What is yoga? | Benefits of Yoga How Can Yoga Improve Health

What is yoga? | Benefits of Yoga How Can Yoga Improve Health 

what is yoga?

                 So what is yoga?  Is it just another form of exercise? The word yoga actually comes from the root "YUJ" which is a Sanskrit word, which means "to unite" so yoga is the union of the mind-body and the soul we are not just the body we are much more than that. 

                 See on some days if your body is perfectly fine and you are not feeling well, you've had a bad day your mind is not well you'll not feel good. 

                 So our ancients they knew, Indian ancients they knew that you are not just the body. so the kind of design the whole you know yogic knowledge in a way that it's very very holistic so it caters to each and everything. 

                 People think yoga is religious which is not. 

                 If you have a body if you're breathing then yoga is for you. 

                 Yoga is a lifestyle it's not areligious practice. 

                 People think that yoga is about being ultra-strong or yoga is about being ultra-flexible which again.. not really. 

                 So it's good people who can do all those things it is nice but for you to benefit from yoga you don't really have to be ultra-strong you don't really have to be ultra-flexible yoga is much more than that. 

                 Patanjali Yoga Sutras is like the bible for yoga and they've got 196 sutras out of which only three mention asanas. 

                 Asanas are a way that helps you get there. Asanas help you help get your body in shape. Asanas help to bring your mind to the present moment if you are doing them with awareness and they help you on the yoga path. 

                 Asanas are a small part of yoga.  There are a lot of other things to yoga as well. So there's a very nice thing that's written in the sutras "Heyam Dukham Anagatam" They say yoga removes the sorrows which have not yet entered your life. 

                 Even at the body level and level of the mind as well. 

                 So yoga uplifts your energy, it helps you calm your mind and it kind of enhances everything that you do in your life.


                 So be it your personal life, be to your professional life anything and everything it's gonna be enhanced. 

                 All you have to do is take some time, get on that mat and just be there with yourself. Yoga is about "YOU".  Yoga is about getting to know yourself and you are that fountain of joy. Yoga is there for you to realize that.

Benefits of Yoga How Can Yoga Improve Health

                   Benefits of Yoga How can yoga improve health? In the last 50 years, science has really found the value in yoga and meditation. 

                   And we have plenty of scientific research in clinical trials and evidence has shown over and over that yoga has an impact and benefit in a wide range of chronic medical problems. 

                   There is contemporary research going on at various prestigious institutions like Mayo Clinic, Harvard ring various sinus diseases, lung diseases, a wide range of heart diseases that improving the parameters of the heart. 

                   So there are plenty of benefits and plenty of scientific evidence that has been already established. 

                   How did you introduce yoga to the community? I found my patients are very much open-minded to try anything that helps. And at the local Nashville Fitness Center, I ran six weeks of yoga class that had good attendance. 

                   And even I've been hearing from the community, from the health center, from the nursing home center, from various other places from the rural community, their people are really wanting yoga. 

                  How are you educating people about the benefits of yoga? I've given a talk on yoga and how yoga can help with a wide variety of chronic conditions at Memorial East. 

                  And we had pretty close to 60 people attended. 

                  And so there is a tremendous interest in the community. 

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