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5 Amazing ideas for How To Be Healthy

          Health is just like wealth. Until we lose it, we don't understand its real value. When some major issues are going on related to our health, only then do we say "No! Now I have to take care of my health". 

          If we take care before we get ill, then we don't have to face the pain of diseases. 
          The time and energy you spend daily on your mobile phone, if you invest only that amount of time and energy on your health, then youhave no idea how much your life can be improved. 
          So, in this week's blog, I will share with you 5 simple and easy to implement tips that are much more effective.

          So, let's get started

1: Sleep on your left side 

          According to the structure of our stomach, if we sleep on our right side then stomach acids can cause a lot of problems in our health. 

          Like improper digestion, the problem in blood flow, heartburn. 

          On the other hand, if we sleep on our left side, stomach acids can do their work more efficiently and as a result, digestion happens very well. 

2: Water drinks 

          reminders in our busy life most of us totally forget to drink water from time to time. Or just when we feel thirsty, we drink a little bit to quench the thirst.

         Which is not good at all for our health. There is an app named water drink reminder. I have given the link in the description. This app can solve this problem.

        Using this app you can easily keep track of when and how much water you are drinking daily and also this app will remind you to drink water from time to time by giving you notification on your mobile. 

         In childhood mom used to do it, now the app is doing it! 

3: Walk more 

         according to WHO that is the World Health Organization's recommendation we need to walk 8000 steps daily to stay healthy and fit. 

         How many steps do you walk daily? I think most of you can't answer the question correctly. 

         Lord Kelvin said, "If you can't measure it, you cannot improve it", so to measure your daily steps you can use a fitness tracker. 

4: Chew your food 

         32 times according to Ayurveda, the root of every disease is our stomach. If we can keep our stomach healthy, then we can easily stay healthy.

         The main two things that are needed for a healthy stomach - 

         1. Avoiding junk foods, 

         2. Have a good digestion power. In both two cases, it will be very helpful if you can eat your food after chewing it 32 times. 

         Any junk food, if you chew it for 32 times and then you swallow it, you will notice it will not feel so tasty anymore. 

         On the other side, if you chew any healthy food 32 times, it will be tastier to eat. So if you can make it a habit of chewing your food 32 times, then automatically you will no more like to eat junk foods at all. 

         And also 50% of the digestion process is supposed to happen while the food is in our mouth. The remaining 50% in our stomach. 

         If we swallow the food quickly, then the part of the mouth remains incomplete and as a result, we suffer from different digestion problems. 

         So if we can make it a habit of chewing our food 32 times, then we can easily overcome many of these problems. 

5: Create a healthy environment 

         your all close friends are like this, that they all day keep eating junk foods, for whom being lazy is cool and doing exercise is boring. 

         And they used to smoke 10 to 12 cigarettes daily, also many often they celebrate with alcohol party, if all of them follow this kind of lifestyle, then it is common for you to adopt the same kind of lifestyle to cope up with them. 

         On the other hand, if your close friends are health-conscious, regularly exercise, avoid junk foods as much as possible, then it is common for you to adopt a similar lifestyle like them. 

         So if possible try to choose your closest5 persons in life with whom you spend most of the time in a day, who are health conscious. 

         Who understand that "Health is the real wealth" and also practice it. Also if your freeze is all time packed up with a lot of junk foods like Cadbury and cold drinks, then stop doing this. 

         Because if your own room is full of junk foods then it is meaningless to try to be healthy. Because it will become too hard for you. 

         So try to create a healthy environment around you, which will always motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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8 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Want To Be Healthy

          A lot more people are becoming more health-conscious over the past few years, with obesity and health complications as the topic of growing concern.

          Nutritionists make it a point to advocate for the healthiest foods, with the exception that a cheat day can happen as long as it’ sin moderation. 

          There are, however, some exceptions to this rule in certain foods that you should try and always steer clear of. 

          Before we begin this blog, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications so you never miss our new blog! Now, here are the following 8 foods that are universally regarded as bad for your body, and should typically be avoided if you can help it. 

1) Candy 

           Everyone knows that candy is bad for you, but certain types of candy are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, and more sugar than any adult requires in one day. 

