Top 10 Amazing Yoga Poses To Relieve Back Pain Immediately

Amazing 10 Top Yoga Poses To Relieve Back Pain Immediately 

            " How to release Back Pain". Most of us at some or other point in our lives have experienced back pain

            Sometimes it lasts for a few hours at times it may extend to days and weeks causing a lot of discomforts and even affecting our mood. Major causes of back pain could belong sitting hours, sedentary lifestyle, strain because of heavy weight lifting, and in some cases due to wrong sleeping posture. 

            Even if you have just 10 minutes after a long day, pick a few postures from this tutorial and release your back pain. 

            These asanas are so effective that they provide instant relief in most cases.

            Believe me, if done correctly, they will work wonders. To completely get rid of your back pain, make sure you read this blog till the end because each asana is unique and you never know which one works for you. 

1: Suptha Padangusthasana

            one of the most effective asanas for relieving lower back pain  I'm going to do it with the strap you can do it with any normal belt or maybe dupatta (long scarf). 

            I have seen this particular posture giving instant results in most cases. 

            I'll show you how it is done. Just lie down on your back (Just put it)Across your foot, on the ball of your foot, and then straighten your leg. You can keep this other leg bent. 

            If you are very comfortable you can straighten it. Pull your strap in such a way that your elbows bend touching the mat and hugging your ribcage. You can hold it for 10 deep breaths and the other side. 

            Don't let go of your right foot, keep alert, toes flexed towards you, then slowly release. 

2: Thread the needle pose

            It mainly works on the upper back, it opens up your shoulders and also stretches your spine. On to your fours, fingers wide open.


            the wrist comes right under your shoulder, knee comes right under your buttocks. With an inhalation extend your right arm up to the ceiling stretching it nicely, up to the ceilingexhale passing it to your left dropping your right shoulder down. 

            (If) You are very comfortable, you want a deeper stretch to extend your left arm.

            Five deep breaths, getting back to your fours. (Now)The other side inhales, stretching it up exhale passing it with left and 5 deep breaths, center, an child pose. 

3: Pavan Muktasana 

            It is one of the most simple and effective asanas to strengthen your lower back. Along with that it also massages your digestive organs.


            Let me show you how itis is done, Just lie down on your spine, bend your right knee, with an exhalation, hug to the chest, you can stick to this variation it will strengthen your lower back, but if you are very comfortable you can go for full "Pavan Muktasana". 

            Firstinhale and then with an exhalation take your nose close to the knee and stay therefor five deep breaths. 

            if you are not so good with this variation, if your neck hurts, you can drop it down and go you can go with circles make circles, five clockwise five anti-clockwise, and feel you're lower back in this practice. 

            Now change your leg, bend your left hug it to the chest, whichever variation suits you, five clockwise five anti-clockwise, and release. 

            Once you are comfortable, bend both knees, hug both the knees to the chest, and five deep breaths here. 

            When you are comfortable you can do some rolling also, it will massage your spine center and release. 

4: Ardha matsyendra asana

            It has countless benefits, works on the entire spine making it flexible and toning the nerves. Let me show you how it is done. Straighten your right leg keeping your left knee bent, your heel going close to the hip. 

            Nicely lengthened spine hugging your left knee to the chest and opening your chest to the left side, not relying completely on the backhand just using fingertips to twist. 

            Lengthen your spine with every inhalation and with every exhalation twist and it's not mandatory to look back you can look to the left side also, because we are simply working on the twist of the spine 

            take five deep breaths in this posture if you're very comfortable in this posture you can go for the advanced twist placing your left foot outside of your right knee right elbow outside of your left eye and twist repeating the same the other side ending your right knee taking your heel close to the butt up with your left knee hug your knee to 

            the chest right hand back twist opening your chest to the right side and one more thing make sure when you are twisting the other foot is flexed towards you don't let go of your left foot 5 deep breaths in 

            this pose inhale Center and release we are halfway down in our sequence 

5: Happy Baby & Ardha Ananda Balasana

            let me show you how it is done lie down on your spine, bend your right knee, grab the inner edge of the right foot, and press it down. You can also keep your left knee bent if you are not so comfortable if you are very comfortable,(and)you have nice open hips you can keep your left leg straight in that case, otherwise bend.

