TOP 4 Amazing Home Remedy For Reduce Pores On The Face 100% WORK

How To Reduce Pores On The Face By Home Remedy


            hello, welcome to this amazing healthy lifestyle site. today I am going to share with my amazing and wonderful blog viewer most searches topic and this is how to reduce pores on the face by home remedy.

            so this topic I am going to share short and simple 4 remedies cheap and home ingredients using and 70% you can see the result

            But keep one thing in mind, Open pores are a necessary part of everybody's body so your purpose should not be to get rid of open pores but to shrink your"LARGE" open pores otherwise open pores play an important role in keeping your health by removing toxins out of your body in the form of sweat.


   4 home remedy to reduce pores on the face


            For this remedy, separate one egg white from its yolk. 

           Now beat this egg white well till it becomes foamy. 

           Once it is foamy, apply it on your face with any makeup brush or using your hands. 

           Apply a thick layer of it especially on your problem areas. 

           After that, let it get dry and once it dries up, wash it off with regular tap water. 

           For best and quick results, apply this egg white mask for 2-3times a week


             For this massage, take an ice cube and wrap it in any tissue paper and then massage gently on your face. 

            The purpose of wrapping up the ice in tissue paper is, this method saves your blood capillaries from any damage which could be caused by applying ice directly on your face especially ur under eye area.


            Do this massage once a day daily whenever u get some spare time.


            Ice massage is best to shrink ur pores rapidly and to control excess oil from your skin. 

            Am repeating, you'll do this massage one time a day daily and if you don't want to do it daily, always apply ice before going out or before doing your makeup. 

3: cucumber & Rosewater toner

            For this, take a medium-size cucumber and grate it.

           Then strain or press the mesh gently in your fist to get cucumber juice.

           Some benefits of cucumber juice are it shrinks your large open pores. 

           Helps to remove skin pigmentation Eliminates skin redness. 

           Now add some rose water into cucumber juice. 

           The quantity of both liquids should be equal. 

           Mix both these well and store them in some empty spray bottle or some airtight jar. Place this mixture in a fridge and spray this toner  3 times a day every day and let it dries up naturally on your face. 

           This toner is magical in shrinking large open pores. Remember, Always refrigerate the toner after using it. 

4: composed of 1 spoon Multani mitti (Fuller's earth) or Aztec clay 

           whichever is available at our place. and add tomato juice till the mask is in the form of a smooth paste. 

           Now apply this on your face with an old makeup brush or your hands. And let it dry. Once it is dried, wash it off with regular tap water and apply some moisturizer according to your skin type. 

          Apply this mask for 2-3times a week for best results. 

          Last but not the least, before trying any remedy on your face, always do a patch test on the lower side of your cheek. 

          I.e. apply that mask or toner whichever you choose to use on side of your lower cheek and wait for 20-30mins. 

         If u don't feel any irritation or burning sensations, it means the remedy is safe for ur face hence u can apply it on your full face.


 always remember, no 2 people have the same skin types if something works for one, may not work for another person so if you face any acne by using any of these remedies, stop it right away and try the other one. 

and after trying any remedy, if you get tiny acne or some redness, do not worry about it simply apply some aloe vera gel or rub a piece of ice on ur face and ur skin issues will settle down. 

This is the 3 Days and All Open Pores Will Disappear from Your Skin Forever hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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