The 6 Natural Skincare Tips | 5 FACTS about Skincare that you probably didn't know!

The 6 Natural Skincare Tips | 5 FACTS 

about Skincare that you probably didn't 



                If you want to look glowing & younger without spending a fortune, then come and discover the best and amazing natural anti again skincare tips.

                when if come to the skincare tips, you are probably aware of the basics: daily face cleansing, toning, moisturizing and weekly exfoliation.

6 Natural Skincare Tips 

                Within each of us, we have a natural indicator for our current state of balance or imbalance. This indicator is tied to all aspects of health-- mental, emotional, and physical. 

                And it may surprise you to know that this indicator also happens to be the largest organ in your body. 

                It's your skin! And this is why Ayurveda tells us that itis so important to use only natural skincare products, practices, and to formulate a routine that is uniquely balancing for your skin type. 

                If your skin is sensitive, if it is warm to the touch, if you are prone to overheating, if your skin is maybe rosy in color -- in Ayurveda, this is considered Pitta skin. This corresponds to the Ayurvedic dosha Pitta. 

                Which governs all things heat-related within the body. This is metabolism, transformation, heat within. And too much Pitta, meaning there is out of balance Pitta within the skin -- that can appear as redness. 

                So not rosiness but redness. You can have skin breakouts or even rashes. 

                That is too much heat in the body and to balance, you want to bring in a cooling aspect to it. 

                To calm and soothe your Pitta skin here is a couple of Ayurvedic tips. 

1: cool from within. 

                Avoid those hot, spicy dinners, avoid that overheating food and favor cooling foods, cooling fruits, cooling vegetables, whole. 

                Things like cucumber, sweet juicy fruits, melons, watermelons, and especially coconut

                Pitta loves to be balanced with coconut. Add in that coconut water, coconut oil. 

                There are several recipes available that include coconut to help balance Pitta from within. 

2: gently cleanse.

                and use only natural ingredients. To protect your Pitta skin, you especially want to avoid harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients in your skincare or even in your cosmetics that can lead to imbalanced skin. 

               So you want to avoid all of those. 

               Now, remember, when you do cleanse, when you take your shower, or even just when you wash your face, favor cool temperature water. 

               So avoid those hot showers, hot baths, because that can really start to overheat your sensitive skin.


3: After cleansing, use a gentle toner. 

               Now we absolutely love using just pure, organic rose water as a toner. 

               It is very simple to use. You can either spritz your face or spritz cotton round and then rub that cotton round all along your face within the creases to help pull off any kind of dirt that may have accumulated on your face. It is very gentle and very balancing and cooling for Pitta. Now after you have cleansed after you have toned, 

               then our fourth tip is to soothe your skin. Now our Youthful Skin Cream can do just the trick. 

              This has absolutely no chemical preservatives in it, so you know that it is balancing for sensitive skin. 
              It is just a blend of potent botanical extracts and restorative vitamins and it can also help with photo-sensitivity. It can be incredibly important to be mindful of with Pitta skin.

5: cool your digestion. 

             So Ayurveda tells us that digestion is connected to so many aspects of health including the health of your skin. 

             And with Pitta or excess Pitta, there can be firey digestion that can show up in your skin. 

             So a couple of ways to help cool from within to add that rose -- we love that Rose Water for Pitta -- we also love internal rose. So cooling digestion -- Digest Tone TriphalaPlus is our formula. 

             This is a traditional Triphala formula of three berries and to add the cooling element and also for synergy of all the ingredients, we actually add Cabbage Rose which is what makes it Triphala PLUS. 

             This formula is incredibly balancing for Pittato to help cool from within. 

6: self-massage. 

             Now, daily Abhyanga is an oil massage, and for pitta, it can be done very simply with a cooling oil like coconut oil -- there comes that coconut again that Pitta loves. 

             Now you can also try our Soothing Pitta-balancing oil. 

             This one is specially formulated, it has that cedar and sandalwood to help balance your gentle Pitta skin. 

This is the Natural Skincare Tips hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

 5 FACTS about Skincare

                however, if you are planning to choose really effective care for your skin, here are some little know facts you should be aware of.

                so today I can talk about the Top 5 amazing skincare facts.

1. skincare fact

                      drinking plenty of water is great for your internal organs also helps to hydrate your skin from the inside out.

                      if you drinking only lots of water will just make you pee-pee a lot.

                     drinking lots of water & eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids really accomplishes the job of keeping your skin hydrated and supple.

2. skincare fact

                      if your skin is really dry & cracked, moisturizing is helpful. but exfoliating and then moisturizing yields better results.

                     you can add a layer of paint to a cracked up wall? of course not.

                     paint would peel off in no time.

                     you whold smooth down the wall's surface before painting it.

                     it is a similar principle to treating dry, cracked skin. you can just get rid of the old/dead skin cells to reveal a fresh layer of skin before adding moisturizer.

3. skincare fact

                     drink water your skin more prone to dehydration due to being exposed to indoor heat. especially the night when your skin loses most of its moisture.

                     use a humidifier in your bedroom to add moisture back into the air. also, turn down your thermostat or radiator temperature.

4. skincare facts

                     cream moisturizer and lotion moisturizer are both effective prevent your skin but the difference between the two is that creams prevent your skin moisture from evaporating while lotions help your skin to appear more radiant.


5. skincare fact

                     the effective moisturizer must have water as the first ingredient listed on the label followed a light oil as the second ingredient, oils such as minerals oil are heavy & only sit on top of the skin.

* healthy skin does not come without cost. while most people are born with it. environmental factors, your habits, and ages work against your skin health.

   you can change your lifestyle and skincare routine based on these skincare facts will help you to achieve healthy and more radiant skin also help full of those products.

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