7 health non negotiates habits for men and women in 2020

7 Health Non-Negotiates Habits For Men & Women In 2020

if you not decide on your non-negotiables, then your work will wreak on all other areas of you life from your helalth to your marriage, parenting and friendships.


  we were conscious of it or not, we have always decided what to add in our lives. we distill these down to our absolute essentials, we are protecting them with a special classification I call our non-negotiables.
   we can ten arrange our non-negotiables is a way that builds upon, amplifies, magnifies, and sets up the next in line.
nonnegotiables expand by its proximity to all others until we operate in a self-actualized state of full-life integration.

   so many people struggle with so many mental and fiscal problems and this modern life all over the world 5 people to 1 people have a mental illness and mental problems and that was proven by a study.
     everyone has a live an easy life no hard work (weight lifting work) so they have work on laptop 12-16 housers but they can not live a healthy and mental peaceful life because laptop light was attacked on direct your mind 4 part of the brain so some times 1to2 years later they were a mental illness.

     so today I can tell you some 7 amazing and scientifically proven habits they can change your life 100% but you can work on 30 days before the result showed you in your life so let's get started 7 Health Non-Negotiates Habits For Men & Women In 2020.

1: stay hydrated


     follow this chart to drinks water and times to better result in your body. water can improve your brain function and help your brain work more rapidly, they can help you stay focused and retain more information.

     if you don't intake water so you can dehydration problems you can specific aspects of cognitive performance include- visual vigilance, tension, anxiety, fatigue, and visual working memory.

     dehydration was also connected with your mood if you have dehydration so you have some negative mood rating, and also this can impact your memory.

      water allows nutrients & oxygen to travel to organs and cells.  water was regulated your body temperature, remove wastes, and toxins from your body.

       and also you can eat fruits your body has 70% water so make sure your daily diet can enact more fruits.

     stay hydrated benefits of your body fluid balance, muscle fuel, fatigue buster, blood normalized, calorie control, brain boost, memory improve, joints greaser, toxic remover, productivity boost, clearer skin.

2: daily movement

       daily movement is like your daily healthy routine also called some walkout and fell some nature.

       every morning you can wake up early and first you can ready for your full day to do a list and eat some almonds and walk to your garden or street and enjoy the sun and fell nature.

        this little bet habit change my life literally my friends this can change my brain I have anxiety and always demotivated on my work so my health coach told me these tips and I can apply 40 days and after I can't eat an anxiety medicine and feel full day energetic and stay focus on my work.

        make sure you can reset this and please please my friends apply this to your life and after 30days you can tell me in the comment below 100% this can change your life.

3: exercise

        exercise not only chnage your body its chnages your mind, and your mood.
     exercise enhances the body system its also helpful in holding the clock of life. you can select the form of exercise that best suits you to get on to the road of a healthy life.
    you can be running, cycle, yoga, swimming, exercise in dance, aerobics.

    I can tell you, my friends, you can follow 2 topics (daily movement)  I can tell you my story you can follow these tips so also this is an exercise.

    benefits of exercise increase the production of neurochemicals they can promote brain cell repair, improve memory, lengthens, lengthens attention, boost decision, boost your blood vessels, improves multitasking.

4: sleep

       sleep takes about one-third of your life, sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy, productive, and low-stress life. 

      if you can't perfect sleep this some problems on your body impaired cognition: sleep impairs memory and your ability to process information, higher levels of 

      anxiety: the brain anticipatory reactions. they can be increasing overalls anxiety levels, depression: sleep disrupts neurotransmitters to the brain which regulates your mood, etc.

      the recommended amount of sleep (24 hours)  for better health 

if your 4 to 12 months baby can need 12 to 16 hours (including naps)
if your 1 to 2 years baby they can need 11 to 14 hours (including naps)
if your 3 to 5 years baby can need 10 to 13 hours (including naps)
if your 6 to 12 years baby they can need 9 to 12 hours
if you are 13 to 18 years you can need 8 to 10 hours
if you are an adult you can need 7 to 9 hours of sleep
* This chart study by the American Academy Pediatrics (AAP) has issued statements of American academy sleep medicine (AASM).

5: meditation

Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak    

       meditation help embraces our worries, our fear, our anger, and that is very healing. we let our own natural capacity of healing do the work.

        meditation reduces pain, enhances the body's immune system, reduces feelings of depression, anxiety, and anger.

        meditation helps to increase blood flow, peace, and balance in your mind.
        helps reverse heart disease, thought control, reduces stress.

  how to meditate? 

  1. first, you can start with 5 to 10 min. 
  2. sit with the good posture
  3. place your hands on knees with palms facing upward
  4. keep your spine straight
  5. close your eyes
  6. focus on your breath
  7. observe thoughts and feelings as they come and go
  8. continue for 108 breaths

6: positive thinking

 positive mind, positive vibes, positive life.

     the most important thing in learning how to change negative thinking is to remember that good things do happen despite setbacks, disappointments, failures, and pain.

     as the saying goes, you can choose to focus on what's wrong with you and you can focus on what's right.

I can tell you 4 ways to you can faster positive thinking. 

  1. recall positive life events. 🎂
  2. perform acts of kindness. 👫
  3. practice mindfulness ( meditation ) 😇💫
  4. express gratitude  💌

7: self-love

       Royalty-Free photo: Person in black long-sleeved top facing blackboard with  believe in yourself text | PickPik

       I can tell you some of the work for yourself for a better life healthy and fit life.

  1. avoid meat, sugar, refined, processed foods, pasta, bakery, rice, alcohol, and smoking.
  2. drink more water at least 2 liters every day.
  3. you can sleep 8 hours daily.
  4. to can do 10 to 15 min everyday meditation.
  5. you can start your day with a big smile.
  6. every morning you can drink warm water with honey or lemon
  7. reading some great books
  8. journaling
  9. take a bubble bath
  10. to apply a face mask on your face.
  11. connect with friends and family.
  12. eat fruits and vegetables.
  13. take a nap

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