You Have Constipation? Top 6 Ways To Prevent Constipation Naturally 100% In 2020

Top 6 Ways To Prevent Constipation Naturally 

            hello welcome to my channel for today's blog I'm going to dish the scoop on poop I know it's awkward to talk aboutpoop but you know what your poop tells you a lot about your health so talking about it is important to 33 million people in the United States alone suffer from constipation regularly and you do not need to suffer in silence so 

            if you're constipated and you're struggling with it and you've been taking laxatives let me tell you a lot of times constipation can be fixed by simple diet and lifestyle changes in this blog

            I'm going to tackle 6 tips to get you started so let's begin 

1: eat enough fiber

           so we all know that fiber can help relieve constipation and that's why you reach out for a lot of fiber supplements start off by having fiber-rich foods in your diet and then you're still struggling consider taking a supplement but a supplement is just 

           what is a supplement try to eat more fiber-rich foods first sources of fiber include fruit vegetable beans and lentils nuts and seeds whole grains basically any foods that are not processed and that are not animal products typically have fiber too. 

2: drink enough water 

          so when you are dehydrated your poop is dehydrated which means it's harder and more difficult to move through the colon and to get out of your system healthy poop is hydrated poop so make 

         sure you're getting enough water and something to remember when you're retaking more fiber supplements or you're eating more fiber you actually need to drink 

         more water fiber absorbs water so if you're actually eating a lot of it and not having enough water it will just clog up you know it's kind of like a plug it just won't move so make sure you drink enough water.

3: eat enough 

         healthy fat eating healthy fats are important for a healthy digestive system so if you're constipated and you're on a low-fat diet that might be part of 

         the problem so I suggest eating more healthy fats which include things like avocado nuts and seeds and salmon if you are a seafood eater.

4: probiotics 

         so we hear about probiotics all the time this day but how many of us are truly getting enough probiotics are important for a healthy digestive system and 

         if you're constantly constipated it could just be that you don't have enough healthy gut flora the way you can increase your probiotic consumption is you can take supplements 

         which is a great choice for beginners and if you want to become a little more advanced you can make your own fermented foods at home. 

5: get enough magnesium 

         so magnesium is one of the minerals which is very low in the modern diet we're just not getting enough and magnesium helps you relax 
         the muscles and it helps you too and if you're not getting enough magnesium you could get constipated 

         I recommend eating more magnesium-rich foods such as nuts and seeds dark chocolate my favorite and leafy greens and in general eating 

         Whole Foods now if that's not doing the trick and you're still struggling and constipation consider taking a supplement magnesium citrate supplements can help ease constipation.

6: change your lifestyle 

         so constipation is not just about what you eat it's all about your lifestyle as well as getting daily exercise and focusing on stress management can ease constipation symptoms 

         so something as simple as taking a daily walk can make a huge difference and if you're interested in stress management I recommend trying meditation I personally use an app called calm and I use. 

Fast Constipation relief & solve all stomach problems naturally

          Namaste Everyone, Welcome to the Samaya Yoga youtube channel I am Jyoti Khatri Constipation is a common health problem that leads to other health issues. 

          If your digestion, assimilation, and excretion system are not functioning well then automatically your body deprives nutrients, even after your multivitamin supplements. 

          Today I will share 2 special acupressure points that can cure constipation completely. 

          The first acupressure point is one of the versatile pressure points, that Helps treat many problems associated with Spleen, Kidney, and Liver. 

          This acupressure point is useful in the treatment of any digestive, gynecological, and emotional condition. 

          It is located on the inside of your leg, just above your ankle. At four finger widths up your leg, apply deep pressure slightly behind the bone (tibia). 

          Massage the point with your thumb or index finger, going back and forth. Knead this point well for about a minute. 

          All problems related to stomachs like indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, and other gastrointestinal problems will be solved. 

          Also with regular massage of this acupressure point, it can help women regulate menstrual problems. The second acupressure point is located on both sides of your navel, with 3 fingers width apart. 

          This can help to treat bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and other most of gastrointestinal diseases. Apply pressure with the thumb or index finger of both the hands. Press and hold this point on both sides of the navel. 

          Gently stimulate this point for at least one minute. Avoid stimulating this acupressure point during pregnancy. 

          You might find these points tender or sore, which may be painful. In that case, activate these acupressure points for 1 minute each for about 2 to 3 times a day. You will start seeing the effect of this acupressure point from the first time itself. 

          Most of hair related issues arise from constipation. 

          If you haven't seen my video in which I have shared acupressure points for all hair related problems. Then you might want to see that. 

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