Top 8 Habits Linked to a Long Life (Backed by Science) *Secret Reveal

8 Amazing Health Habits For A Long And Healthy Life 

what is a habit?

              things we do repeatedly, but hardly aware that we have them. some are good (exercise, meditation, showing respect), some are bad (negative thinking, blaming, overthinking).

              . habits can make you & break you.


              . good habits can help you to a successful life.

              . bad habits can detract from your success.

- So today I can tell you 8 Amazing Health Habits For A Long And Healthy Life make sure my friends you can read the full article I am sure and 100% these habits can change your life.

- Another website was 20 & 50 healthy habits and this was a not good for everyone every day you can follow 20 to 50 habits don't you can not do so I can choose and scientist facts was proven this 8 Amazing Health Habits For A Long And Healthy Life so please my friends you can read the full article and make sure I can help you to live a healthy and success full lifestyle so without wasting time lets get started.

1: 8 hours of sleep each night

sleep is the best meditation

      studies prove that people who get more sleep. get better grades in school. in fact, students who did not study. but received a full night's sleep. actually got better scores of students who studied, but get a lack of sleep!

      sleep is important to recover the night after you exercise. otherwise, your body won't have time to heal!

       sleep is very essential to having a healthy immunity. sleep can cause sickness in many different forms.


* why sleep important?

      1: repair your body.
      2: improve learning and memory.

      3: lower stress.
      4: improve creativity.

      5: helps you grow and develop.

      6: boost your immune system.

* how I can sleep better?

      1: go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

      2: avoid big meals at night and mostly 1 hour after a bed.

      3: exercise regularly at less you can walk in your home and society 100 steps. 

      4: 2 hours before the turn off the phone and computer.
      5: keep your bedroom cool and, quiet & dark.

* if you do not get enough sleep?

      1: increase anxiety, depression, confusion, and other mental health problems.

      2: low immunity. 
      3: headaches, weight gain, and poor vision.

      4: all day you can feel lethargic, and illnesses.

2: morning warm water with lemon juice & honey ( if you do not have honey you can drink warm water with lemon juice) 

      drinking lemon water in the morning empty stomach will help in flush out all the toxins.

       if you can drink every morning you can glowing skin: water helps to purge toxins from the blood which helps keeps your skin glowing.

       if you drink it they can help with weight loss: drinking one glass of warm water with lemon juice they can boost your metabolism by 24% in the morning.

       if you can drink it you can increase the production of new blood and muscle cells.
       if you can drink they can help you to improve eye health in diabetics, lower blood sugar, prevent kidney stones, good for your heart, source of antioxidants, soothe a sore throat.

3: exercise regularly

exercise not only chnage your body, but it chnages your mind, your attitude and your mood

       exercise is an important habit to develop. it is essential to weight-loss and mental health. exercise in one of the most important keys to one success in a healthy life. developing exercise as a part of your lifestyle is a process involving several things.

        first, you need to make a decision to incorporate exercise into your life. second, determine your motivation. make it powerful. once you have decided why you want to exercise and make a commitment, then you set a goal and make a plan.

       every day at a less 100 step walk is the exercise so make sure you can walk it.

      if you have exercise every day benefits in your life

             1: stress & anxiety relief

             2: improve your functional mobility

             3: increased energy levels 

             4: improved overall health

             5: better sleep

             6: higher self-esteem  

4: eat healthy & nutritious foods

       your diet is a bank account. good food choices are good investmets

        eating healthy foods is very important because otherwise, you wouldn't be able to talk, move, or even breathe. having the correct amount of food.

        healthy foods are consuming a variety of foods that gives you nutrition for the body.  

      healthy foods are good for the health of the body. eating foods that fulfill our nutrients requirements. eating foods that give the body what it needs.

some foods for healthy & nutritious foods

1. Whole Eggs
2. Leafy Greens
3. Salmon
4. Cruciferous Vegetables
5. Lean Beef and Chicken Breast
6. Boiled Potatoes
7. Tuna
8. Beans and Legumes
9. Soups
10. Cottage Cheese
11. Broccoli.
12. Apples.
13. Kale.
14. Blueberries. 
15. Avocados.
16. Sweet potatoes.
17. green vegetables

5: stay hydrated

     you have to stay hydrated when you have crying scenes

      the minimum you can drink 8 glass a water a day.

    are you not drinking enough water, several problems can occur in your body. with a body composition monitor, you can actually assess the level of water in your body and monitor the levels over time. 

    drink at least to 8 glass of water per day: never wait until you are thirsty

    drink a glass of water before eating, will help you to less eat


6: start journaling 

       what is journaling?

               a journal is a means of keeping a log or record of activities.

               if you refer the practice of recording one's personal experience, events, and emotions.

               the technique used for reducing stress and develop your self-awareness into yourself.

               if is a personal way to express yourself.

        every day you can write a journal at less than 10 min they can improve your mental health and focus on your work.


* 5 things to write a journal 

        1: what happened a day

        2: your feelings a day

        3: people involved

        4: when you felt triggered

        5: why you find it hard to let go

8 journaling benefits 

1. Keep your thoughts organized.
2. Improve your writing.
3. Set & achieve your goals.
4. Record ideas on-the-go.
5. Relieve stress.
6. Allow yourself to self-reflect.
7. Boost your memory.
8. Inspire creativity.

7: meditation 

      meditation helps you to feel less stressed. as well as actually lowering the stress hormone cortisol

      meditation helps you to do more focus on your work and more energy provide you and also you can confidante about your self this more important for you so my friends every day I can suggest you dateless 10 min you can meditate your self. 

      the study was found that the student who was trained in mindfulness meditation achieved better grades

      meditation helps you to less anxiety, as meditation loosens connections to particular neural pathways.

      so every morning you can wake up on you are in a bed you can quit and focus on your breathing and things grateful for your task this staps helps you.

8: good hygiene

       I can fully write an article if you chacked out good hygiene

These are the 10 Healthy habits that can change your life forever hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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