7 Reasons You're Always Tired & TOP 10 Amazing Self-help tips to fight tiredness

TOP 7 Reasons You're Always Tired & 10 Self-help tips to fight tiredness

Why am I always tired and have no energy?

             Why Am I Always Tired? It is a question many of us have asked at some points in our lives. There are at least 7 reasons for feeling tired more than usual. 

1: Lack of sleep. 

             Not enough sleep or even staying up too late could cause tiredness. You must be getting adequate sleep in your day, otherwise, sleep debt can quickly accumulate. 

2: Being stressed or overwhelmed. 

             Being stressed or overwhelmed might be another reason why you are feeling these symptoms. Often due to laziness or simply lack of priorities. Our responsibilities can pile up resulting in a person feeling stressed or overwhelmed

3: Unbalanced or unhealthy diet. 

             The food you eat affects your body. In fact, at any given time, cells in your body are constantly being replaced. 

             The quality and quantity of food that you are eating can be the difference between feeling fresh and feeling tired. 

4: Being dehydrated. 

             Being dehydrated or not having enough fluid in your body could very well cause this symptom as well as headaches, cramps, and soreness

             Water makes up the majority of our body and not getting enough water in our system is another major cause of tiredness. 

5: Growing body. 

             Depending on your age, this could just be your body growing or using more energy than what you are used to, resulting in your feeling of tiredness. 

6: Too much exercise or work. 

             Overdoing something whether it is at home or work could cause you to feel like you have no energy left afterward or in this case like you are always tired. 

7: Heat or sickness. 

             Spending a lot of time in a very warm or humid environment can result in a feeling of tiredness as your body recovers. 

             Also, it could be an underlying disease causing your body to be devoid of energy and feeling tired. 

             If you are chronically feeling tired, then it is a good idea to get a check with your doctor as it could be a symptom of some disease affecting your body. 

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How to Stop Being TIRED All the Time

             How are you guys doing today? I don't know about a lot of you guys, but I feel tired basically 24/7, but now it's official summer vacation.

             (blows noisemaker)Yas! So, I'm going to try to break my cycle of every summer, which consists of nothing. 

             My daily routine is usually sleeping, eating, laying around, eating, checking my Twitter, eating. 

             Did I mention eating? I lack energy all the time, and I want to fix that, so I did some research to help me, and hopefully, any of you guys watching. So, let's just get right into it. 

1: get a good night of sleep. 

             Wow, I bet you didn't know this one. This is obvious, just make sure you're getting enough sleep. Something I need to work on is actually getting less sleep. 

             I get around nine hours a day, and apparently, getting too much sleep is bad for you. What? I know, right? 

2: exercise and work out. 

             Now, I know some of you watching might be thinking, "Exercise?" (laughs) I'll admit, it's easier said than done, but just force yourself to do it. 

             Try your best to stop sitting and laying around all the time. This is me. Go running, walking. You can even stretch or do yoga. Just do something to get your blood pumping and muscles moving. 

             It'll get your body working, and you'll feel a lot more energized throughout the rest of the day because of it. 

3: Listen to your favorite happy music. 

             Go to your room, put your headphones on, and get jiggy with it. Let your moves out. It doesn't even matter if you suck at dancing. 

             Just do what feels good. Just remember to close the door, or else you might find someone else watching you. 

4: eat healthily. 

             Apparently, there are these things called fruits and vegetables, and they're super good for you. I know, crazy. 

             Try your best to avoid junk food as much as possible, because although it might taste like heaven at first, you're not gonna feel as great the next day as you possibly could have. Now, if you're feeling really brave, don't eat fast food. 

             Now, I know what some of you might be thinking. "Ermahgerd, I need my chicken nuggets." Don't worry, you can treat yourself every once in a while. Just don't make it a habit. In the end, you'll have way more energy, and your body will thank you. 

5: drink lots of water. 

             Dehydration is a huge cause of being tired, and all you need to do to fix it is drink water. 

             Wow, how easy is that? Something I've been doing lately is drinking a tall glass of water right after I wake up. It makes me feel 10times better immediately. It's awesome, try it out. 

6: laugh a little. 

             Now, when I say "laughing", I'm not talking about when you send your friend a text that says, "LOL", when in reality, you're just sitting there like... I'm talking real, teeth-showing laughter. 

             Try watching a comedy show or funny movie, YouTube videos, hangout with your friends, if you have them. Laughing is like a freaking cheat code to feel good and energized fast. I love it. 

7: Stay away from stress. 

             Separate yourself from things that are negative or anything that puts you down. As for me, something really tiring and stressful is school, so this year, I'm dropping out.

             That's right; (bleep) school. (laughs) No, I'm totally joking. My principal and some of my teachers actually watch my videos, so um... Just kidding, I love school! 

8: Drink some coffee. 

             Personally, I'm more of a tea drinker, but do whatever you want. I actually have a green tea right here. Ah, green tea. Haha, get it? Green tee, like green tee-shirt? I waited like three years to make this joke. Just don't ruin this for me! 

9: take naps. 

             I don't know about a lot of you guys, but I love taking naps. Maybe it's because I'm secretly a 70 year old or something, but if I have the time and I'm in the mood, I'll take a nap. And it's great. 

             Like, for real, schools should have nap time for older kids, too. I mean, half the kids in the class are already asleep anyway. Might as well make it official. Anyways, naps are awesome, just make sure to keep them short, or else it might screw up your sleeping schedule. 

10: get some sunlight. 

             Light from the sun gives you vitamin D, which is good for your immune system and muscles. I have no idea what I'm talking about. 

             But really, if you don't get certain levels of vitamin D, you'll die. Okay, so, that's not true at all. But for real, if you don't get enough, it can make you feel fatigued or even lead to depression, so go out there and get that D. 

             Ay... No, but for real, get some vitamin D. All right, so that's all that I have on the list. Now comes the hard part. Actually doing them. 

             I know, ew, work. By the way, if you came here looking for some extreme, in-depth tutorial on how to stop being tired, I'm sorry. Maybe this helped? If not, go see a doctor, I guess? 

This is the 10 Ways to Stop Being Tired

 hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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