10-Minute Sleep Meditation quickly sleep And Sleep Music

10-Minute Sleep Meditation quickly sleep  | Sleep Music

           this meditation is presented by my piece of mindfulness please enjoy this session in a secluded peaceful location giving yourself the relaxation you deserve allow me to guide you into a very restful relaxation find yourself cozy in your bed or somewhere you can easily fall asleep in this session you will become 

          so very relaxed that none of the outside world concerns will matter to you opening your eyes give one last look around at your surroundings 

          this is what you will see when you rise from your rest now allow your eyes to gently close start by taking a nice deep breath in expanding your body as much as you can 

          then exhale any tension Bree then again fully breathe out any worries or concerns now I'd like for you to bring your focus to the soles of your feet notice

          how relaxed your feet are right now they don't have to take you anywhere so they can fully let go imagine that when you breathe in you can breathe in through 

          the bottoms of your feet all the way to the very top of your head breathe out letting go and melting into the mattress breathe in again imagine that you are breathing in relaxation through the feet traveling all the way up the body to the crown and relax 

          the breath allows it to flow at a natural rhythm follow along with the breath as if you are watching the ocean waves crashing on the sand you have no control over the coming and going of the waves you just enjoy 

          the motion and the sound listen to your breath like the whisper of the waves in and out in and out relaxing and letting go enjoying this moment of complete serenity now become aware of your thoughts coming and going through your mind they are similar to 

          the breeze on the beach stimulating the mind from time to time yet gentle and ever-moving through your awareness let your thoughts be like the wind blowing by feel them come and see them go each thought you have allows you to become even more calm and relaxed because you simply watch as it passes by a gentle calmness comes along with each breath feel your body slowing down preparing for sleep the breath becomes steady 

          my words are very soothing the thoughts are coming and going just as they always do imagine the ocean again see the beauty in its blueness feel 

          the power of deep relaxation it is bringing you just by watching it the waves are gurgling on the shore making white foamy bubbles each time they break on the sand you are ready to  drift off into a restful slumber the rhythm of your body is slowing down to

          the perfect pace even each thought that slowly comes and goes is relaxing feel that you can fully let go of the day you just experienced feel that you can fully let go of the expectation of tomorrow all you need to do is rest rejuvenate relax 

         you don't have anything else to do right now sinking deeper into relaxation slowing down become aware of the soles of your feet once more breathe in that soothing comfort so very calm so very peaceful it is easy to 

         let go it is so easy to sleep remembering the gentle hush of the breath just like the whispering of the waves relaxed and sleepy your body is so calm and still allow my voice to fade giving into sleep let it take you away from you.


This is the sleep deep & quick sleep meditation hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

 sleep music

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Close your eyes, take a minimum of six slow deep breaths, and begin focusing on relaxing every inch of your body. 

- Start by focusing on your toes and wiggle and relax your toes
- Relax your feet, rotate your ankles and relax your feet
- Work up to your calves, Relax your muscles 
- Continue working your way up to your body, one body part at a time

Within minutes as you work your way up to your head continue to take deep breaths. You will begin to feel relaxed as if you were floating. Your body and brain will be massaged into a deep sleep.

This is Sleeping Music hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.


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