Stress Management: TOP 7 Simple TIPS to Relieve Stress

Stress Management: TOP 7 Simple TIPS to Relieve Stress

           Let's talk about stress. Today I want to share some tips on how to deal with stress.

           I do believe that it is possible to live life more stress-free and more worry-free. Don't believe that stress is unavoidable because it is avoidable. 

           So today I'm going to share some tips on how to deal with stress and how to prevent you from being too overwhelmed by stress. 

1) Take a shower or a bath. 

           There's something about cleansing yourself physically that also cleanses yourself mentally. It also cleanses your energy, just washing away all those impurities. It relaxes you instantly. 

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           Also, take time to hydrate and drink lots of water after that shower or bath, and you'll feel so much better already. 

2) Be present. 

           You notice that, when you're stressed, you're usually feeling worried or anxious about the future because it's uncertain. 

           You're unsure whether you're gonna pass this test, or you're not sure whether something's going to be certain, and that can drive us crazy if we allow it to. 

           But when you're present, you're focused on whatever's in front of you. And if you haven't noticed: You can always, always handle the present moment in front of you. 

           So whatever challenge is happening in your life, if it's the situation you're in right now-right now, you'll deal with it. But usually, we're stressed because we're trying to deal with the situation that has not happened yet. 

           It's in the future. That's what's causing the stress. Know that your power is here, in the present moment. You can think of a time when you maybe had a huge test in school coming up and you were really stressed about it. 

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           You were really stressed out studying or preparing, or maybe procrastinating made you really stressed out. But when you're actually there taking the test, you're not stressing out. You're focused, you're flowing. You're like, "Okay, let me figure this out. Let me do this…" You're solving the problem in front of you. 

           Stress is a trick your mind plays on you before anything is actually happening. Stress is the anticipation, not the action. So focus on the action in the present moment and you'll be fine. 

3) brain dump. 

           Journal it all out. When you journal out all your thoughts, worries, anxieties, you see what's causing your stress and you see how irrational some of your fears or worries might be. 

           This might help you feel more clear afterward so that you're not in your head all the time. Once you see it down on paper, you'll be able to organize your thoughts a little bit. You might even give yourself advice in your journal session. 

           Usually, I just help myself when I'm journaling it out. "I'm worried about this. But also: this, this, and this. It's okay because this, this, and this." So you can really use journaling as a tool to relieve your stress, to tell yourself – remind yourself – that it's going to be okay. 

           You can also use this journaling session to help you plan out those next steps to help you get out of this stressed situation. 

           You can use it as a productive time to get organized, plan your next baby steps, see what beliefs or thoughts are holding you back. Really use it to get clear. 

4) Talk to someone and get help. 

           Sometimes you need an outsider's perspective to be able to see your situation clearly. So talking to a trusted friend or therapist can really help you relieve your stress and anxiety and put you at ease and feel at peace a little more. 

5) Detach yourself from the outcome and trust the process. 

           Understand that, in life, there are things that you can control and things that you cannot control. And it's worthless, it's a waste of time to focus and worry about things that are outside of your control. 

           So just focus on everything that you can control. Basically, do your best and release your control of the outcome. Consider having this new perspective: I don't mind what happens. 

           When you don't mind what happens, you are living more carefree, you have zero expectations. 

           The idea is that life will take you in these different directions. You will have challenges and hard times, but everything given to you, everything put in front of you in life is there to help you grow, to help you learn, to help you get stronger. 

           So just trust that whatever's in front of you is whatever you have to grow through, whatever you have to face. And an easy life is not real. There's no easy life. 

           There's no perfect life. Bad things are gonna happen. Challenges are gonna happen. So as long as you have the mindset of: "I'm just gonna do my best and not care about the outcome. I'm here to learn," you'll be okay. 

6) Meditate 

           I honestly would've put this earlier on in the steps but I feel like I say it so much that I wonder if you guys are sick of it. But meditation should be in every single BLOG because it is one of the cornerstone habits, one of the main tips of being more stress-freecarefree, happy in life

           It just has so many benefits. If you could just meditate five minutes a day, you'll already feel the benefits of a more calm mind, and a more centered soul, if you know what I mean. 

           Meditation is learning to realign with your soul and softening the noise around you and remembering that your soul within, it always still, it's strong. 

           Your soul is invincible. So meditation is a reminder to come back to that and realize that everything around is just temporary. It's not going to stay like that forever. Anyway, if it's difficult for you to meditate, you can definitely try guided meditations like Calm or Headspace. 

7) Take care of yourself. 

           Take care of your body, your health, your well-being. Don't forget that self-care always comes first, because you have to be okay to function in everyday life.

           So make sure you're eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, getting enough sleep. It really is the basics. And I know that when we're busy or stressed, we tend to sacrifice things like that. 

           We tend to cut sleep, we tend to eat unhealthy because it's more convenient. But when you're busy, that's actually the time that you need those things more. The busier you are, the more you owe it to yourself to take care of yourself. Lastly, I want to leave you guys with a quote that I really like.

It's by Dale Carnegie: "Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit homeand think about it. Go out and get busy." 

          That just means that, when you're feeling stressed, anxious, worried, which are all versions of fear, it means that it's all happening in your head. 

           And the best thing that you can do to get out of that state is to simply take action. Similar to my point of being present, focus on what you can do right now in the present moment and do your best. That's the best that you can do. 

           And when you start to take action, you will feel like – the fear dissolves because you're so focused on what you're doing. So when you just sit home and you're just thinking, of course, you're gonna feel stressed and scared, all of this. 

           But when you're taking action, you feel more confident and you have more courage and bravery to keep going and to just get things done. So I send you guys all of that positive energy, all of that just-do-it energy. 

           And I hope that whatever stress you're going through right now, that you just take a step back from your life, appreciate it for what it is, be grateful for everything that you have, and just relax. 

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