How To Make Amazing Green Smoothies & Test Better

 How To Make Green Smoothies & Test Better 

          Hi, welcome to my today's blog we are going to talk about how to make green smoothies take better for beginners if you're starting your green smoothie journey and you've tried a couple that you just don't like it's probably not the recipe's fault.

          it's just because your taste buds aren't ready for it so I'm going to share five tips that you can use to make your green smoothies taste a lot better. 

1: using lighter colored greens and lighter tasting greens 

           a lighter color green such as iceberg or Boston bibb lettuce or romaine lettuce tend to have a milder flavor and they're perfect for beginners if you try the bitter greens it's going to be too much too soon its sort of like trying dark chocolate you 

           don't start with a ninety percent that just going to be too bitter you start off with the sixty percent and then the seventy and then the eighty you catch my drift you just start slow work your way up and that way your taste buds aren't shocked 

2: add some fresh lime or lemon juice 

          this is a game-changer for me I can have an entire smoothie made of greens if it has a whole lemon in it it's something about the lemon it tones down that bitterness of the greens and it brightens the flavor plus you get vitamin C so it's kind of a win-win-win situation so 

          I definitely recommend trying out fresh lime or lemon now you're probably and you're thinking I don't want to squeeze the lemons it's too much work I get that you don't actually have to juice your lemon if you have a high-powered blender such as a Vitamix or Blendtec you can just take off 

          the skin so chop off the top the bottom and remove the skin of the lemon and toss on the whole thing seeds at all your blender will take care of it easy peasy lazy girl solution to adding lime or lemon to her smoothie tip 

3: add a frozen banana 

          this one makes a huge difference a banana has to be the foundation piece of any smoothie that's just my opinion but a frozen banana will add creaminess to your smoothie it will add the right amount of sweetness if it's a ripe banana and 

          it will make your drink colder and more chilled without you having to have ice in your smoothie now if you don't like a banana that's okay you can add a mango typically works the same it's not as creamy as a banana but it can work in a pinched tip 

4: add some healthy fats 

          this is not so much for the taste but more about the nutrition greens tend to have vitamin A and vitamin K both of these nutrients are fat-soluble which basically mean you need to eat them in the presence of fat for you to absorb them if you're interested in the science 

          I have it in the link description below now if you're having your smoothies without fat you're not getting the full benefits of the green so it's a really simple thing you can just add some fat such an avocado coconut milk some nut butter Chia gel you have many options suggest you experiment and see what works best for you tip 

5: add more fruit 

          now you're probably thinking the green smoothie is supposed to have more greens well yes but if you don't enjoy it you're not going to drink it so 

          if you're struggling with the green smoothies even after trying the first four tips maybe add more fruit for now get your taste buds accustomed to the greens and then slowly and gradually add 

          more greens a good starting point would be about 60% fruit and 40% veggies once you're used to that you can work your way up to more veggies.

This is the 3 Healthy Green Smoothies | Healthy Breakfast Ideas hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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