Importance Of Personal Hygiene In Mental Health | Top 4 Amazing Personal Hygiene For Mental Health

Importance Of Personal Hygiene In Mental Health

          It's not always easy being a parent and trying to juggle a full-time job with family life. Working parents often feel guilty and stressed because their attention is divided between work and family. 

          Hi, I'm Marianne. 

          I'm a mother, and I work full-time. I'll give you some pointers that I learned over the years to help me balance my work and family life. 

          The first thing you need to realize is that you can't do everything at once. 

          The key is to focus on a plan, get organized, and try to find the right balance between parenthood and your job. 

          Be proud of your ability to identify the important things in your life that need to be managed. 

          You might feel overwhelmed at times, but step back and see all that you are accomplishing. 

           Let go of the guilt. 

          It's a wasted emotion. There will be times when you will feel conflicted. Acknowledge it and focus on the fact that you're making the best decisions for your family based on the current environment. 

          First, decide what your family needs are from you each day. 

          Focus on one or two tasks each day that is a priority. 

          Communicate these with your children and partner. 

          This approach helps to ensure everyone's needs are addressed. It's important to establish a routine. Maintain a schedule for your children for when they will do schoolwork, have playtime, eat meals, et cetera. 

          The structure makes a child feel in control and allows parents the opportunity to plan ahead. If you're working from home, you'll need to establish a work schedule with uninterrupted time. 

          Let your children know that you need to work for certain periods of time. 

          When that time is over, schedule playtime and give them your full attention. Whether you are working on-site or at home, you must carve out some quality time to spend with your children every day. 

          Sometimes our work schedules make this challenging if we're working late or traveling for business. Blocking your calendar to spend one-on-one time with your children will support your efforts to prioritize family. 

          Something that I found very helpful was a central family calendar. 

          List all of your children's activities, doctor's appointments, your work commitments, as well as birthdays and other events. 

          Plan and schedule a family activity and place it on the calendar. It doesn't always matter what you do just so you do it together. If possible, have childcare or contingency plans available that are flexible, so you're prepared for those unpredictable situations such as your child getting sick during the day, or you have to work late. 

          If your child is having a problem and it becomes challenging for you to manage your work and personal needs, talk to your manager about possible work options.

          At Johnson & Johnson, we care about the well-being of our employees, and our goal is to become the healthiest workforce. 

          Your family is our family. In addition to the tips, Marianne shared, know that the Employee Assistance Program, EAP, is available to you and your family members 24-7. 

          EAP counselors can provide expert advice on child care and family issues. 

          They can also support you in finding resources you may need at home. 

          In addition to EAP support to find resources you may need, Johnson & Johnson provides flexible work arrangement options to help support you when additional flexibility is needed. 

          Reach out to your manager to learn more about flexible work arrangements available in your local region, or contact Global Health Services. 

          Enjoy your children because they grow up so quickly. 

          When you are at work, try not to dwell on the fact that you are not with your child. Focus on how your work benefits your children. 

          Being present at work allows you to be a part of Health for Humanity, J & J's vision. Being present at home allows you to care for those you love and ensure they are safe and healthy. 

 Importance Of Personal Hygiene In Mental Health watch this amazing video

Top 4 Amazing Tips For Personal Hygiene For Mental Health

          Are you tired of depression getting in the way of even the simplest tasks? Or are you embarrassed that keeping up on your daily hygiene seems to be 

          this mountain of a project that you can seem to accomplish when feeling so overwhelmingly depressed?  By the end of this BLOG, I am going to give you some quick tips so that you can keep on top of your hygiene habits, feel successful, and that even though you're feeling depressed you can get some of these daily tasks done without worry.  

          These are some tips that my clients use when they're feeling overwhelmed and depressed and even if you're feeling like you can't get out of bed today let me help you get some of these easy tasks out of the way and get you back to the life that you love! 

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          If this is the first time to my blog welcome and if you've come back for the more welcome back.  

          I'm Dr. MichelleScoggins, a licensed clinical psychologist and I work with many clients, some of who have had depression for years before they came to see me. 

          I've helped to support them through techniques that are developed through research but I also give it a little twist because I like to add some fun into therapy. 

          I've helped clients develop skills that work for them and had the joy of watching them recover from their own depression. 

          Today, I would like to give you a little bit of what I offer my clients now it's your turn to kick out depression and get your life back. 

          Let's get started Hygiene is a vital part of our lives, a vital part of our health,  has a way of affecting our moods, and contributes to our self-esteem. 

          Though when feeling very depressed you may not have the energy to try and accomplish small tasks like hygiene. 

          But let me break up four things that you can do daily for your own hygiene and make you feel a little bit better. 

1: taking a shower and putting on clean clothes.  

          So you may not feel like doing both but if you at least can either shower and put on clean underclothes or even just wipe off and put on clean underclothes that has the ability to make you feel a little bit better because you're fresher than what you were. 

          I know sometimes that task may feel daunting or overwhelming but the shower has this ability to emotionally cleanse you as well as physically cleansing you. 

          And if you're unable to shower make sure you do change your underwear because you want to keep your little goodies clean because it not only makes you feel better to have clean underwear on but it also can fight off unwanted infections.  

2: taking your medication and drinking water with it.  

          Medicationsparticular to any health concerns or mental health concerns you want to make sure that you aren't missing any doses because that might be the dose that you need for your mood to feel better. 

          You might want to set an alarm to help you remember to take that medication. 

          Comment below if keeping up on your daily hygiene while depressed has been an issue for you and if there are some tips that you can offer me I would love that. Share it with me!  

3: take care of oral hygiene. 

          So either brush your teeth or use mouthwash if you're not feeling up to being able to brush your teeth.  

          But that can cleanse the body keeping good oral hygiene has been proven to show that it contributes to your overall health and it does make you feel a little bit better.  

4: grooming. 

          So making sure that you're combing your hair so that it stays free of tangles and eliminates the worry of matting. 

          If you've ever been depressed where it's been hard for you to comb your hair then you recognize that matting of the hair is something that comes on pretty quickly.  

          If these things feel like they're overwhelming to you don't feel bad about asking for help.  


          You may need a family member or friend to come over and help you with some of these tasks and if you don't feel comfortable or don't have someone to ask for help try setting an alarm on your phone so that it reminds you of these tasks that you need to get done throughout the day. 

          Really important to set notifications particularly for medications, but yeah try setting an alarm so that it reminds you to keep up on these tasks. 

          I hope these tips were helpful for you so that you can keep on top of some daily tasks that will help you get a little bit of relief from depression. 

          Keeping in front of your depression is very important and even the smallest tasks can provide you just what you need for that day. 

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