you were trying to achieve 

              because without that picture you're not gonna have the willpower to be able to go out there and do what you need to do to get that goal accomplished to go to the mall and you want to go and pick up something 

              if you're going to just don't know what you're gonna get you're gonna spend hours wandering around the mall and not knowing what you want and you're probably left empty-handed or you'll get something that you didna want in the first place but 

              if you have a clear vision and you know exactly what you want to buy you know exactly what store you go to take it off the shelf they don't have it there you go online you know you do whatever you need to get done to 

              make sure you get that product because you know exactly what you want family goes for in your business you want to make sure you have a clear vision and a clear goal so that that will propel you toward being consistent 



    Have A Plan 

              having a plan gives you a layout of your land and lets you set up a roadmap for success now the best thing to do I recommend is to either plan the day before like 

              the night before you go to sleep or the morning once you wake up plan out your day create a to-do list of things that you must get done before the end of the day and important things 

              but you know they can wait right you want to categorize your things by priority so that you make sure you get all the things you need to get done on that day and so that you're being proactive and you're using your days wisely because we all have 24 hours right 


    One Step At A Time

              one little step at a time because if you can do that you are constantly moving forward towards your goal and you don't end up burning yourself out you know 

              why people go through cleansers and they do you know juice diet and then I able to keep the weight off it's because they go so hard for that week or a couple of days and then the moment 

              they give their body some relief and they you know to scarf down to donate something they gained like they go back to the negative pounds right you like but if you take it a step at a time and you start by dying a little bit exercising a little bit every day 

              you start to build a habit right and that's what consistency is consistency is just the complicated wherefore habit and so to build a habit you need to do something repetitively over and over and over again and the best and easiest things to do repetitively are small things so take it one baby step at a time 


    Have An Accountability Partner 

              have somebody that you can count on to help you get you up on those hard days this can be a friend is gonna be a business partner this can be a coach which I highly recommend 

              if you're doing business or any other thing to have a coach somebody that can keep you accountable and keep you on your track because there are days that you're not gonna feel like getting out of bed 

              their days you're not gonna feel like putting in the work and grinding right but if you have somebody that's there that's saying hey did you do what you got to do today you know you're more likely to do 

              that you know it's easy to go to the gym when you know somebody is waiting for you they're gonna call you to be like where you at bro if you're not at the gym dresses you don't have anybody there you can just say well it's not gonna go to that you can make excuses easier that way so make sure you have an accountability partner.

    How to stay consistent with exercise


    get yourself motivated

              And I've shared this with so many girls that I have trained. So tip number one is to put your workouts on a calendar

              That can be your phone calendar or a physical diary. Schedule in when you're gonna work out, before, after work, or during your lunch break. 

              Pick a time and stick to it. Trust me, it's the only way to make sure that you'll actually do it, and start physically seeing it on your phone will make you wanna work out and mark it as complete. 

              And the bonus with this tip is that after a couple of weeks, this routine will turn into a habit. 


    set yourself small, realistic goals

              Sure, have long-term goals, but it's so, so important to set small, short goals that you can hit in, say, just a couple of weeks or even a month. 

              Comment guilty below if you guys have ever set an unrealistic goal before and just lost complete and utter motivation when you have not reached that goal in, say, just a month. 

              When you start hitting these smaller goals that you've set yourself, you will almost feel closer to hitting your bigger goal, and you'll also motivate yourself to continue going. 

              Why? Because you're seeing small, progressive changes, and changes that are impacting you in a much bigger and positive way. 

              You can drink more water, cut out crisps, order just one takeaway a week, and only have.


    have a variety of exercises 

              That means switching up your routines. The reason being is that when we stick to just one thing, we get very bored, and we get unmotivated very quickly. 

              So if we have a variety in our exercises, we're gonna be more inclined to work out because it's gonna be something different, something challenging, and something a lot more fun to do.


    surrounding yourself with motivational quotes 

              I can not stress the importance of how much your environment impacts your results and your mindset

              So some of how you can do this are, you can print out some motivational quotes and stick them around your house or your bedroom. 

              You can set one as your screen saver and you can also set yourself up with alerts so you get a motivational quote, say, about two or three times a day. 

              Once you start getting the motivational messages, you're gonna fill your mind with positivity, which is gonna lead to positive actions. 

    How to stay consistent in studies


    create reminders to think ahead

              build some structures into your everyday routines, that reminds you to think in a forward-thinking manner. 

