How To Get Bigger Lips Naturally-Top 5 Amazing ways to Get Bigger Lips Naturally

       How To Get Bigger Lips Naturally

               Welcome back to my blog so today I'm gonna give you 5 tips on how to make your lips look bigger anybody can do this and it's super easy super harmless and yeah and super fast and you can do it at home 

               the first tip is 5 ways to get bigger lips I think this is something that a lot of people don't do enough but it's actually very very important and very good for your lips. 

1: exfoliate your lips

               super important it makes them feel so much better so you're probably thinking wait a minute well how does that help me make my lips look bigger well if you exfoliate your lips 

               first of all, it will remove all of the dryness and dullness of your lips like any dry skin or anything like that it will come right off and 

               when you exfoliate your lips what happens is you make the blood rush into your lips so they become plumper naturally 

               that is a very good thing they will look more youthful plumper and just healthier overall so it is very important to exfoliate it just makes 

               such a huge difference and actually the same goes for the face but yeah exfoliation is great just make sure you don't go too crazy and make sure you use a good exfoliator 

               I mean ideally, you want to use an exfoliator that is for the lips it will work the best for the lips but if you don't have it then an exfoliator for the face will do just fine I wouldn't recommend using the exfoliator for the body because I feel like the ones that they make for the body are too rough for the face or the lips 

               there are two ways you can exfoliate one you can use an actual lip exfoliator or you can use a brush like this 

               which is like an exfoliating brush and you can use coconut oil with this brush and just like you do circular motion on your lips and that will moisturize them and exfoliate them at the same time.

This is the exfoliate your lips hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

2: moisturize 

               Moisturizing your lips is super important because if your lips are dry they're gonna look smaller and they're actually gonna be smaller because 

               the dryness kind of shrinks them up and it's not healthy either for your skin to just let it be dry so ideally, you want to try to you know to keep it nice and moisturized.

               For that, you can get either a moisturizer that's made specifically for lips, or if you don't have that's a big deal because you can use coconut oil which is amazing for lips or you can use a face moisturizer on your lips 

               which honestly works fine another way to moisturize is guess what Vaseline you might be wondering oh is it the lip balm Vaseline because 

               they do make lip balm but no I'm actually talking about the actual saline I don't know how exactly it works but 

               my thing is I don know how it works exactly but all I know is that after you apply it on your lips it gets fully absorbed and it just feels so much nicer and just so much softer 

               so I think that most people have this in their house and this is like a very easy way to moisturize your lips if you don't have any beauty products around 

3: lip plumper 

               now when I say lip plumper I don't mean that lip plumper craze that's been going around where you use that tool to make a suction and just keep your lips in 

               that tool whatever that thing is that I wouldn't actually recommend that because I don't think it's healthy it can cause bruising and cracks on your lips 

               so that kind of defeats the whole purpose of plumping them anyway right because now you have these huge plumped-up lips but they're oddly shaped because the lip plumper doesn't really do a good job of plumping 

               them evenly all around and if you do it over and over again it will actually cause them to start drying up okay 

               so I don't really suggest those with bumpers when I say a lip plumper Imean like a lip plumper lip gloss you just apply it on and it kind of just pumps 

               them up and makes them look fuller it's super easy super fast I actually don't have one right now cuz 

               I don't really use those but if you're really looking it's a super simple way of plumping up your lips really fast then that would be a good choice

This is the lip plumper home remedy hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

4: lip crayon 

               So lip crayon is something that I love using and I kind of have the one go-to lip crayon which is by and super cheap lip crayon from Sally Beauty Supply and I always use it this is my go-to lip tool even though 

               I have tons of lipsticks I for some reason mostly use this. I think because it just looks so natural 

               I mean the color looks very natural and it's super easy to apply and what I love is that the coverage is very sheer but it's not any long-lasting color 

               so if you looking for something long-lasting you might want to try liquid lipsticks anyways all you do is apply the lip crayon around your lips and you want to draw a little bit 

               the outside of your natural lip line but not too far because if you do it too much it's gonna look obvious and it's gonna it might look a little bit sloppy if you go too far so yeah 

               when I say outside I mean like literally right outside your lip line don't overdo it a little bit goes a long way and I especially accentuated the center like the center on the bottom and the center on 

               the top and that really makes a difference because those are the areas that if they plump up or they look bigger that's it's gonna make your lips look bigger 

               so this is great and it looks super natural, oh and another tipi that you want to get this in a very natural color that's close to your lips so this is a very natural color it is called going steady and 

               I just love it but you might want something that's a little bit pinker and it doesn't have to do this lip crayon by the way 

               it can be anything it can even pencil once you draw right outside of your lips then you start filling in the inside but don't overdo it just put a little bit on and 

               then you can use your fingers to just blend the product in just kind of like in a circular motion like this or you can just tap it a little bit like 

               this whatever works for you but what you want to do is blend the product into your lips so that it spreads all over and that's how you're gonna get a very plump and really natural-looking pout. 

5: shiny lip gloss 

               now I know I already mentioned the lip plumping lip gloss but if you don't want to use a lip plumper lip gloss maybe you know like 

               how it smells or how it feels I don't know you can use any shiny lip gloss of your choice 

               I personally don't like sticky lip glosses they drive me crazy because my hair sticks to them but luckily there are plenty of lip glosses 

               that are not so sticky but still very shiny so I would definitely suggest that what happens is when you put a shiny lip gloss it basically reflects a lot of the light and just 

               that on its own is gonna make your lips stand out so much more and it's gonna make them look way bigger than they are like it's crazy how good it works 

so that's really it that's all of my tips for making your lips look bigger and I hope you liked it and let me know what you thought and I will see you guys in my next blog 5 ways to get bigger lips naturally how to make your lips look bigger.

This is the  How To Get Bigger Lips Naturally hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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