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6 Amazing Ways To Declutter Your Phone in 2020

           I use my phone quite often, but for some reason, I don't declutter it as often as I declutter my home. 

           So I decided to declutter my phone and I wanted to share that process with you, and I wanted to share five apps that I love to use for a healthy lifestyle. 

           So if you're interested in the topic of the day, keep reading!

           Hello hello, welcome back to Whole Happy Life! So I'm not going to spend too much time on the intro, I just wanted to say one thing, that this is the way I declutter my phone and honestly I don't know if it's the right way, there is no right or wrong way, I think this is what's useful to me, and I'm not a tech person.

           So I could be doing things wrong but hopefully, I'm not. 

           Anyway take what you want, leave the rest out. 

        Let's begin! 

1: What I like to do is to delete any apps I don't need and organize them into folders. 

           So I like to test out a lot of different apps, I'm always looking for interesting apps to use, and I end up with a lot of them on my phone. 

           I never discard them, but they're always there, so I like to do a little decluttering where I delete any apps that I don't use. 

           Now when I delete the apps I ask myself two questions - have I used this app in the last six months? If I haven't, probably not going to use and I'll delete it. 

           And then I also ask myself - is this app providing any value to my life? Or is it wasting my time? Because you can have apps that you use but they're wasting your time and they're not value- add apps. 

           I like to get rid of those because I already spend enough time on my phone, I don't want to spend more time. 

           So once I have purged all the apps that I don't need, I like to organize them into folders. 

           So I have folders for different kinds of categories. 

           I have a Google folder - all my Google Apps go in there. I have a Routines folder - all the apps that I use for a healthy routine go in there.


           I have a Transport folder. So basically try to find a system that works for you.


2: delete photos and videos

           The photos and videos can take up a lot of room, so the first part of my purge is to get rid of all the photos and videos from WhatsApp and other messaging services.

           Usually, I end up with a lot of photos and videos that you're never going to look at again, so it's a good idea to get rid of them. 

           Next, I try to look at the photos and videos that I've taken and then get rid of any duplicates, get rid of any photos that I don't see myself really looking at in the future. 

           So I do a full purge and once I've done that, I try to organize certain photos into albums. 

           Now I'm not really into creating too many albums, but I do have an album for the cats, of course, I do. 

3: delete any unwanted music and downloaded files. 

           I don't download too much music, so I don't have to delete it, but I do download a lot of PDFs when I do my research, and then I never delete them.


           So it's a good idea to go through those files and see what you need and what you don't and delete the ones that you don't need.


4: after I've deleted everything I don't need, it's time for backups

           because I don't want to end up losing the important photos and videos that I want to keep. 

           So I back up my photos my videos and my files, and I use Google Drive for this. 

           It's really simple to use and I have a paid subscription to Google Drive, it's not really expensive, I think I pay two dollars and 79 cents a month, and basically I backup everything there. 

           I also back up all of my BLOGGING stuff on there too, so it's handy that way.


5: clean up the contact list 

           so for this, I like to go through all of the contacts on my phone and delete any ones that I don't need anymore, and I also like to make sure that they're all up-to-date. 

           But sometimes you end up with two or three versions of the same contact, and then you don't know which ones the accurate ones. 

           So it's a good time to look through them and make sure that your contact list is updated. 

6: make your home screen more functional. 

           So the home screen is the first thing that you see when you unlock your phone and I personally don't like a home screen that has a lot of apps on it, and that's not organized. 

           It seems a little chaotic and that makes me anxious and I end up spending a lot more time on my phone trying to find things. 

           So what I've done is I've really pared down my home screen. 

           I think that works for me personally, so I only have two folders on my home screen. 

This is the Simple Ways to Declutter Your Phone

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