How To Become Better With MORNING SELF-CARE ROUTINE In 10 Minutes

How To Become Better With MORNING SELF-CARE ROUTINE In 10 Minutes

Morning Self-Care Routine

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfact and beginning the work of becoming yourself

 self-care is a really essential part of your mental health and physical health.

 self-care is whatever you look like, an extremely important for a healthy way to manage your stress, to achieve success, and to always make sure you can do best for in your life.

 4 steps for creating habits

 1: build a rest as a catalyst for productivity. not a break.

 2: streamline your schedule by doing fewer things.

 3: pair a self-care routine with your regular routine

 4: focus on the habit of providing your life value.

     So this blog I can share with you my friends and family this is the best and minimum top and amazing morning self-care routine those habits can change your life and you can archive what you can exactly you can need.

1: wake up early

            sleep is important for recovery the night after you exercise. otherwise, your body won't have time to heal this was the most and great importance of sleep.

 sleep is very essential to having a healthy immune system. a lack of sleep can cause sickness in many different forms to boost your immunity.

 The more sleep you get the easier it is to focus during the day and get important things.

2: drink a glass of lemon water

           drinking lemon water in the morning empty stomach will help in flushing out toxins.

           if you drink every morning so you can see this type of benefit combats dehydration, energizes the body, boosts metabolism, stimulates digestive loss, aids weight loss, boost brainpower.

3: 5-10 minutes of stretching 

           if you wake up and you can 5-10 minutes you can stretching to wake up your body and mind.

           increase circulation for an instant energy boost relaxes muscles that up during sleep.

            improve flexibility and range of motion, improve posture, increases oxygen level.

4: journaling 3 things you're great at full 

            keeping a journal of what's happening in your life is a good way to help you distill what important and what's not.

            if you can write 3 great full things you can happy in the morning so you can full day you can feel happy.

5: to-do-list 

            prepare your to-do list for the data and visualize the outcomes.

            they can help you stay organize your day, you can track your daily activities, and free up your memory.

            These tips were increased productivity and focusing only on the important task
            this always motivated you for a good and important work

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