How to Take a Social Media Detox and Social Media Detox the Right Way


              What if I told you that you were going to spend three to five years of your life on social media? You probably think I'm exaggerating or I've gone a little crazy, but it's not far from the truth. 

              The average person spends two hours on social media every day. 

              Now let's say you live another 50 years -  that's four years on social media. That's actually quite a bit! So I decided to do a social media detox in February. 

              I quit social media for a month as an experiment to see how things would go. In this blog, I want to talk about what I did, what I learned, and what I plan to do going forward. 

               If you're interested, keep reading. 

               in February, a friend of mine decided to do a 28-day social media free challenge and I thought I'd join her because I'd been considering quitting social media just to get a break and I never really got around to doing it. 

               But because my friend was doing it, I thought I'd join her. 

               And man oh man did I learn a lot! So basically I quit a few things. I didn't quite everything. I quit Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but I kept bloggers. I'm on blogger, my work is on blogger so I had to keep blogger but everything else had to go. 

                I had a really hard time in the first two weeks but over time it got easier. Anyway, let's dive into all the things that I learned. 

1: social media addiction was not asocial, it was a phone addiction

                 So when I started the first two weeks I was still reflexively looking at my phone -  picking it up whenever I was distracted or bored and then I was thinking "well I can't use social media what can I do?". 

                 So I ended up spending more time on Google Chrome and blogger. 

                 So basically I replaced my social media time with more YouTube time and more Google Chrome time and it didn't really help. 

                 That's when I realized that it's the phone that's the problem and I decided to get an app called Quality time which is an app blocker and you can block certain apps -and ones that distract you for certain periods. 

                 And I think it really helped because now I feel that I don't need to reach out for my phone all the time. The other thing I found that helped was not using my phone first thing in the morning. 

                  There are a lot of times when you have the phone next to your bed - you pick it up and then you start scrolling and reading and before you know it, you've been in bed for 40minutes. 

                   Still scrolling and reading and you don't get to do the things that you want. So now I do not touch my phone until I've done my morning routine. 

                   So I do my meditation, my workout if I feel like it, and all the other things I have to get done, and then I spend time on my phone. 

2: I have more time 

                   because I'm not using social media as much and I'm not using my phone as much. I actually have more time for the things that I thought I didn't have time for. 

                    I have more time for reading! Last year I think I finished seven or eight books in the entire year. in February alone, I finished four books so I think that's a significant improvement because now I have more time to do the things that I want to do. 

                    So more time for reading, working out,  journal writing, more time for working out,  meal prep all those things that contribute to my well-being I actually have more time for them. 

3: my mind feels less cluttered

                     So when I was on Facebook and Instagram I would continually scroll and the thing with scrolling is you get all this information -  it's information overload, like little snippets of information but you're not digesting anything so your mind feels cluttered. 

                     There's a lot of thoughts and I don't like that. Now that I'm not using social media as much I feel like there's more mental clarity and I can think clearer, so it really helps when you're trying to do something that requires more concentration. 

 4: I no longer feel the need to be perfect and  I no longer need to compare myself to others. 

                      Now, this may not apply to you but it really does apply to me. 

                      So when you're on something like Instagram or Facebook you see so many images and a lot of the images are images of perfection - perfect bodies, perfect vacation spots, perfect smoothie bowls, and a lot of the time 

                       these pictures are photoshopped and are not rooted in reality and the problem with being exposed to such imagery all the time is you start to forget that that's not real and you start to compare yourself to that. 

                      Comparison can make you feel a little inadequate and can affect your self-esteem. 

                       Now, this doesn't happen to everybody- if someone has very strong self-esteem, it's not a problem but if you don't have the strongest self-esteem like in my case looking at images on social media will affect you over time and there are actually lots of studies on this so if you're interested I will link a few in the description box below. 

                       Studies on how social media impacts mental health, specifically self-esteem depression all these kinds of things, and anxiety. 

5: I have better concentration 

                       So remember when we were younger and we didn't have our smartphones? We had longer attention spans! 

                       We could sit and read something for a lot longer but now our attention spans are so small because we're so used to getting small snippets of information through digital media and 

                      He basically talks about how social media impacts your brain and impacts how you think and how you do work and I think that now 

                       that I'm not on social media as much and I'm not using my phone as much my concentration is a lot better. 

                       It's not where it used to be in the past but it's still a lot better and I hope that it's gonna continue to get better and I'll have longer attention spans. Okay, so those are the things that I learned. 


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