TOP 14 AMAZING New Year’s Resolution Ideas – Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever

TOP 14 AMAZING New Year’s Resolution Ideas – Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever

         2021 is almost here and I am ready to leave 2020 behind! So in today's blog, I wanted to share a few new year's resolution slash goal ideas for 2021. If you're interested, please keep on watching. 

          I wanted to mention the new year's resolutions. I know for some people they can work really well for me personally they have never really worked. I'm more of a goal person so I would consider these goal ideas but if you want to call them new year's resolutions that's okay too. Whatever works for you. Let's begin. 

1: connect with a friend or family member every day. 

          I think it's really important to maintain our connections and when we have good social connections we have better mental health so make it a point to connect with somebody whether it's a friend or a family member every single day. 

          It doesn't have to be in person because well that's not happening these days it can be over the phone or via text. I think it's important to maintain those connections so make it a point in 2021 to maintain those connections. 

2: create a bedtime ritual 

          I think that there is a lot of value in having a bedtime routine that helps you fall asleep faster and actually helps you get into bed on time, so if you don't have a bedtime ritual or a bedtime routine at this time figure out one that can work for you.

          I like to have a cup of tea and do some reading before bed. I find that if I do that I will fall asleep well especially chamomile teal chamomile tea. I can't speak today. 

          Chamomile tea and makes a really big difference so find a ritual that works for you. Create a bedtime ritual that you enjoy.   

3: eat the rainbow 

          so I think this is a really great idea if you want to eat healthier. So a lot of people they'll say that one of their resolutions is to eat healthier and I think that is great but it's really not specific.. so make it more specific.  

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          Say that you want to eat the rainbow. Eating a rainbow basically means eating a variety of fruits and vegetables that are of different colors so you get a variety of nutrients and I think it's a really fun way to make healthy eating a little more interesting so that might be something that you want to try in 2021. 

4: take better control of your money. 

          I think that this is really health is very important and everyone is in a different place. You need to figure out what you want to do in 2021   for this. 

          So a couple years ago I had a goal to spend less money on eating out. I think this was three or four years ago.. to spend less on takeout and save because I was spending a lot on takeout.   

          So you might have a goal where you're trying to save more or you might have a goal where you want to invest. 

          I actually don't really know much about investing so I think that in 2021 I am going to learn more about investing so that's going to be my goal for my financial health.   

5: create a better morning routine. 

          I think having a good morning routine makes such a big difference... the days that I actually follow my morning routine. I feel great.. just having that routine in place feels like I'm starting my day on the right note. 

          So make 2021 the year you decide to create a simple morning routine for yourself. It doesn't have to be a morning routine that other people follow everybody is different so find out what it is that you really enjoy doing in the morning.. that helps you start your day on a positive note. 

          For me, it's having a nice walk as well as meditation. These two things have to be part of my morning routine... they're really important to me because I feel a lot better when I do those things in the morning. 

6: explore a new hobby or skill. 

          As you guys know I am all about learning and every single year   I try to learn something new. So this year was the year where I made it a point to learn watercolor painting as well as digital painting. 

          Next year my goal is to learn gouache painting... so every year I  try to learn something new and if you are creative like me and you want to learn more about creative  

7: reduce your sugar intake 

          I think when it comes to healthy eating if that's usually what your resolution is   reducing your sugar intake is one of the best things you can do it's much more specific   and it will make a world of a difference I have a lot of different blogs on reducing sugar intake  why you should do it how you should do it 

8: start a side hustle or side income in 2021 

          if you've been thinking about starting something a small business or just like a side business and you've been putting it off for quite some time make 2021 the year that you make it happen 

          I think a lot of times we defer things we keep thinking we're going to do them later and later and then they never happen but if you truly want to do something do it I think 2021 is the year for you to at least get started on it so I have been thinking about properly starting up a side business for my art and I will do that in 2021 so this is actually one of my goals for 2021. 

9: declutter your digital space 

          so I've talked   about decluttering your home many times on this blog but I have not really properly decluttered the digital space I've decluttered my phone but I haven't decluttered everything else 

          so I think I want to spend some time next year decluttering all of the excess files that I have and you know properly doing backups and all of that so that is something that I want to do declutter my digital space because 

          I feel that it will make my process of getting things done a lot better I'll become a   lot more productive and organized so definitely something that I want to focus on in 2021 

10: redecorate your home especially your home office 

          if you're working from home so a lot of us   are working from home now and I think that it would be nice to just spruce up our home offices and make it a more fun space to work in so that is something that 

          I think is a great idea for 2021 I like the way my home office looks but I want to just kind of make a few changes a few tweaks to the artwork so that is something that I plan to do in 2021 

11: reduce your carbon footprint 

          I think that this is a really great goal idea and this is actually something that I want to do in 2021 I have reduced my carbon footprint in many different ways but I do think that there's a lot of scope for improvement so I plan to do that in 2021.

12: to focus more on giving and contribution in 2021 

          so I think that there's a lot of value in helping others and supporting others in big or small ways so in 2021 one of my goals is to help others more to you know give more money to charity and you know support others so if that's interesting to you that would be a really great goal to have in 2021 

13: change the mindset that's holding you back 

          so think about a particular mindset that holds you back something like   perfectionism self-doubt and think about how you can tackle it in 2021 because I think that there   is a lot that we can do in life if we were able to get rid of those mindsets that hold us back   

14: break a bad habit 

          when we think about resolutions and ideas a lot of us do talk about the things that we want to do which is great but what about the things that we don't want to do anymore those bad habits so I think that there is a lot of value in breaking some of those bad habits in 2021 I'm actually going to do a blog later on that anyway.

This is the 2021 New Year's Resolutions and Goals Ideas! ✨ hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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