TOP 10 Amazing Ways To Minimalism Changed My Life

10 Amazing Ways To Minimalism Changed My Life


                 Minimalism is not just a trend to follow, it's something that can be truly life-changing for some people. In this blog, I'm going to share 10 ways in which minimalism has changed my life

                 Hello hello, welcome back to a healthy lifestyle. for today's blog, we're gonna talk about the 10 Amazing Ways To Minimalism Changed My Life that I've personally experienced. 

                 Before we dive in I wanted to say one thing - when it comes to minimalism I think we can all practice it very differently so we're all going to have different benefits and we're going to have different ways in which it changes our life. 

                 This is just a blog to talk about my personal experience - I'm not saying that you're going to experience all of these benefits but I do hope that you experience some of them.

1: I save more money

               I think that was the first thing that attracted me to minimalism was the money-saving aspect

               By buying less and by being more conscious about my spending I could save a lot of money, and I have saved thousands of dollars over the last few years if you're interested in learning a bit more about the things I don't buy anymore and how minimalism helped me save money.

2: my home feels more like a sanctuary now


               So I've always had a neat and tidy home but clutter no matter how neat and tidy it is used to make me anxious

               I used to have a lot of stuff, it was everywhere, and although it looked okay, it bothered me on some level I didn't feel relaxed in my home. 

               Now I have fewer items my decor is very simple and I can say truly that my home feels like a nice relaxing sanctuary

               Whenever I step in the house and I'm just like ah it feels good, and it's so nice to be able to relax in your own home. 

3: I'm more efficient in the kitchen 

                this is because of two things so 1 -my kitchen has less clutter. There are fewer gadgets, they're fewer appliances I can find things easily, and that makes it much easier to cook.

                The other thing - I've actually started to simplify the way I cook. 

                I think just by being more of a minimalist it's trickled down into different parts of my life and I've become more of a minimalist when it comes to cooking styles. 

                I used to have very complicated cooking styles before - nothing wrong with that if that's your thing, but I realized that I don't actually enjoy doing that every day. 

                I think when it's a special occasion and I really feel like doing something fancy, I'll do it, but not daily so I've really simplified the way I cook and that has saved me quite a bit of time.


4: I finally know my clothing style

                So when I was not a minimalist I was buying clothes that looked good on me but they were not necessarily me. 

                Do you know sometimes when you wear something and it looks great, but it just doesn't feel right there's something off about it? I think that's when you're wearing clothes that aren't really you and I didn't know what my clothing style was because I was just buying everything. 

                By becoming more of a minimalist I'm actually buying things that suit me, that serve a purpose, and that I'm going to wear long term. 

5: I'm starting to enjoy the simpler things in life


                When I was more of a maximalist, I think I derived a lot of pleasure from buying things. 

                I would go to the mall to buy a new dress or a new shirt or whatever it may be and it gave me momentary happiness and I thought that was happiness. 

                but I've since realized that that's not really happiness, it's not long-term happiness, it's something short-term, so I've started to enjoy simpler things in life, and it could be things like going for a walkout in nature, spending time with my cats, reading a book, spending time with friends - it could be anything.

                It's really simple and I do truly enjoy it as much as I used to enjoy shopping. So I have changed my perspective quite a bit. 

6: I have become more of a digital minimalist

                After embracing minimalism also become more of a digital minimalist - it's about email, it's about social media, it's about the time that I spend on my phone, and I used to spend quite a bit of time on my phone every morning, reading the news, reading emails and I'vesince minimized that in some ways. 

               So I have started to reduce the amount of time I spend on devices. 

               It's not that I don't spend time on devices, I do, but I started to really think about the value and purpose of the time that I spend on my phone. 

              When it comes to social media I've really thought long and hard about the value and purpose of social media in my life. Now I do recognize I have a blog so it does make sense for me to be on social media, but I personally did not enjoy it, and it took time away from creating content

              I would honestly rather create content than be on social media promoting it all the time. 

             That's just my take, and I felt that social media was messing with my head a little bit too.

7: I no longer keep up with the Joneses

             Minimalism has changed my perspective on keeping up with the Joneses and doing things just because everyone else is doing it. 

            So if English is not your native language I just wanted to explain what keeping up with the Joneses means. 

            It's basically a phrase that means buying expensive things or doing things that your friends and neighbors are doing just so you could keep up with them. 

           So as an example, let's say your neighbors buy a nice fancy car, and then you start to feel like you need to buy a fancy car just to keep up with them. 

           That is what keeping up with the Joneses is, and I think the way I was raised it was very much part of life keeping up with everybody else and maintaining that social status by buying new things, and I have since realized that it's not something that I want to do. 

           I don't want to buy things just because other people are buying them. 

           I don't want to go on certain vacations just because other people are doing it. 

           I want to be very conscious about what I do and everything that I do need to provide value and purpose for me.

8: I'm becoming more environmentally conscious

           I'm not quite there yet, but I am becoming more conscious about where I spend my money and how it impacts the environment

           So I've talked about this quite a bit - my use of plastic - I have reduced that. I don't buy plastic water bottles anymore. 

           I take a water bottle with me wherever I go, and I'm just more conscious about the type of packaging that I purchase. The other thing I wanted to say was I recognized after becoming more minimalistic in my approach to life that air travel was something that was contributing quite a bit to my environmental impact

           Now I'm not saying that I'm going to completely eliminate long-distance travel forever, and I'm not going to do it. 

           I am, but in a much more conscious way, and I'm going to do it in a way where it's not every year and think twice about it.

9: Maintaining a clean and tidy home is so much easier


           So for me maintaining a clean and tidy home was very very important. 

           I tend to get very anxious when things are not in their place, and when I was not as minimalistic as I am now, things were all over the place, There's a lot of stuff and dusting took time and vacuuming took time, as I had to move a lot of stuff. 

           Now I have less furniture, I have less decor, it's so much easier to dust and it's so much easier to clean, so that definitely is a bonus.

10: You can live life more intentionally


           So because of adopting minimalism, I actually have more time to do the things that really matter, and because I have more time I can spend time on the things that I truly value. 

           Things like reading. Last year I had hardly any time to read and this year I've already read 21 books. 

           So things like reading. Things like spending time with loved ones. 

          Things like exercise. All those things that truly matter to me, I can spend time on them I can spend more time on the blog, things like that.

         So because of all this added time, I'm able to live life the way I want and I'm able to live more intentionally.

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