What I Eat In a Day: HEALTHY + SIMPLE & TESTY Meal Ideas! In 2020

What I Eat In a Day: HEALTHY + SIMPLE & TESTY Meal Ideas! 

          I believethat food is medicine and fuel which is why today's blog is a what I eat in a day to boost energy.

          I'm always on the go I've got lots going on and I need thatfuel to keep me going to keep me energized and to get through.

          today I am not write the article on this particular topic bcuse what I eat in a day are some rciepes and tricks so they can't understand you so I can share with you amazing video for what I eat in a day for Iive a healthy lifestyle.

How To Eat Healthy At The Office

          Okay guys, time to switch gears and move on totoday's health hack. 

          If you work in an office, you know it can be toughto eat healthy, right? You get busy, and youreach for junk food, or even worse, you snackmindlessly all day long.

          Well, today we're countingdown the top three ways you can make youroffice lunch healthier. 

1: Insteadof running out to grab a lunch, pack your own!

          That way you'llnot only make sure you have a healthy option, but you can alsoportion your food out so you don't overeat. 

2: Reach for waters 

          the perfect partner to your healthy meal. Water keeps us hydratedand also gives us energy to fuel therest of the day. 

          Sugary drinks like soda will only add tothat afternoon crash 

3: Keepyour lunch meal healthier

          Don't eat at your desk! Step away, and sit somewhereelse to enjoy your lunch. 

          That way you'll be ableto take a mental break, and eat mindfully. These three tips will helpkeep your office lunches as healthy as therest of your meals.

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