              One good way to start doing this, is to create a reminder on your task management system or your calendar to sit down once a week and think, what do I have coming up shortly? Do I need to sign up for classes? Well, then I should make a reminder for the exact time that the class scheduler opens so I can get in there and get my classes before everyone else takes the good ones. 

              Or do I need to get an apartment soon? If you live in a college town like I did, then it's likely that every apartment complex is gonna have its leases start around the exact same time. 

              And because of that, everyone's gonna be signing leases all in one big drove.

              So, do yours early, otherwise, come next semester, you're gonna be living ina van down by the river. 

              And while you're going through this mental exercise, also think about your relationships, maybe you have somebody who has a birthday coming up soon or you have a friend that you haven't talked to in a while. 

              I find that when you actually think about these things and when you apply a forward-thinking mindset to your relationships, you tend to maintain them better.

              And this is important because as people get older, they start to get busier and they start to have less time for their friends and it's only people who are deliberate about maintaining the relationships that actually keep them. 


    move towards adulthood

              They don't let adulthood sneak upon them. And by that, I'm not talking about becoming a person who hates fun and tells kids to get out their lawn but every human is going to have skills they need to build and challenges they need to face at some point in their lives. 

              And a lot of people try to push those things off as much as they possibly can. 

              But if you can become the kind of person who is willing to take on those things early, I'm talking about things like having your own bank account, doing your own taxes, your filling out your own financial aid forms or like, learning how to iron a shirt or do your own laundry

              Then once you have to do those things, you've already got that base of skills to apply to them. 


    solution finders

              They're the kind of people who, that when faced with a tough problem, that doesn't have an immediately apparent solution, are willing to push through and figure out how to solve it. 

              And sadly, a lot of students aren't like this. A friend of mine named Matt is a web developer at a pretty big company and this company values this solution finding mindset so much that they have a rule for people who get stuck on problems. 

              They call it the 15-Minute Rule. Essentially, if an employee gets stuck on a problem, they have to spend 15 more minutes, working on that problem before they're allowed to ask for help

              And during that time, they have to document everything they do and write down what didn't work so that way when they do ask for help, they're able to give context to the person who's helping them. 

              Additionally, once they hit that 15-minute mark, they must ask for help. And this rule creates a nice balance. 

              It makes them independent and solves problems on their own but also ensures that they're not being so stubborn that they never ask for help and that ensures that they're not wasting the companies time. 

              And adopting this rule actually proved very useful to you as a student because if you're willing to solve problems independently, you're going to solve a lot of them that you would've originally asked for help on, and if you do have to ask for help, you're going to show your teacher that you take the problems seriously and that you're not just crying out for help the moment things get tough. 


    building relationships 

              building relationships with your teachers, with your professors, and with other faculty members at your school or university. 

              When you do this, you start to build a network of people who aren't just in your immediate age group or at your same level of progression. 

    trying to learn outside of class

              They're trying to learn from a variety of different sources and they are branching out into different areas that aren't on their narrow major path. And I think this is really important to do. 

              Because once you start getting interested in a variety of different subjects and you start dabbling in different areas, you start to build this diverse web of connections in your brain, which allows you to be more creative in your main work. 

              Plus when you take just a little bit of time to branch out from your major path.

              You might stumble onto something that actually proves to be a huge boon to your future career prospects. 

              One great example is my best friend Martin. He's always been really interested in language learning but he majored in MIS in college but that didn't stop him from creating a blog all about how to learn new languages and that actually got him some recognition in the language learning community. 

              He was actually on a list of language learning experts pretty recently. 

              Not to mention, the experience got building that website actually lead directly to him getting hired at a web development agency in our city right after graduating, who usually didn't like to hire recent graduates. 

              Because he had a lot of experience that most people didn't have.

    How to stay consistent and motivated

    This is how to stay consistent and motivated hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

    FAQ Time 

    How do you stay consistent during exercise?

    1. get yourself motivated

    2. set yourself small, realistic goals

    3. have a variety of exercises 

    4. surround yourself with motivational quotes 

    How do you stay consistent?

    Stay consistent with your goals, life habits. 

    1. Make a plan

    2. Prioritize

    3. Break it down

    4. Stick to a schedule

    5. Form habits

    6. Visualize

    7. Use your morning

    8. Mindfulness

    9. Put up a reminder

    10. Regular reviews

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