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  How To Have Good Hygiene As A Girl

 take care of your body. this is only place you have to live in.✌


   what is hygiene? 

            hygiene is keeping yourself and your living and working areas clean to prevent illness and disease is know as hygiene.

            hygiene knowledge is necessary to create awareness.

            hygiene helping individuals, families, and communities to become aware of the links between poor hygiene behaviors and the body.


and world 38% people think about money is everything and also they can talk as money everything but this was the wrong choice if you have lots of money but you don't have a hygiene person so your body was a bad odor and looks bad,

money is important my friends but it has a limit my friend so you have a maintain your hygiene so you have a life a long life and healthy life.

         so today I can tell you 5  best and amazing and scene have proof that so if you are interested and if you can live a healthy and long life so please my friend you can read a full article I can sure this article change your hygiene so without wasting time start How To Have Good Hygiene As A Girl.


1: every day have a shower and bath

          the key to a healthy shower is to make sure the water is not too hot use a mild soap, and immediately apply a moisturizer to your body after you have toweled off. applying moisturizer and prevent your skin from drying out.

          every morning you can shower and bath also you can shower with cold water (regular water) so you can have lots of benefits decreased inflammation & swelling, reduced muscle soreness and fatigue, lower cortisol levels, reduced pain, more focus on your work.

          and best for your hygiene you can bed order on your body every one stays out of you soo to make sure you can use body spray after a shower and all day you can feel hygiene.

2: brush your teeth and tongue 

           every day and night you can brush your teeth, flossing important for good oral hygiene. without it, tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease can develop.

            every day you can brush your teeth and under your gums. you can remove plaque build-up and ensure whiter, healthier teeth with a daily cleaning program that includes brushing 2x day and flossing.

            the American dental association of dental association report that people who don't brush their teeth and floss regularly they more likely to develop gingivitis and periodontitis.

           if you can brush regularly you have whiter teeth and brighter smiles, fresh breath, healthy, firm gums, save money: good dental care saves your money, you have not a problem on your teeth so you cant go to dr so you have a save money.

 clones you toung: if you can not clene your young you have lots of health issue in your body so make sure you can clone your tongs 

            and more benefits for teeth and tongue cleaning was a bed mouth smale so please please you can wash your teeth and tongs 

3: wash your feet

             feet is the best part of the body also the personal development course and program have 1 part of the feet they can say your looks and how you are they can decide what you wear and what you look and they also speak that your feet were decided your healthy or not.

              so make sure my friends wash your feet at least once a bay.

              dry your feet carefully, especially between the toes.

              keep your feet and skin clean and dry.

              change your shoe socks daily.

              avoid walking barefoot in social areas.

tips to reduce foot odor

1: wash your feet

2: dry your feet after wash

3: switch your shoes twice a day

4: most part is to change your socks daily

4: keep your nails clean

                shoulda part of daily hygiene and patient care hails harbor dirt and leads infection and disease.

                So make sure nails trim but do not cut nails shorter than skin level, keep nails clean, round your fingernails slightly when trimming.

                smooth rough nails edge with a file or emery board.

5: change your under cloth daily

                 change your cloth daily if you can shower every day but if you don't change underclothes so your body was bed emails and you have an infraction on your body parts

                 if you don't know if you don't change daily underclothes you have a skin infection so make sure you can change under cloth daily.

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