Top 7 Amazing Minimalist Habits They Can Change Your Life 100%

 7 Amazing Minimalist Habits They Can Change Your Life

            The premise of minimalism is quite simple. Living with less, only having things that serve you, etc. But I know that in practice it's not always this easy. 

            It can seem complicated or like a lot of work, and it can seem tricky to identify where to start. So this BLOG is meant to make it easy for you. 

            I will break down seven minimalist habits that you can start doing today. These are very actionable habits that you can incorporate into your life right now, to start living a minimalist lifestyle. 

1. minimalist habit is to only buy something if it is perfect. 


           If it fits all your needs and checks all your boxes. 

           This habit has helped me to cut my shopping way down and bring fewer new things into my home. 

           And this habit is especially helpful when you're shopping for clothing.

           There are so many examples where I bought something that I was kind of hesitant about in the first place. But I bought it anyway and of course I hardly ever wore it. 

           So if you're in the fitting room and you're not a hundred percent happy with something, then there's a reason for it.

           And it will not go away if you do decide to buy it. So don't buy it. You will find something else that truly does fit your needs exactly. 

2. minimalist habit that you can start doing today is to stop looking for things to want. 


           Let them find you. And let me explain what I mean by this. 

           There are a lot of things to find, especially with online shopping, that if we want to buy something new there's always something fun or nice or cute to find that you can then want to buy. 

            And if you're feeling restless, or stressed, or bored, then buying something new can feel good.


            Because it can lead to a rush of dopamine and it can seem like something to occupy our mind or feel excited about. 

            So if you go out looking for something to want, then you will always find something to buy. But if you turn that around, you know that you didn't even want that specific thing in the first place. 

            You only wanted it because he started looking. So that is we're letting things find you come into play. Because sometimes, we notice that we do want or need something new, out of an actual need. 

            And that is then something that we can explore. Because we know that we wanted it, not because we went out looking, but because there's an actual need for it. 


3. minimalist habit is to declutter seasonally and make it something to look forward to. 


              Because decluttering is kind of an ongoing thing.

             Maybe you've got some new items in your home since your last home declutter, or maybe something made to cut the last time, but you still haven't used it, so now you're ready to let it go. 

             If you declutter seasonally, it's easy to remember. 

             And it's also just a nice moment to say goodbye to the old season and welcome in the new. 

             For me, it always feels really nice and fresh to start a new season by getting rid of some of the things that haven't served me.

             And it's just a great way to practice that less is more feeling. 

4. Minimalist habit If there is some kind of special event happening soon


             then instead of going out buying something new for it, see if you already own something that you can use.  

             For example, If there's a party happening, then do you have to go shop for a new outfit, or do you already have something in your closet that you can wear? Or if you're going to start bullet journaling, do you have to buy a new bullet journal or do you have a notebook,

             that's perfectly fine somewhere already laying around? Or when you're going to start a new sport do you have to buy new gear, new shoes, new accessories, or can you already use the things you have? An important part of minimalist living is to be intentional with the stuff that you're bringing into your home So if you can just appreciate 

             the things that you already have, and use them more, it can help you to shop less and save your money and space for other things, which I will come to later. 

5. living that minimalist lifestyle is to practice being grateful and appreciating your things. 

               Now I know that this is a cliche and you've probably already heard a bunch of people talking about this before. 

               And there's no need for you to make a gratitude list or things like that if that's not your cup of tea. 

               I personally don't do that. It just doesn't work for me. But the simple realization that I've got so much to be grateful for does really help a lot. When you think about it, some so many people don't have all these things. 

               And this realization often hits me when it's storming outside and I'm all nice and warm and sheltered in my home. 

               And I just realize how lucky I am to have such a warm and safe place. And it's the same with our things. We have such an abundance of things. 

               And when you truly recognize this, you're going to feel so much calmer. Because you're not comparing your things to those of other people, you can just feel satisfied and content. 

               You know that you don't need to jump on board with trends or advertisements, telling you that you need this, or you need that. You already have everything you need. 

6. Minimalist habit is to identify and cut out things that are not helping you or things that you can consider temptations.


                So for example things like newsletters and catalogs. If you get ten newsletters every day with special sales and special offers just for you, it's gonna be hard not to take a look. 

                When in fact, you didn't need anything, to begin with. 

                Also things like paper mail. You can contact the companies and ask them if they can send it to you by email instead, or just stop sending it altogether if it's not important. 

                And this will help you to avoid paper clutter. Also, very helpful: Notifications on your phone, your social media. All these impulses all day all these distractions, they have a big impact on us. 

                So if you can turn them off, that means that you are back in charge. You can decide when you want to engage and use your devices. And most importantly, start using the word no more often. 

                Minimalists often say no to things that they don't enjoy or that they don't view as valuable in any way. 

                And it might take some practice in the beginning, but you will be surprised how easy it gets after a certain time. Life is too short to keep doing things that drain your energy or that don't provide value. 

7. minimalist habit is to make time for things that matter to you. 

               With all that saying no, and cutting out things that don't serve you, you will have a lot more time and space, and energy left to focus on the things that truly matter to you. 

               That gives you joy and energy and meaning and love. And that is the true purpose of living a minimalist lifestyle. 

               For me, it's things like exercising, hanging out with friends, reading, cooking new recipes, or going to Japanese class. 

               I actually have a lot of hobbies that I truly enjoy. And I'm always making sure that I have enough time to do them.


               Living with less allows me to focus on things that make me happy. 

               I always love reading your thoughts. So please share your experiences and tips with me and everyone else in the comment section. 

if you have interested I can share these minimalist habits Video you can watch.

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