13 Signs Your Body Is Crying For Help In 2020

13 Signs Your Body Is Crying For Help

              health tips and signs for dry skin, hair loss, insomnia, and more the human body is a very interesting thing, in fact, our bodies are designed to help us live for long periods of time it's up to us to help our bodies flourish by paying attention to them 

              when they try to speak to us you're probably wondering 

              how can my body speak to me many signals are given that indicate your body needs help people are often skeptical when it comes to signals from the human body from dry skin to peeling skin to insomnia hair loss in leg cramps 

              there are all sorts of signs our body may be telling us thatsomething is wrong many signs are vague and difficult to determine which iswhere the skepticism comes from but it's our job to ignore the skepticism andlisten when our body speaks to us doctors can help us determine 

              what iswrong but it's our job to take the initiative and make an appointment youcan make an appointment without having a sign or signal to tell your doctor whichis why the signals and health tips in this BLOG should not be ignored as theymay indicate your body actually needs helpbefore we begin 

              signs and health tips that your bodyis crying for help


1: craving a lot of food 

             one of the main reasons for cravings is that they lack essential nutrients one example is an omega-3 deficiency 

             this causes cheese cravings having small portions of cheese is healthy but eating too much is not good for the human body you have low levels of glucose you might be craving sweets try to incorporate more healthy habits into your life 

             one of the easiest home remedies to get rid of these cravings is to adjust your diet nothing fancy needed just try not to purchase processed and packaged foods.

2: split ends 

             this sign affects women more than men for women split ends can be a nuisance device like blow dryers and hair straighteners are one of the main causes of split ends excessive brushing can also cause split ends in women 

             that love to dye their hair will often experience split ends more than those who do not from a nutritional standpoint your diet needs healthy fats having healthy oils and fish will help prevent split ends and while women experience split ends more than men can also experience hair loss due to balding although 

             this is genetic and not necessarily a health issue if you begin to notice that your hair loss seems abnormal it may be a sign that you're experiencing a health issue 

             this hair loss could include losing hair in patches or losing hair in unusual parts of your body do you know what one of the most common health issues is for people to complain about well keep watching until the very end to find out what it is

3: brittle nails 

             women love to make their nails look fancy nail polish may look nice but it's actually harming your nails the chemicals are what caused 

             the nails to become brittle over time a poor diet can also be responsible for brittle nails so by adding essential vitamins and minerals you can prevent brittle nails

4: terrible breath 

            people running away from you when you breathe or talk your breath might be to blame if you tend to eat food that has a bad odor you better have good oral hygiene because 

            broken down food particles can stick and rot if not taken care of a dry mouth can also cause bad breath you need saliva to remove the particles in your mouth that is causing the odor some home remedies 

            that can help with bad breath include gargling with salt and drinking green tea keep watching as we continue to count down the top signs and health tips that your body is crying for help

5: leg cramps can be difficult to deal with waking up 

            sharp lasting pain that spreads down your leg is the worst at one point or another everyone is woken up because of sharp pain in their leg these are leg cramps one of the main reasons for leg cramps is not enough blood supply

            this happens because the arteries and the legs have become too narrow another cause is the nerves in your spine are being compressed this happens often when people are walking for long periods of the time inadequate blood supply is the main cause 

            which is a result of your arteries being too narrow at the time another causes your spine may be too compressed usually from walking for long periods of time to prevent 

            these cramps from reoccurring eat more potassium foods such as tomatoes oranges or bananas or simply drink a large glass of water throughout the day

6: food cravings 

            we all have food cravings so that can't be denied but paying attention to certain areas of your lifestyle may be the solution to solving the craving people often crave foods because 

            their body is lacking certain nutrients to solve your cravings stop buying processed foods and other salty snacks and get enough rest lack of sleep and insomnia can lead to more stress which in turn can lead to more sweet and salty cravings

7: dry skin 

             you'd be surprised how many people accept dry skin or even peeling it it may seem harmless but there is more to it the main causes for dry and peeling skin or dry weather for some it's the cold winter and others 

             the humid summer also soaps and detergents can react harshly to certain skin causing it to become dry the solution is to incorporate good fats into your diet these include avocados and fatty fish dry skin is common especially during 

             the winter season but if you're experiencing constant dry and peeling skin there might be something wrong one cause is hot showers and baths other causes can be soaps and detergents depending on how sensitive your skin is your soap may be causing your dry skin 

             if this is the case the easiest solution is to buy natural soap in terms of the hot showers you might have to learn to consider 

             home remedies like taking lukewarm showers or eating more nuts and seeds never let your peeling skin get out of hand if you notice that your skin just doesn't seem to be improving it might be time to visit the dermatologist. 

8: headaches

             millions of people experience headaches every day it can be caused by a cold infection or fever or can be brought on by emotional stress like depression poor sleep insomnia over medication and skipping meals 

             it's tough to do but avoiding environmental exposure is one solution the other is keeping a list of all the foods that may trigger a headache and replacing them with magnesium-rich foods in most cases a headache can be treated by simply hydrating yourself 

            but a chronic headache can mean a deeper issue a chronic headache can be caused by emotional stress or even insomnia emotional stress can come from depression and anxiety if you have poor sleeping habits you may find yourself suffering from headaches daily 

9: fatigue 

            if you're experiencing insomnia or are just plain old tired after a long day at the office then that's fine but if you find that you're constantly tired even after a goodnight's sleep and your brain 

            isn't functioning quickly enough it can be a result of a nutritional imbalance one of the healthy habits and best home remedies are to incorporate more natural foods and remove processed foods and assess how you feel 

10: purple knuckles

            if your knuckles look a bit swollen and purple it could be a sign of dermatomyositis an inflammation of underlying muscle tissue that results in the decline of collagen this is usually associated with internal cancers and should be monitored closely if it does not subside see a practitioner 

11: pain after exercise 

            you've heard the expression no pain no gain but if you're feeling pain during exercise you might have an injury could be from a lack of stretching or a pulled muscle but the best solution is to stretch and rest your muscle for a couple days and then see if the pain subsides or comes 

12: irregular bowel movements from time to time 

             we all have irregular bowel movements but if you're constantly having fewer than three a day it should be a concern the cause could be medication being taken too many fatty foods in your diet and not enough nutrients 

             here are some healthy habits if it occurs to you try adding in strawberries almonds and broccoli into your diet also make sure that you're drinking adequate amounts of water 

             now that you know the signs that a human body is crying for help here is one of the main health problems everyone has and how to get rid of it

13: bloating feeling 

               bloated after delicious Christmas dinner is one thing but constantly feeling it is a cause for concern a diet consisting of rich and fatty foods is one cause because 

               they take longer to digest another could be food sensitivity that causes you to feel bloated you may also have low stomach acid which can result in the improper breakdown of food the simple solution is to eat less fatty foods and 

               if that's not the cause then go get your gut checked out and ensure that it is healthy another cause is eating too fast but there is a simple solution slow down 

               when you're eating if your diet consists of rich fatty foods they can cause bloating this is because they digest slower than carbs and protein 

                if you have low stomach acid the food will not be digested properly into the stomach this will cause acid reflux and gassy symptoms so try to incorporate these healthy habits into your life to improve your bloating what are some of the things you do when you're feeling sick or have health problems. 

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