How To Stop Hating Yourself! | 7 Signs of Emotional Self Harm IN 2020

How To Stop Hating Yourself! | 7 Signs of Emotional Self Harm  


7 Signs of Emotional Self Harm 

               Do you ever wonder what sets apart confident positive people from those who feel insecure and pessimistic It's not a matter of winning the genetic lottery Instead it's a matter of self? 

               Love if we don't take the time to appreciate who we are It becomes second nature to put ourselves down instead of building ourselves up. 

               Are you wondering why you've been so down in the dumps lately? Here are eight signs of emotional self-harm You should recognize 

1: you run away from your emotions 

               Do you often reject reality for what it is an escape with drugs, alcohol, or shopping sprees? It's perfectly normal to be afraid

              when we're stressed out about life But don't run away from your emotions when they're trying to tell you something 

              Dr. Stephen Stastny believes that feelings are more physiological than psychological They send action signals to your muscles and organs, which prepare your body to do something you need to heal. 

              when you don't confront your emotions, you also run the risk of putting off your psychological needs Some questions you can ask yourself are why am I feeling this way? And is there anything I can do about the situation? It's good to recognize the things that upset you so you can understand them better through self-reflection


2: you are ashamed of who you are 

              Dr. Lynn Margulis says that shame underlies destructive behavior. 

              It's an awful experience The individual goes when they feel bad about themselves, Unlike guilt which is propelled by our conscience after doing something wrong. 

              Shame is actually more dangerous Because it doesn't need to be situational. 

              When you feel bad about who you are You also start to believe that you don't deserve a healthy relationship Support from your friends or a job that fulfills you when in fact you do. 

3: you belittle your own progress and accomplishments 

             It's one thing to never grow comfortable and continue setting goals But it's an entirely different story when you don't give yourself credit for how far you've come You're hurting yourself 

            When you bask in emptiness after working hard to achieve something instead of two getting the time to practice gratitude for your own hard work One way to appreciate yourself is to remind yourself of one thing. 

4: you constantly feel bad for yourself

            William Shakespeare said it best pain is inevitable suffering is optional It's okay to feel sad and disappointed when things don't always work out the way we had hoped But when you sulk in self-pity, it doesn't change the outcome or help you get better Instead of jumping to abrasive conclusions. 

            Like I deserve to feel bad or be punished take a further step and ask yourself Why you're beating yourself up? Bottom line you always have a choice. So make it a worthwhile one 

5: you don't prioritize taking care of yourself 

              Do you practice bad habits, like skipping meals smoking not drinking enough water, and consuming alcohol Research shows that all of these can trigger and worsen? 

              Your anxiety peer pressure sucks It might seem cool and harmless when everyone else is getting drunk every weekend or sharing a pack of cigarettes But when it comes down to your emotional well-being 

              You won't feel good when you crawl into bed late at night and wonder how things got so messed up surround yourself with supportive Motivated and confident individuals who are passionate about life Although 

              it's good to let loose every once in a while Being around people who exercise hell the habits can remind us to stay focused on our goals 

6: you are self-sacrificial 

             Are you a people-pleaser? Do you have a hard time saying? No, when others ask you for favors? Helping others can be fulfilling but not when you are always going the extra mile that can leave you Moody stressed and exhausted It's okay to cancel plans and take occasional days off if you feel like you need to stay home and recharge You deserve to feel appreciated.


7: you refuse to let things go Holding 

             grudges are the root of all misery It's okay to be mad at someone if they lied or cheated you after all you trusted them, right? But when you let that anger persist instead of actually trying to resolve the issue at hand You ignore your ability to regulate your emotions healthily. 

             Dr. Frederic Neumann calls this exaggerated willfulness He believes that this is what causes some people to commit crimes such as shooting a stranger when they cut them in line When you only think about yourself, you're not necessarily thinking about the consequences of your own actions Do you resonate with any of these signs want to know what being emotionally healthy looks like Check out our blog here to learn about the subtle signs.

How To Stop Hating Yourself!