            (The)The idea is to keep your shin perpendicular to the floor, 90 degrees to the floor, and press it down, work on taking your right knee close to the floor feel yourself like a baby here along with that it will release all the tension from your lower back and also keep this left palm on your left hipbone then press it down.

            5 deep breaths here, once you are done release, (now)the other side right palm on your right hip bone, press it down comfortably straighten the other leg. Five deep breaths here. 

6: Cat-Cow" we also call it "Marjariasana"

            Let me show you how it is done. It works on your entire spine. 

            Make sure your fingers wide open, your wrist comes right under your shoulder, knees hip-width apart right under your hips. 

            Now with an inhalation concave your back exhale, chin to the chest, round your spine, and your buttocks completely relaxed.


            You can go for five such rounds. Once you're done with five breathe child Pose. 

7: Pigeon Stretch

            it is one of my favorites directly it works on hip and thigh muscles but when hips and thigh muscles loosen it releases tension from the lower back.

            Let me tell you the technique of how it is done. First, get into the downward-facing dog from there, bring in your right foot forward in between your palms, then drop your back knee down release your back toes walk your right foot close to the left edge of the mat, dropping the shin down, thigh down, sending your left leg bit more back, forearms down, and if you are extremely comfortable to walk your palms forward and put your forehead down five breaths in this pose and then the other side press your palms into the ground. 

            Tuck your left toes, right leg back downward facing dog the same way we'll get into the other side. 

            Left foot forward, right knee drop down, walk your left foot closer to the right edge, forearms down first, send your right leg back, comfortable walk your palms forward. 

            Walk your hands back if your knee hurts in this pose, I'll tell you a variation, just lie down on your back, right ankle on your left thigh either interlock your fingers outside of your left thigh or if you're very comfortable, outside of your left shin and press pull it. 

            You'll again feel the stretch in your right glutes and your right quads, right hip, and right thigh muscles. 

            This is a "Reverse Pigeon" it is also called "Eye of the Needle Pose" five breaths and(now) the other side backhand-backhand lease. 

            So in both the poses, they are working on hip and thigh muscles. Slowly release. 

8: "Sphinx" it's a variation of "Bhujangasana"

            Mainly works on your mid-back and your lower back. 

            It's a beautiful way to strengthen and lengthen your back after a long day. 

            Even if you have less time after a long day you can do this posture and your back will be taken care of. Let me show you how it is done. 

            You can keep your feet slightly apart, elbow comes right under your shoulder, you can keep your fingers wide open, forearms parallel to each other, shoulders rolled back and take five deep breaths in this posture, ears away from your shoulders make sure you are not stressing and doing this. 

            So it should be completely relaxed and be there. For releasing, one elbow and the other, and relax.


9: Trikonasana

            it works on the sacrum which is located right above your tailbone, which is usually compromised by long sitting hours. 

            Okay, I will show you it is a standing pose. Your feet together take your left leg back to a big stance and set your waist, open your hip arms at shoulder level, now moving your upper body to the right, keeping your entire body in the same plane drop your right palm on your right shin, extending your left arm up. 

            Five breaths on the side, you'll feel the stretch in your hamstrings also center, hands at your waist, turn your right toes in, left toes out to the left side again, hips should be square and facing the front. Hip and shoulders in one line. 

            Arms at shoulder level inhale move your upper body to the left with an exhalation go down. 

            5 breaths, if you're very comfortable you can reach to your big toe and grab it. Slowly release it. 

10: Jathara Parivartanasana 

            a supine twist invites the twist to penetrate deep into your spine. 

            Okay, I'll tell you the alignments. Lie down on your back bend your knees, arms at shoulder level, right leg over the left drop your knees to the left, and face to the right. You can also use your left hand to press your knee down. 

            Turn your head to the right and make sure your right shoulder is on the floor which will give you a deep twist. 

            You can go for five deep breaths here, changing the side, center left leg over the right dropping your knees to the right, five deep breaths, center, and release. 

            Pick any 3 to 5 postures out of these 10, practice them every day and you'll be surprised to see the results. 

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