7 Self-care Activities To Reduce Anxiety Disorder

7 Self-care Activities To Reduce Anxiety Disorder


         my beautiful people welcome back to my Blog.

         you already know what I'm gonna be talking about This is a blog all about caring for yourself, self-care when you have anxiety

         but these are also just general self-care tips that I use regularly that even if I'm not experiencing anxiety.

         I still use these things A lot of you guys have said that you're really stressed right now and You know, struggling with mental illness, and I totally get you Because I'm in the exact same boat right now


         The past couple of weeks have been probably the hardest few weeks of this year and even of last year A lot of changes have been happening - good and bad changes That I've had to deal with When big changes happen in your life,  sometimes your mental health can go wonky 

         So in this blog, I'm gonna show you all the things I do to keep my mental health in check, show myself love and make my mental health a priority If you enjoy this type of blog from me make sure you like it up folks comment below what you want to see next, comment below anything and Subscribe to my site.


         7 tips When I'm feeling anxious, something that really grounds me.


7 Self-care Activities To Reduce Anxiety Disorder 

1: Stretching and deep breathing 

         Self-care Activities To Reduce Anxiety Disorder Self-care Activities To Reduce Anxiety Disorder 

         It's kind of similar to yin yoga where you hold poses for a couple of minutes at a time But I do my own version of it with the stretches 

         I love doing So just find a quiet space, grab some comfy clothes, and a yoga mat.

         I usually like starting out with some Sun Salutations And continue with the stretches I'm doing here The trick is really drawing out your inhales and exhales and focusing solely on your breath This practice brings a lot of oxygen to your musclesorgans, and brain. 

         After doing this I always feel like I can breathe way deeper and I feel super refreshed. You should try it! 

2: Exercising

         Sometimes when you're anxious, you don't want to even get out of bed So this will sound like a difficult task, but once you do it, you'll feel so much better

         You can go for a run outside and get some fresh air or go to the gym, ride a bike, do some yoga Find a workout video on YouTube that you can do at home Exercising boosts the serotonin levels in your body which are happy chemicals that just boost your mood.

3: Reading

         I read a lot of mindset and self-help books. 

         The one I'm actually rereading for the second time is called Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Wayne Dyer

         I highly highly recommend this book It has totally changed my perception of what is possible for me 

         He talks about how to access the manifesting powers within you, your connection to the divine, and create 

         the life you've always dreamed of having It's honestly life-changing guys

4: Meditation 

         I know it's hard sometimes to get into meditating So sometimes guided meditations are easiest when starting out I use the free app Insight Timer almost every night. 

         It has guided meditations, a full built-in meditation timer, calming music binaural beats that change your brainwave frequency, and literally everything else. 

         Find a quiet space where you can be alone You can sit on a cushion, light some candles or burn incense Meditating is great for quieting your anxious and intrusive thoughts. 

         It definitely takes practice so don't be bummed out when you can't quite quiet your mind for the first few times Like the fact that you're actively MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MEDITATION trying to improve yourself is what counts, so keep working at it. 

5: Music

         I love doing especially when I'm by myself and in a bad mood is to turn on some fun, upbeat music that makes you dance, and just like go crazy 

         I've been super into this artist called Maggie Rogers lately. 

         This song I'm listening to right now is "Light On" Her whole album "Heard It in a Past Life" is freaking amazing All her songs are super spiritual and have a positive message too. I love her so much. 

6: Journaling 

         This forces the anxious thoughts in your head out of there and onto paper

         You can either do free writing and write about literally anything that comes to mind You can be creative with it by writing a poem or a story or a song.

         I actually got it on Amazon It's a quick daily journal with writing prompts to follow when maybe you don't know what to write This starts and concludes every day with a feeling of gratitude and motivation.

7: Hot bath 

         I also sometimes meditate in the bath. Just make sure you don't fall asleep while doing it You can drop some essential oils like lavender into your bath, light candles, turn on a Himalayan salt lamp. 

         This will detoxify your physical body and mind at the same time. If you don't understand about this self-care you can definitely check out my blog for Top 13 Amazing Natural Remedies For Anxiety In 2020 | Natural, and Quick Anxiety Remedies 

 can also do a face mask These are some face masks I love doing and have used in the past 

         So those are all of the things that I like to do when I'm feeling anxious or depressed Or just things 

         I like to do it regularly to make myself feel good and to raise my vibrational frequency. 

Top 10 Symptoms Of Anxiety | 5 Amazing Tips And Natural Treatment For Anxiety | Difference Between Anxiety & Depression 

         So I wanted to make this blog for you guys and share my personal tips And if this blog helped you in any way, I really want to know, comment below. I can't wait to see your guy's comments.

This is the Self-Care Tips for Anxiety & Depression hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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