TOP 5 Great Things To Do To Improve Your Life

Things To Do To Improve Your Life |  Better Your Life 

              that blog goal-setting so it's still not too late to do your goals anyway let's get started and talk about the five lists so 

1: healthy meal 

              combo list and this list is for anybody who struggles with coming up with ideas for healthy meals and it's kind of stuck in a rut I have a list of 

              probably 21 meal ideas I don't always go through all but whenever I'm stuck on the road and I don't really have ideas 

              I refer to this list instead of specific recipes this list is designed to just be a combination not really specific so you can always tweak the combos with whatever ingredients you have in 

              the fridge try to write down combinations that are balanced so what's about this meal basically a balanced meal contains protein carbs fat plus some fruit or vegetable depending on the meal like for breakfast

              I usually have my fruits and for lunch and dinner I focus on the vegetables now let me give you an example so an example would be a vegan quinoa bowl so 

              this quinoa bowl can have protein from chickpeas quinoa could become your carb but it also has some protein then hemp seed dressing can become your fat and 

              then for your veggies, you can have carrots and zucchini or whatever else you want so this is a really simple balanced meal but the good thing is because it's not an aspecific recipe 

              I can always change it up if I don't have chickpeas at home I can stop it with black beans if I don't have hemp seed dressing 

              I can make addressing from cashews it's basically a meal idea not a recipe and it's very interchangeable depending on what you have at home. 

2: self-care list

              so this list is for anybody who is struggling with stress is feeling  down and doesn't know what to do to get out of that funk and it's a list but you can refer to again and again 

              when you're not in a great mood and it's basically a list of activities that will help you get out of that funk

3: books to read

              so this list is for anybody who's a reader but tends to get stuck in a rut by reading the same kind of books every year 

              that is me I tend to gravitate towards the same books it's either science or nutrition books and little else I think books are a great way to get a different perspective on life and expand your horizons 

              so why not so for this year my list has many different genres things that are kind of outside my comfort zone but that's okay because life begins outside your comfort zone and one of the ways you can create this list goes on 

              Amazon and check out the different genres and see books that kind of piques your interest and that have a good view and a little tip If you're on a budget and you don't want to spend too much money on books because 

              they can get expensive go check out the library I never used my library I don't know why I hadn't used the library for years but now I only use a library I hardly buy books unless I really really love them and it's saving me hundreds of dollars year

4: things you could do to celebrate your birthday


              throughout the year so this just is for anyone who's celebrating a milestone birthday a friend of mine is celebrating her 30th and she decided to do 30 things throughout the year to celebrate that milestone rather than just doing one party so I'm celebrating my 35th this year


              so I am making a list of 35 items they can be anything and everything my list has a lot of interesting things such as dogsledding going on a mountain retreat things that I've been planning to do but I haven't really gotten around to doing them I'm going to do them now this 

5: list of your accomplishments 

              so this list is for anybody who struggles with a little bit of self-doubt and you know puts too much pressure on themselves having a list of accomplishments that I can refer to is helpful on the days 

              when I'm feeling a little bit down and you know it's just when you have those off days when self-doubt creeps in having this list is really 

              helpful it just puts things into perspective and helps you understand that done stuff in the past and today's just a bad day doesn't mean anything and going forward you can continue to achieve great things. 

This is the 15 Things You Can Do TODAY to Improve Your Life hope you like that this topic and you have better information for this blog you can watch this video.

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