5 Miracle Ways to Validate Yourself: Be Part of Your Support System

 5 Miracle Ways To Validate Yourself

dont wait for someone else to  validate you. you can validate yourself

           self-validation means feeling worth and good to without you anyone's opinion.

           so today I can tell you 5 miracle ways to validate yourself and these ways have a more benefits for your mind and body so make sure you can apply these ways and 2 weeks after you can seel the different so lest start this blog 

1: self-talk

           self-talk is how to talk with yourself, either or silently and mentally.

           the internal conversation provides you with opinions and evaluations about yourself.

           you can positive or negative or both have an impact on how you can feel about yourself.  

           I can tell you this tips for my couch was told me you can go to a silent room if you can not have a room so you can just feel the nature and told your mind whats the problems are my life and which problems were hated me so you can find this or told this problem my life is the first priority for me not you and 2 to 3 min you can deep breathing this hack can help you, my friends, 500%.  


2: don't judge yourself    

                don't judge yourself based on others treat you. this is 2020 and everyone is busy fighting their own battles. how someone treats you has a secret message of their own blend of accomplishments and sufferings.


3: meditation 

                 meditation helps you to feel less stressed. as well as actually lowering the stress hormone cortisol

             meditation helps you to do more focus on your work and more energy provide you and also you can confidante about your self this more important for you so my frinds every day i can suggest you ateless 10 min you can maditet your self.

              the study was found that the student who was trained in mindfulness meditation achieved better grades

              meditation helps you to less anxiety, as meditation loosens connections to particular neural pathways.

               so every morning you can wake up on you are in a bed you can quit and focus on your breathing and things grateful for your task this staps helps you.

4: stop getting critical and feel guilty

                     how to do we find the balance between accepting guilty and felling when they are justified and letting them go when they not. here are 5 ways to help you to stop getting critical and feel guilty

1: don't punish yourself: if you can regretting you can't punish your mind and everything about the guilty you can learn it and not repeat some mistake in future

2: forgive yourself

3: accept if you were  wrong

4: seek professional help

5: keep track your guilt: you can daily journal if you can write down how you feel each day you will increase your awareness and able to learn how to guilt you.

5: be genuine

be nice. be genuine. be generous.

     i thinks this topic are you can understand this and also every religion told this.

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