            Sugary sweets have little to zero nutritional value and are terribly addictive. 

2) Processed Meats 

             A lot of processed meats including salami, hot dogs, bologna, or prepackaged lunch meats contain chemicals that are used to preserve the meat for unnaturally long periods. 

            They also include flavor additives, coloring, and poor quality trans-fats that are bad for your heart and body. Try sticking to fresh meat from the deli or local sources. 

3) Ketchup

             A lot of companies that bottle ketchup will lace it with sugar and heavily process it. 

             The same goes for most store-bought condiments. Fortunately, there are certain brands out there that make all-natural ketchup or any other condiments that have great flavor without all the additives. 

4) Unnatural Beverages 

             Soda drinks or certain bottled juices contain excessive amounts of sugar and are filled with other harmful chemicals that are terribly addictive. 

             Similarly, if you stick with diet drinks, many of these contain aspartame which is a known cancer-causing agent. Some beverages, like small bottles of ‘energy contain up to 10x your daily sodium intake. 

             If you need a caffeine boost, stick with natural coffee, espresso, or tea. 

5) Tilapia

              A lot of boxed fish and cheap filets come from Tilapia. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that Tilapia farms often keep the fish in tightly confined tanks which tend to breed cancer-causing organic pollutants. 

             Farm-bred fish also have lower levels of nutrition and contain sometimes dangerous levels of Dioxin, another cancer-causing chemical as the result of toxic water, which can take up to a decade to leave your system after consumption. Always stick to fresh market fish if possible. 

6) Chinese Takeaway

            “Westernized” Chinese food (not necessarily the authentic stuff) contains extraordinarily high levels of sodium fats and carbohydrates. 

             Some Chinese food chains will add monosodium glutamate (MSG) to their food which, although recognized as ‘generally safe’, is met with a great deal of controversy. 

             This food is also high in trans and saturated fats which are large contributors to obesity. 

7) Foods With Hydrogenated Fat 

             Hydrogenated fat is a special kind of fat where hydrogen is pushed through the fat at an extremely high temperature, altering the state of the fat from a liquid to a solid. 

             This process can be harmful when consumed in excess and is almost like eating plastic. Foods high in hydrogenated fats should definitely be avoided. 

8) Margarine 

             A common misconception made by a study in the 80s determined that margarine was healthier for you because it helped you avoid consuming excess animal fats. 

            However, this belief has since been debunked by modern science, proving that margarine is actually very high in trans fats which, when consumed long-term, can contribute to heart disease and raise the risk of death by almost 34%! Heavily processed vegetable oils are also high in trans fats. 

            Stick to natural butter, olive oil, and coconut oil instead.

How to Start A Healthy Lifestyle FAST

           You've been telling yourself you want to live healthier But you have no idea where to start 

           The good news is that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars On a private chef and personal trainer To live a healthier lifestyle It starts with just a few little changes 

            That you'll build upon day after day Sure there's a guy named Fabrice Who charges a thousand English pounds per hour To whip your body into shape While wearing spandex But you can also 

            just go for a 30-minute walk every day To low your stress Reduce the amount of cortisol been dumped into your blood And even help you to lose weight If you walk outside the benefits are compound experts 

            who have gone to prestigious universities have studied the effects of being outdoors and learned it makes us happier more cooperative smarter and retaining our memories better 2 You could 

            also to cover some major cash To have a highly trained nutritionist telling you what not to eat Or you could just make some silly simple changes like giving up one 

            junk food a week while replacing it with something better like leafy greens vegetables fresh fruits nuts seeds sprouts and healthy oils If you did this every week by the end of a single 

            the year you would have completely transformed your diet One of the biggest components to our overall health Is mental health We are quick to ditch the sugar if we need to squeeze into a dress for a special event but how much do we take our daily happiness into account 

            What if you could fill like a million bucks every day by simply altering neural chemicals in your brain It's not hard to do this Simply increase foods and lifestyle choices 

            That creates natural happiness hormones Like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin That means you can eat dark chocolate Laugh as often as possible, and add probiotics to your gut to feel like every day is a good day.

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