                   You just have to believe in yourself or say some positive affirmations every day It'll make you feel so much better Or one that I mentioned pretty frequently is you should talk 

                   more nicely to yourself, because it can improve your mental health While all of these things are true and they can, in fact, help us feel better about ourselves 

                   It can be hard to go from "you're so stupid and lazy" to "you're amazing and so good at everything" Cuz suddenly saying some positive things just isn't going to work Sure, we can say it but we aren't going to believe it. 

                   So we aren't going to keep doing it It can feel like a waste of time and frankly stupid Since we know talking more kindly to ourselves is key to fighting anxiety, stress depression, body dysmorphia, and many other mental health issues How can we change the way we talk to ourselves without feeling like a total fraud? And this is where bridge statements come in they bridge the gap between the negative and sometimes downright nasty thoughts and the positive ones and here's how they work Instead of feeling the need to say something wonderful and positive like "I love everything about my body and I'm beautiful and amazing" We could start with a bridge statement like "It is possible that I'm not as ugly and fat as I think I am" It's possible. 

                  Bridge statements live in the possible, the clouds, and the maybes. We don't have to think we are wonderful and amazing but we do have to start opening ourselves up to the idea That our negative thoughts could be wrong! Because here's the thing Thoughts are just that, thoughts. 

                  Thoughts are not facts They are not based on research and they are most certainly not unbiased and just because we have thought over and over Doesn't make it true But because we tell ourselves these nasty things so frequently Often spending most of our day thinking them.

                  It could be hard to fight back against them It's almost like these thoughts have formed a deep rut over time making it really really easy for them just to slide right into our brain And the new positive thoughts are gonna have to take this really rough unpaved road in and that's why it could be so hard to think them let alone, believe them. 

                  and even knowing all of this can still make doing it difficult so let's come up with a few bridge statements to fight back against what I think some of the most common negative thoughts are. 

And so number one, if our negative thought is "I am so ugly and no one likes me" Let's try it's possible that I may not be as ugly or as unlovable as I think It's possible. 

And number two, I always do embarrassing things Here from a lot of you. This is how your anxious thoughts get going. 

So perhaps our bridge statement is Maybe not everything I do is embarrassing, not a hundred percent of it I could maybe do something somewhat normal sometimes Maybe, right? And the third bridge statement I want to try it let's say the nasty thought is "I am so fat and stupid" We've all thought that, at one time or another. 

The bridge statement could be I'm open to the possibility that I could maybe not be quite as fat or ugly as I think These are sometimes easier to come up with. 

Do you guys agree? And the fourth one I want to try out, just the last one, is "I don't deserve to be loved or happy" That can be a hard one to overcome. 

Right? So the bridge statement could be, it could be that I could, at some point, in the future Be lovable and happy. Maybe some time. 

We don't have to put a definitive time on it We don't have to believe it wholeheartedly that it's happening now, but in the future, this could happen. 

And now I want you to really give it a try if you have those same thoughts, I want you to come up with different bridge statements and the ones that I came up with and keep track of the three to five most common nasty thoughts 

that you have And, instead of spending all your time trying to argue back with a radically positive thought Let's try some of these bridge thoughts Maybe once you have a couple of bridge thoughts to start with we can work closer and closer to the positive thought. 

For example, if our original thought is "I'm so fat and stupid" and the first bridge statement was "I'm open to the possibility that I maybe not quite as fat or stupid as I think" then we can build on that and say "I'm not quite as fat or stupid as I used to think" and then into maybe "I even look okay to some people and some people think I might be smart and I actually don't mind my body, as much as 

I used to." You can see where I'm going with this how one bridge statement can build on to another and then keep building that bridge all the way from that negative thought To that radically positive one and maybe that's a thought that we never even believed we could think to Give it a try. 

Let me know what you think. Do you like bridge statements? Have you used these before? I think, this is something that could really benefit us all, and I overall just hope that was helpful I know changing the way we think is really really hard and it takes a lot of practice But just trust me if we make an effort each morning, or night, or both, if we're feeling really inspired.

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